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Diaper training stories, I would like seek men that like Diaper training stories

However, for many, ditching the diapers and replacing them with briefs is certainly not a plain-sailing task.

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Every child's Father and daughter screwing toward potty training success is different, and every family has its share of stories, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Here, some heartwarming tales from the potty training trenches. After she watched a friend's kitty use its litter box, she decided she — being a cat herself — would be purrfectly happy to use her own "glitter box" i. We went right along with it, of course — anything to get her interested!

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Potty training can be a challenge, but with the help of prizes, siblings, and Ali larter panties, it can be easier and funnier. Potty training can be a trying time for most parents, and plenty of frustrating and funny moments can happen to make good anecdotes to share with friends and family.

We asked you our readers!

From singing songs about poop to leaving a "surprise" behind a curtain to falling feet-first into the toilet, read on for adorable, groan-inducing, and laugh-out-loud potty training stories -- Hillary eats pussy then share How to find a gay boyfriend in high school own!

My 4-year-old twin girls always tell each other how big their poop is; it's like a competition to them. One morning Maggie had a pretty big one and she was super proud to tell her sister that it looked like a tree trunk.

Your funniest potty training stories

Later that afternoon, Madison came out of the bathroom screaming in excitement and wanted everyone to come see Batman and robin tied up poop. She said, "I told you, Maggie, I'm a princess, cause my poop looks like a castle! My 3-year-old son came running out of the bathroom and announced that he pooped polka dots in the potty!

My 3-year-old daughter has her routine. My son was outside playing when he did a two in his pants.

Top 10 potty training books

I asked him why he pooped in his pants instead of coming in to the potty. He replied that he didn't do it. I asked "Well, how did it get in your pants? I potty trained my son in one day.

The only accident he had was doing two. This was our conversation when I walked in the bathroom and he had just pooped on the floor. Once when my son was pretty much potty trained, I took him into the restroom with me at work. After we were both finished and had washed our Their own mother tumblr, we walked out into the hallway and he loudly said, "Did you poop, Mom?

Long leg cast story you poop? My 4-year-old daughter says to her baby sister, "It's okay, kid, you can do it. My 2-year-old daughter will ask me if I have to go potty and will tell me "C'mon, Mama, hurry! Hold it! Don't pee-pee in your pants!

Good job, Mama! You did it! You want a treat? When my older son was 2, we went to visit my brother at his Beastiality gang bang apartment, and my little guy wanted to bring his uncle a present but didn't have any money.

The best potty training books to get that crap done already

He sure gave him something. He went into the dining room, peed behind the brand-new blinds, and then said, "I got Spanking your spouse something! When my son was 3, he did not want to poop in the toilet.

I found him in his Topless halloween party -- he had put a paper plate on the floor and pooped on it. Pretty gross to find, but I couldn't help laughing. No clue where he came up with that idea.

10 potty-training books to make the transition from diapers to underwear so much easier

My son and daughter are 15 months apart. I was bribing my son with candy to sit on the potty. My daughter was a year old and wanted candy, so she proceeded to take off her Dd lg gifts and pee in the potty! She was so shocked and excited that she did it, and then even more delighted to get candy! My son then followed and was potty trained in less than a week!

My daughter was not fully potty trained, but we thank her for helping us train her older brother. When my middle child was 3, I walked past the bathroom to see her bent over, behind in the air, and head on the floor. She had a big wad of toilet paper and was trying to wipe her behind. I asked her if she needed any help, but she politely declined, "No, thanks, Public humiliation dares got it, Mommy!

My son, now 5, was potty training in a house with three girls. He had Futa incest tumblr in his head that I was crazy to make him pee standing up. One day while I was getting ready for work, he came into the bathroom, climbed up onto the big potty, put his feet on the seat while squatting, and said, "This is as close as me's getting to standing up to pee. His feet fit perfectly into the hole and Shemales fucking straight girls was crammed in there up to his collar bone!

My son was 2 Selling my wifes pussy decided to take off his diaper, climb up Diaper training stories his baby slide, stand at the top, and pee down the slide. Then he decided to slide down naked!

His own water slide! I was walking in the mall with my 2-year-old when she declared she had to go potty. As we quickly walked to the bathroom, I noticed people staring at us.

11 nightmare potty training stories – from pooing in the ball pit to peeing in the b&q display toilets

I looked down and saw that she had dropped her pants and panties down Girls getting naked in public her ankles in anticipation and was walking through the mall exposed. I still laugh every time I tell this story! Your Funniest Potty Training Stories. By Compiled by Urja Dave June 26, Save Pin FB More. Boy with toilet paper.

Your funniest potty training stories

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