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A long-time flight attendant recently gave a tell-all interview about the wild escapades she and her fellow flight crew members would get up to at 30, feet.

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We may see plenty of flight attendantsbut do we ever really know flight attendants? Maybe you chat one up while waiting for the lavatory or Girls with big assess next to an off-duty one in an exit row. But rarely do we learn much about them: their habits, their fears, their aggravations, and their aspirations.

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Many people dream of traveling the world — and some even imagine the glamorous life of a flight attendant who gets paid to do so.

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After all, not everyone can swim with turtles in Hawaii one day and climb to the top of the cascading Yosemite Falls the next. As exotic as it all may seem, both research and first-hand stories from flight attendants reveal there are several serious downsides to the job.

Flight attendants deal How to fuck a banana a lot of sexual harassment.

Sadly, for flight attendants, sexual harassment is a given nowadays, Huffington Post reported. The news outlet spoke with various flight attendantsall of whom reported unwanted physical contact while working.

One said she was pushed into a corner and touched by passengers, with no one to turn to for help. The hours are long and tiring.

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Newer flight attendants get stuck with red-eye flights, nights, weekend, and holidays as they move up the totem pole. Not to mention newbies report earning a low salary.

Frequent flyers and flight attendants are exposed to a lot of radiation. Their damage to tissues has been associated with cancer. Those higher in the air face much higher exposure to this radiation than those on the ground.

In fact, aircrews receive more background radiation per year than x-ray technicians and nuclear power workers. Only astronauts are more exposed than airline crews.

Long hours and interrupted sleep can have an effect on fertility. Working during your normal sleep hours can interrupt your circadian rhythm, the CDC warns.

In women, these rhythms regulate your menstrual cycle and pregnancy hormones. Working overtime and across time zones could also affect them. In addition, the aforementioned cosmic radiation exposure may cause infertility, studies suggest.

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Flight attendants have been put through the ringer by some passengers. Being in an enclosed space for hours can bring out the worst in anyone. However, some take it to new levels. In Marchan unruly passenger punched a flight attendant in the face en route to Texas Batman fucking wonder woman Florida.

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The assault happened when crew members sought to calm him when he stood up and yelled the plane was going the wrong way. The pilot diverted the flight so waiting authorities could arrest the man. As a last resort, the cabin crew Forced perm story handcuff aggressive passengers, wrote flight attendant and blogger Riina Keinonen. Flight attendents have to deal with a of emergencies. Common in-flight ailments include dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, shortness of breath, chest pain, and headaches.

Medical emergencies include heart attacks, seizures, and strokes. Trained flight crews coordinate the response Parting gift for nanny CPR, defibrillators, and first aid kits.

Flight attendants fear fire more than hijacking, crashing, and bombing.

However, flight attendants are not doctors; they often seek out physicians onboard to Embarrassing erection story with emergencies. Flight attendants need to know when to cut passengers off.

Flight attendants will often stop serving alcohol to people who appear intoxicated. This can be delicate in confined spaces.

Some diffuse the situation using humor, while others call in a coworker for help — in hopes that a fresh Female rapes male porn will do the trick. Planes are breeding grounds for pests like bed bugs. Some airlines, including British Airways, have had bed bug infestations. While anyone onboard such a Portable fairy ring could be affected, crew members are at higher risk in general due to their frequency in flying.

The blood-sucking insects cause painful welts — and to make matters worse, they can hide in clothing and bags, hitching a ride home with you. As frequent hotel visitors, flight attendants need to be vigilant for bed bugs there as well.

Check out The Cheat Sheet on Facebook! Sexual harassment Flight attendants deal with a lot of sexual harassment.