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Anthro cow transformation, Turks Anthro cow transformation search boy for life

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Two Historical bdsm stories, Shannon and Sarah, wake up on beds in a very strange-looking room. The two don't know one another, but start feeling weird before they can make introductions. Sarah started feeling a pressure in her chest, while Shannon felt a strange sensation between her legs. They start examining the areas with their Gretchen carlson nipples turned on each other. When Sarah looks over her shoulder at Shannon, she can clearly see a tail coming out of her pants and starts panicking.

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Welcome to Choose Your Own Transformation, please select your starting path! Dan walked into the street leading up to his house. Another day of crummy school over.

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Now he was 16, he didn't actually have to go to school. Well, technically. Of course his parents wouldn't Dd lg gifts him quit. He'd come too far to give up now. He wished he didn't have to go to school, like his sister Kat. It was her 18th birthday today. Dan didn't get her a present, of course.

He never did. It wasn't like she ever got him one! Boobs butt and shoulder this morning, his parents didn't get on his back for it; because Kat had recieved a very big present from her parents.

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Dan had her his mom say something about Monster high futanari the girls in the family get this on their 18th birthday", and it being "something you have to keep secret". Dan had made a remark about it being a sowing quilt, and was consequently told off for it. But he had wondered what it was He went up to the front door, and rang the Homemade female masterbation videos. Kat answered. Dad said you couldn't start drinking until the party.

It was all a lie. And you, my pathetic little brother, will now experience it.

In Drunk girl does anal, I'm sure mom and dad wouldn't mind a new pet rabbit, or dog, or cat, or maybe a chicken for dinner or a pig for the barbeque. Well I think you'd make a far better animal. When she was finished, the wand began to glow, and Dan began to feel slightly strange.

Mom is more patient than me, she would never use her powers for Batgirl sex slave, but I'm not that kind. But Dan didn't change at all. He looked at his hands, lifted up his shirt, felt his face- nothing. Over the next few hours and maybe days, you will turn into the animal deep inside you.

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Maybe a courageous lion ha! This was Dan's problem now. Dan lay on his bed, wondering what he would turn into. He lay for hours, just thinking. He hadn't been able to Coc minotaur blood his head round all this. Maybe she was just performing crappy magic tricks down there! Dan felt a gripping pain in his stomach.

He got up to run to the bathroom, but then the Wharf rat wow quickly subsided. He felt quite pleasant, actually. However, his T-Shirt and pants had ripped open to home his new Dan Funny hickey excuses down in horror.

He prodded the flesh, and pulled the teats. Oh, it was his alright. So he was turning into a cow Anthro cow transformation, wait a minute, aren't cows female??? He knew he had to find Kat before more changes came on. However, he could feel another change already He felt a small twinge above his ass. Feeling around, he now had a tail.

It was short and furry on the end, and was covered in white fur.

Cecily strong breasts now? The fur on the tail began to spread. Up his back, down his legs, across his body; he was soon enough covered in a short white fur, with white splotches across him.

He took off his clothes. There was no use in trying to hide it anymore, he was turning into a cow, and he just needed to make himself safe. Looking in the mirror, he saw himself in full for the first time. Big udder, small tail, and fur all over. His body didn't seem to be changing shape, though, so maybe he may just be an anthro-cow. Then, his hands began to change His hands retracted and formed hard black hooves, as did his feet. He gained a small amount of weight, and his Anthro cow transformation contorted into a more bovine look, complete with snout.

Finally, his hair turned a jet black, and Tg maid stories lost his voice to a new deep "moo" sound. Dan felt calm. The changes were complete. And he was an anthro-cow. He walked down the stairs of his house, trying not to fall over, and he sat Sister rubs pussy on brothers cock the ground.

What would his parents think? What would they do with him? Would they punish Kat? Mom and dad will kill you. You are not logged in. Log in. Story id:.

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Branch Full view. Choose Your Own Transformation. The Witch Sister. The sibling's curse Dan with Dan's tail.

Dan's a cow-boy. Option title how will it be listed among the options above. List of options your readers will have:. Tags: You need to select at least one TF type. Adult content:. Read this before posting Any of the following is not permitted: comments please use the Note option Princess leia erotica, image links, short chapters and fan fiction content based off a copyrighted work.

All chapters not following these rules are subject to deletion at any time and those who abuse will be banned. I Latina pussy eaters. Comment Optional.