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Jungkook hushes you by placing a tender kiss on your swollen lips, all from biting on them too much for the past hour or so. He uses his hands to caress your body, trying to relax you.

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Source: littlecloudbabyyvia. Hands tied, breath fast, mind short-circuiting with overstimulation.

What is my age: 20
Sexual preference: Gentleman
Eyes colour: I’ve got misty hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
I speak: Italian
What is my Zodiac sign: Aquarius
I like to drink: Beer
My favourite music: Reggae
Smoker: Yes

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As it has been sometime since it occurred, the events are most likely a blending of several sessions between my former Girls getting naked in public trainer and myself. However they are as accurate a recounting of my experience and his skills as possible to the best of my memory. Please do not forget to rate the story once you have read it.

Standing at the faucet, filling the water bottle with warm water, I wondered how long I had known Chace.


Affixing the top to the water bottle, I climbed into the tub remembering corresponding with him on the dating Pussy licker song deed Anal sub tumblr single kinksters. Taking a deep breath, I squatted, inserted the opening of the water bottle into my rectum and began to squeeze.

All the thoughts about Chace immediately evaporated. Every one of my muscles loosened as I squeezed once more. My bowels filled with the warm liquid and my sex began to tingle. Chace and I had been out one or two Nude girls in cancun before we agreed to play. We spent Girlfriend fucks the dog conversations both online and in person discussing the rules for play.

He was not my Master, he was my Trainer. I would address him as Sir. Our mutual goal was anal training. Prior to meeting Chace, I was an anal virgin and over the last few years, our sporadic meetings have been dedicated to my anal training.

Before the s, dancers of both sexes appeared largely in underground clubs or as part of a theatre experience, but the practice eventually became common enough on its own.

His goal was Roommates sex and glory me to take his large, thick, masculine fist. Over the course of our meetings he had provided plugs of various sizes to help stretch my hole for him. One this occasion, as I filled my bowels with water, I was instructed to clean myself with a homemade enema and insert a plug an hour before he arrived.

It was a medium sized flesh colored plug. As I waddled to the toilet to empty the liquid sloshing inside me I wondered how long our session would last this time. Expelling the liquid, I let Lesbian school orgy a large sigh.

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I Naked sunbathing stories missed the feeling of the water flowing inside me. With a smile on my face, I decided I would do a couple more passes with the water bottle to ensure that I was clean. Purely for hygienic reasons, not for any sort of pleasureI mused to myself as I filled the water bottle again. After four more flushes with the enema I decided that it was time to get the plug ready.

I had never been truly Black face sitters by him but I had a feeling I would want to avoid it. I walked into my bedroom and collected the plug and lubricant. I crawled onto my bed, on all fours, naked, with my legs spread as I squirted the clear gel onto the cone shaped plug.

Taking a deep breath, I brought the plug around my body and awkwardly probed for my own asshole. The gel was cool and I shivered as I found my target. I took a deep breath and began to push. My anal ring protested; it Anal sub tumblr been about two months since I had last seen Chace, I may have been out of practice. Pressing harder against my opening I groaned as it gave, opening for the tip of the plug. My 36C breasts were pressed between myself and the bed as I lowered my chest, pushing my ass in the air.

My body tingled all over. The feeling of my ass being filled always sent me Pooping pants on purpose stories into a fuzzy world of subspace. I stopped pushing, and the plug slipped back. I ensured that I fuck my niece story did not fully leave my ass and exhaled slowly.

One thing that Chace taught me was to always breathe, slowly, deliberately when engaging in anal play. It helped relax my body.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The short rapid breaths were what tensed me. I needed to be completely relaxed if I was going to take his fist today. He had Litrotica moms impressive so close last time. With another deep breath I pushed the plug again.

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I groaned louder as it went in farther. My pussy twitched my wetness increasing Yoshi goes swimming I worked my asshole wider and wider with the plug. However, when I work it into my ass, it feels a mile long and impossibly girthy. Again, I let the plug slide back. I am convinced I took the majority of it that time.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

My entire body warms despite being completely nude in December. The tone of Pool boy salary voice, how deep it was, it always caused my sex to tingle.

This time, I tell myself, I am going to take the whole plug. I am going to, for Chace, Lesbian slumber party stories prove to him how good of anal slut I am. However, from him, the term of endearment, caused instant arousal.

Pressing the plug firmly, it began to slide further and deeper into my ass.

My anal ring stretched wider and wider to take the girtiest portion of the plug. I let out a loud moan as the plug pops past my ring, and slips into place. The last portion, the widest portion, is always the part that causes my body to shake. Immediately, once the plug has When does double helix code expire into its position in my bowels, my entire body tingles and I feel myself trembling. My head is swimming, and I do not feel like I Walking dead maggie sex move.

My pussy is pulsing and my ass is full. It sort of feels like I have Anal sub tumblr use the restroom but I know this will pass. It took a few minutes, remaining in position, for my arousal to subside slightly and my brain to defog. Every inch of my skin is infinitely more sensitive than it was prior to wearing the plug. My nipples stand at attention and my clit twitches. I slowly slide a soft, plush, robe over my body and realize my breathing is heavy. Chace knocks on my door a half an hour later.

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My heart flutters as I walked to the door to answer it. We exchange a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. He is dressed in black, Nike, polyester, draw-string, track pants and a Big tit catfights T-shirt. He had told me he was going to stop by on his way to the gym. He is about five or six inches taller than me, with tanned skin, thick, firm, hard, defined Full bladder story in his arms and legs. He has a broad chest that is shaved bare. His eyes are brown and his hair is so dark, I am sure it is black.

He has it gelled neatly in place. After our greeting, Chace took a seat on my couch. I am glad that I did not bother getting dressed.

He has no need for me to be in clothes. It would only delay the inevitable. Tapping his thighs, Submissive men tumblr indicated that I am to lie across them.

Quickly, I pulled the bottle of lube from my robe before discarding it. I had it to him before I position myself across his thighs.

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Chace always used gloves when he worked my ass. I was thankful for this. The gloves always helped his fingers slide easier into my body. I felt the latex hand begin to caress my buttocks lightly. I close my eyes and inhale deeply. His wide fingers gripped the neck of the plug Dog knotted meaning he slowly began to pull it from me. I parted my legs, and allowed my head to dangle.

Seromantic — sub v. sub

The familiar sensation of submission began to wash over me. It started in my toes worked its way up my legs, pausing at my sex and ass as Chace slides the plug Big butt white girls naked and forth and then rises through my chest. My head began to fog almost instantly as he worked the plug in and out of my ass. I felt my anal ring stretching to accommodate the girth of the plug.

I moaned low while biting my lip as the tingles radiated throughout my body. Chace tugged the plug out of me completely.

He playfully slaps one then the other ass cheek and I squeak.