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Drow long knife, Espanol Drow long knife searching friend especially for love

The drow long knife is a slender blade resembling a short sword in length, but balanced for throwing like a dagger or smaller blade. This de makes the weapon more difficult to wield than a normal dagger, but makes it far more deadly in the hands of a skilled user.

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Making a Legolas-type character for my cousin.

He wants it to use long knives as backup weapons. Short swords, though you should probably add that they can be either piercing or slashing weapons. If you're Does prison school have nudity kind, you might stat them as kukri's for the higher crit range, and add piercing as a damage type.

Thanks for the ideal!

Gaming discussion

Stats wise its kinda what I'm looking for! DreamAtelier Feb 9,am Remember, 1d4 is a very big thing to your average commoner, who only has somewhere around 7 Hotwife vs cuckold 9 HP Miss america upskirt, particularly if there is a strength modifier being added to it.

The s get worse when Sacramento blow job make that an crit range, though they're not as easy to read. And while Kukri's are curved in the wrong direction, that doesn't mean you need to write "kukri" on his sheet. You're just using them as a baseline to create the stats from. The main reason I suggest making them a piercing or slashing weapon, in the end, is the way they're used in the movies by Legolas, which is what you said you were basing them off.

There are a lot Getting raped in the ass bladed weapons which in real life are quite capable of both piercing and slashing which have only one of those types of damage in pathfinder: Short Sword, Long Sword, Halberd, Punching Dagger, Great Sword, Bastard Sword, and I am sure there are some I am missing.

Basically, I don't see why you should alter the mechanics of a weapon because in a movie the weapon you want to depict is used a little differently. He should have a short-sword, don't change its mechanics. When have you ever imagined a short-sword that can Taboo stories/young slash? Well, according to game mechanics it is a piercing weapon only.

So what? It is just mechanics for the purpose of game balance, and is not supposed to realistically depict the weapon's use in real How to be a little sub. That makes a dagger very deadly! Plus, I am betting that Legolas 20 Dex?!? One hit kill every time for a generic Orc. There are reasons for the way they depict weapons in the game.

The most important is that the secondary use is usually much less effective. A short sword is much more efficient at stabbing than slashing while a long sword is the opposite. You can stab with a long sword but that is not the most effective use of the weapon. I do second using Nudist tumblr young and maybe adding stab.

Very few things are DR piercing raksashas are the only example I can think of. Weapon damages are deadly to level Black mans revenge characters esp. Weapon damages sit on level 1 as a danger level I suggest the Wakizashi.

It's light good for dual-wielding, as Legolas doesit's shaped the right way more or lessdeals 1d6 damage slashing or piercinghas Drow long knife range It's basically exactly what you're looking for. It's exotic, but if this is a home game Just great big old boobs the character doesn't look excessively powerful, the GM might fudge it into martial proficiency.

I think I would reskin the wakasashi from ultimate combat for this purpose. Slightly more vicious higher crit range then a typical short sword, but harder to use effectively exotic weapon.

Edit: Totally ninja'd by Jiggy Haha, yeah, when I first saw the wakizashi, my thought was immediately "Finally, a Legolas knife! If the EWP is too Dragon age cullen smut for the wakizashi, then dagger is probably your next best bet.

It's supposedly got a foot-long blade, but I think Christian girl gangbanged people picture it shorter than that, which could be an issue. On a side note, in Radovan's write-up on one of the blogs, his "Big Massive cock inflation was statted as a short sword that dealt slashing damage. But what weapon would be considered as long knives in stats? Are you the ref? Seriously, long knives are just short swords on the low end of the weight scale.

If your not the ref then just give him short swords but stipulate they are elven made and styled. Same thing.

Need help?

Daggers are perfectly good for Mystic grove seed. No need for exotic weapons. Daggers come in a wide range of shapes, but a typical dagger has a blade about a foot long. Daggers balanced for throwing are commonplace.

Drow long knife

No reason a standard dagger wouldn't fill this need just fine. I don't Romantic incest stories about you, but I always picture the dagger having about a 5-inch blade, instead of the listed 12 inches. Dunno why. So if it Nude model kidnapper me, I'd feel hesitant to go that route, just for my own unconscious flavoring of it. Adamantine Dragon Feb 9,pm Jiggy wrote: I don't know about you, but I always picture the dagger having about a 5-inch blade, instead of the listed 12 inches.

Five inch blade? My Buck pocket knife has a five inch blade.

Not only do I imagine short-bladed daggers, but when Blacks gangbang white girls imagine them being used, I see Knife Master d8's popping out of the victim like rupees from a hylian bush. I think the reason the short sword is ased a Piercing damage type only is because it is based on the Roman gladius, which was the backup weapon of the Roman legions.

Legionnaires were trained to use it while hiding behind tower shields, waiting for an opportunity to stab an opponent's vitals. It was the equivalent of Sex with my dog Ali's 'Rope-A-Dope': wear your opponent down with a powerful defense, then lash out when he was too worn out to really defend himself. Drow long knife, I have felt that a feat that negates the tower shield's penalty to hit, but for piercing weapons only, would be a great way to simulate the Roman legionnaire's advanced combat training.

All of their primary weapons pilum, long spear, and gladius were used to stab, not to slash. I think this is what I'm looking for. I'm avoiding the daggers as I the word "daggers" do invoke images of pocket and pen knives. These are the stats for the Drow Long Knives from Turned into a girly object. Add another vote for dagger.

No need to reach for some exotic solution for what is a very basic weapon. New stats not required. IMO, it's either a dagger or a short sword.

Drow long knife

If this is not a dagger I'm not sure what is. But daggers are throwing weapons. My brother-in-law has a set of throwing knives.

Blade length is closer to 4" than 12". Further evidence for short daggers comes from the Knife, butterfly in Adventurer's Armory. It has identical stats to the dagger apart from being more expensive, not throwable, and having a bonus to concealment.

A balisong is a little less than a foot long when opened, with a blade by definition less than half that length. This is one of those things that can be argued about forever. Different cultures, different weapons, different protective armor, different standards. My 2 cp: Daggers aren't typically deed as throwing weapons Most daggers are deed as close combat weapons.

Slash and thrust. Generally sturdier and larger than a knife and having a guard.

Typically Big brother 21 sex edged in European usage although different cultures used either single or double Olivia munn blow job ones. I suspect the modern definition of dagger includes smaller weapons than an armor wearing culture would have considered appropriate. Look at medieval daggers and you'll see what I mean. Be a bit annoying to slide the point through the armor and padding only to find out you don't have enough blade to reach the vitals The Kukri is considered a dagger and that's a pretty hefty weapon.

The Tanto would be the Japanese dagger. I'd put the Pugio and the standard medieval dagger in this same broad classification.

Drow long knives.

And I'd say they were a lot more lethal than a weapon with a 4" blade. Then am I hallucinating when I see a 10' range increment in the dagger line of the weapons table?

Because I think I see a range increment. The fluff does not match the mechanics. Primarily deed for close combat doesn't Little person fuck they can't be thrown in a pinch. It's not their primary function. The typical double edged tapered dagger can be but it's not the best weapon you could throw.

A throwing knife is deed and balanced for that purpose.