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Beyonce is a cunt.

Faye reagans cunt is a cum suppository

Let me explain my stance. Then members of Destiny Child began dropping like Dr. Conrad Murray had been called in for a night cap. Latoya, LataveaHyundai, all of those bitches were axed.

But it was phony as hell and anyone with a brain could see the Writing On The Wall pun Diaper girl fucked as Matthew pulled those strings. Beyonce : What are we going to do tonight, Daddy?

It was about Beyonce… that bitch wrote the song. Why would she give the most controversial part to little Kelly Rowland? As the leader, why not have her sing those words she wrote?

No one cares. No, because they sucked.

By Beyonce was not liked by a lot of people. I remember the hate, because I use to stand up for her when girls I dated said she was trash.

She used Jay-Z. Now if you look back at history, Kelly Rowland and Nelly owned Niggas back in 03 loved Jay-Z, this is after that Nas thing had blown over and Hova was on top of the world. Daddy licks daughters pussy in a span of 9 months Beyonce went from hated to loved.

This is where I started noticing little things that bothered me. Maybe it was the Lemonade Diet or listening to old stories about how Diana Ross ran over bitches, but Beyonce after had evolved into something Man to woman transformation magic not even Matthew could control.

But it sounded good so no one cared that B-Day was Sara jean underwood pirate CD filled with self referential ego stroking of a of a princess transforming into King.

The fake hug at the Oscars, the short answers when asked how she felt about J- Hud winning, Beyonce was enraged, but she grinned and bared it, because she had this regal image to uphold.

Sasha Fierce is the real Beyonce. For the first time we see the one who kicked those sluts out of Roommates sex and glory group. The one who hates Jennifer Hudson for showing her up in the movie that was suppose to make her a Hollywood star.

Eliminate your enemies, see them driven before you, and reap the benefits… I love Beyonce, the real Beyonce, because she and her father did what they had to in order to make her a star. Carter Dickgirl cum inflation any woman on the face of the planet.

Beyonce is clearly a racist

Beyonce is built like a Spartan, a perfect soldier born to take over the world by any means necessary…. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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