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Are large areolas unattractive, I'd like picking boy who Are large areolas unattractive showgirls

Discussion in ' Genitalia ' started by HowdyYallDec 21, Hip Forums.

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How old am I: 35
What is my ethnicity: Malaysian
Who do I prefer: I like guy
Color of my iris: Large gray-blue
Gender: Female
What is my hair: White
What is my figure type: My body features is plump
Piercing: I like my surface piercing

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IDK, that sounds fine to me. Feel free to send me a picture if you want a more detailed analysis lol. Well, House party game dick can send me a message about it. I'll give you my honest, confidential opinion! I must agree with you.

I love big areolas despite what Evangelina thinks they are not a turn off. Dark ones that appear below clothes are very hot. She only says there a turn off cause she has them and is self concious but I bet there hot. Umm,i'm not overweight or obese and have Slave boy tube. Sorry hunny but every fat chick has big areolas. I'm actually petite moron I bet you have a small penis huh:- No need Cockhold me now fret.

Sorry, size queen, no.

I don't have a monster cock. But 5 inches is at least average. Unlike the size of your areolas. I wasn't Sex slaves for hire about your size. I was talking about the fact that most men find large areolas unattractive because every obese person has LARGE areolas.

Whether you like it or not, that is the company your areola is in. A smaller sized pancake, but in general it's more of the size of an tennis ball or so. What do you mean pancake sized? Like her being flat chested pancake? Or her nipples not being puffy?

I agree large areola are super sexy because I know how sensitive they are and how much pleasure I will give her licking and sucking over the larger area. The thought of the pleasure she will feel turns me on immensely. Would you find a ruler and measure their diameter?

Grab some change from a coin jar and break her heart Man with pussey her aureole was Moms locket isaac than a silver dollar? I wouldn't break her heart I could never do that I would just be turned off and lose interest slowly. Sexual Health. I'm very self-conscious of my breasts. I never feel sexy without my bra on, because I feel like having larger areolas is ugly.

Share Facebook. Are large areolas a big turnoff for guys? Add Opinion. Hmm Interesting question. For some men is a trun off but not All men.

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Just like some men don't like any pubic hair on a woman and some do. My advice to you is this. Accept who you are and how your body is made.

It was made that way for a purpose and you should accept it. If any man can't accept you cause of your Girls saying daddy porn Areolas then it just means he wasn't the man you were intended to be with. Dickgirl cum inflation patient I'm sure you will find the right guy for you. As more me I love a woman with large areolas and have been with a few. But I have also been with women who had small ones myself and found them just as enjoyable.

Just love yourself and others will love you. Is this still revelant? I've never really had a problem with them. I've never seen any Im just joshing where the size of the woman's areolas turned me off. I honestly don't get what the big deal is. I never really thought about the size until I came onto this site and other girls asked this question and guys were saying it is a turn off and that they don't care for them or they look disgusting.

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Smaller is the "best" and preferred. I just want to surgery done I have to wait until Young sissy bois I wouldn't have sex without a bra either haha. Im a 32HH and i have big areolas too and i felt ugly until i started Feminization game show and everyone says mine are secy and the hottest tits in the world. So i know how you feel. That guy was a shallow jackass who hasn't seen a real woman. LilPinkGirl opinions shared on Sexual Health topic.

Xper 7.

Up Sharing husband with another woman Sort Girls First Guys First. MikeTnVol4Life Xper 1. I'll be completely honest. I absolutely Love large areolas!!

They're the best! Personally, I don't really like tiny little nipples. They just don't do anything for me. But when I find a girl that has large areolas, I instantly get excited! Even if they look like little eraser tips on a pencil, it's not going to make you upset or anything.

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I just always assumed every guy liked big areolas. So if you are a female with large Beautiful women in body paint, consider yourself luckily. And hit me up as well lol. I don't really care. If a girl is kind enough to give me access to them, I'd certainly not turn her down over a detail like that.

Catheter fetish story they change throughout life. I liked tiny pink ones, tiny dark ones, mid size pink ones. Never had something with a girl with large dark areola. My secretary has 4 inch very dark, NO, no she doesn't take her Girl pooping story off for me but it's impossible to ignore it with some of her bras and blouses since I see her a lot.

VeggieWokker Xper 3. I love them, especially when they get all bumpy when the nipple gets hard. Pick any possible trait and some people will love it while some people will hate it.

Are big areolas unattractive to guys?

You can never have an appearance that's universally disliked, so just look for the person who loves every bit of you. Well for me smaller is generally sexier People can have preferences for stuff like this but I doubt anyone Crossdressing stores in chicago consider this a deal breaker lol. Kevlito Xper 4. I prefer large areolae. They are beautiful. I'd honestly take large ones over small ones any day.

I don't know if your boyfriend was simply stating the obvious or insulting your areolae, but he should have been happy to be with a woman with big beautiful areolae.

You should be proud of them! I must admit I like a girl with large areolas. My sister has them of course I don't fancy my sister!

FrozenDonkeyWheel opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. It really depends. Particularly huge areolas can be kind of a turn off for some people, myself included, although I'm pretty sure some people really like them.