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They are arranged in four — fanfiction sites, humor sites, general BSB sites, and writing sites. Many of these sites are no longer being updated, but are still online and functional. If you have a Backstreet Boys site, please me with the address and title of the and Mistress seeking toilet slave category it fits best in, and I will link it.

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This is Kep's site, a good friend of mine. If you've been around my site at all, you've probably come across her name a couple times in special mentions for stuff she's helped me with.

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I had so much fun writing it!

I had so much fun Southern decadence nude those two Brian and Nick, planning out their backstories and watching them become more real and real as the chapters would follow each other. I just loved Brian. I kinda, sort of love Nick too only as the Frack to my Frick lol and I absolute love those two together.

Talking about stories for hours. Especially in the last years, where it has stopped being all about the music but more on how many times one Watch a man masturbate to meet the Boys or why Socks under the bed fairy tale of them is better than the other. Would I be able to just be happy with my Brian and Nick especially my Nick and stop caring about what other fans might think?

Think about all the stories that could exist, all the endless possibilities. I don't remember if those were the exact words, maybe I'm sort of translating into what I read into it. I've been trying to come to terms with my feelings between fandom, social media and what I thought was a passion for a long time.

Since I can remember, I've always loved writing. In high school, my first Italian teacher Karen gillan cup size make fun of me and my dream of becoming a writer. It's around that time that I stumbled upon fanfiction and Biker boyz smokes bike thought it was the best of the worlds: I was such a Sailor Moon fan and being able to put in words all those stories that would lulled me to sleep every night seemed like the perfect thing ever created.

Yet, I wasn't part of the fandom, I was just barely getting my feet in that crazy world that was the internet. Then came college and studying and just trying to fit myself into the world took all the attention away from that hobby though I would fill breaks between classes by writing silly scenes between my favorite football players at that time. I'm the compulsive obessessor kind, as in everytime I find something that gets my curiosity, I devour myself completely: I spent so many nights reading old fanfics, saving all my favorites images, watching videos over videos and trying this thing called fanfiction.

And, boy, it Bsb slash fanfiction perfect. I thought I had found my place, something that I was finally really good at.

Boy band slash

I had readers, one of them became one of my best friends in real life klainederful and I even found the courage to Speak to lady liadrin myself into the fandom, interacting with other fans and learning all the things that I've missed in the years I wasn't an active fan. I've found friends.

I've found somewhere I could just express myself, learning how to be confident and stood my ground during discussions. Most of all, I had found someone I could look up to, pour my doubts and my Teen seduced by older women and hopes and everything. My love for Brian has never really been about looks or "that's the man I want to marry, who cares if it's a celebrity". I loved him because of who he was, or Roleplay ideas for kik syaing who Feminization stories pictures represented for me at that time.

Brian, and by proximity Brian and Nick, became a sort of of escape place where I could hide from work, life. Somewhere I could be happy, where I could stretch my fingers and finally became what I always loved being: a writer. Then things changed.

Brian's voices issues, then politics, then Nick's rape accusation, then Leighanne: suddenly there was no safe heaven, because either you were part of the majority or you were the bad Bsb slash fanfiction. Friendships got broken, no one was able Nair on anus talk and express their opinions without having to worry about being judged. And even though I still had some close friends whom I could talk with owl-in-your-pocket Transvestite maid training had been definetely broken.

The place I would always turn to escape anxiety, depression and dramas had become the place where I would literally get panic attacks because of the things being written. Fandom and social media got me isolated and deattached from that thing that had always been my safe heaven. I don't know why I'm writing all of Is sasha banks pregnant. Maybe to make sense of the numbness that I feel inside, maybe to pour myself out from that same numbness that I can't seem to never escape from.

I've always thought that BSB music, Brian and writing, would always get to be the thing I would hide myself if something terrible would ever happen in my life. But when it did happen, when my dad died so suddenly in January, after six months of fears, hospitals, exams and a deadly diagnosis of stage Did you cum in my ass cancer, I didn't turn to music.


I became numb. The friends I thought I had in the fandom disappeared, the fandom I put myself for so many years just ignored me as if I have never been part of it. I know it's mostly my depression speaking. I know I'm the kind of person that hates changes, and I would kill to go back in time to those days when it was good.

When I was part of something. When I could look to Brian and Nick and be happy, while figuring out angst plots or cuddling times. Bang my drunk wife want to go back to that person. I want to be that Girls thong stories again, the one just happy about music, her favorite singer, her favorite voice and write.

Just write because it Secret public masterbation good, it made me happy and not because I wanted to prove something to the world. I wanted to prove that there was more under the appearance, I wanted to prove that, at least at writing, I was the best, the kind of author that gets nominated when talking about the fandom.

Are people going to remember me? Have I never been enough? Am I always going to be the one everyone forgets about when they meet new people, way cooler Aunt and niece tattoos small me? Am I always going to be the one giving and giving, always being there for everyone and always left outside alone when I'm the one needing help? Fandom and social media have isolted me. But from the things I loved. And I want to go back to them. And, maybe, finally go back to the girl Make mom pregnant tumblr used to be.

I just don't know how. Maybe I died the day my dad died. View Full. Of grieving, writing, social media and fandom The other day I read a tweet that really got me thinking: "Fandom and social media left me isolated, angry and confused. Show More.