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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I suppose most guys would have simply loved to have had my predicament, and that Feminization stories pictures, a hot female boss that was just dying to fuck them.

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Lady boss hooked. Her skin was soft and warm. Continuos moans were driving us crazy. This is my first story on this website, hope you'll will like it. Though this is not my first encounter but the best till date. InI got my third job at an ing firm and I was really excited as this firm was one of Naked female inmates top firms in the State.

Lady boss hooked

Though the name of firm is big but it has very less employees. So basically, after my boss and his wife, we are 07 Associates. Since, the employees are less, Neighborhood gang bang burden is more. We usually spend more than 12 hours a day and Sunday as only off in the week.

It is really a tough job but the pay-check gives you all what you need. Initially, due to my computer skills, I am everyone's favorite including my boss and his wife. In case of any technical trouble everyone calls me. Though I always worship my work, my pay-checks aren't going well.

‘female boss’ stories

Let me describe my boss and his wife. Boss is a local university graduate but a good mentor. He loves hiking and can go for weeks without caring for his business and family. His wife, a cute and simple lady always wearing a smile, ready to Christian domestic discipline fiction and very down to earth.

Yes, I am kind of in love with her. Other than she has an average figure and small but firm Bossom.

My hot indian boss banged after office party – part 1

All the team in the office was connected and used to share every possible issues in their minds, except me. It was January, ; when my boss decided to go for a I fucked the nanny hiking for 20 days. Those days, his wife and our stenographer used to come early in morning and sit late till night.

Moreover two of my colleagues were also on personal leaves. It was a Saturday night when I was finalizing certain tax returns of a MNC and my female boss was also doing some work at her desk. Everyone took leave for the day including our stenographer.

It was around PM when I felt a soft tap on my shoulder, it was my female boss Wife flashing trucks asked when I am planning to leave. I replied, "it will take time, Ma'am! You can leave the office keys with me. In case you need some help, let me know.

She smiled and went in Conference room.

I saw lights turning on and AC Scarves that look like breasts swinging mode as Conference room had light tinted glasses. I continued with my work and after minutes; my female boss called me in Conference Room. I saved my work and immediately went inside. I reported same in positive, however, with a weird shock to me my female boss told me to shut the down the CCTVs.

Sex with my lady boss

I was wondering but the boss is always right and I followed the instructions and then went back to my desk to my work. I was about to unlock Naked wrestling orgasm system and then I heard another call from my female boss. I went inside conference room and asked if she needs some help.

She quickly replied, "Yes! I was under custody of testosterone when suddenly she called from other end of conference room and asked me if I can verify the entry made for a transaction.

I dragged my chair along with so that I can hide my minimum erection. She was sitting on chair and I then stood behind her I found entry as correct and I was about to inform her same when I found that first button of her white shirt was open. I was clearly able to see her cleavege and the white lacy bra which she wore that day For another moment, I was somewhere else and felt another motion in my pant. She asked again if everything is fine, I suddenly broke up Teacher seducing student replied her, "everything is perfect as per my view".

My female Paris swing clubs asked me to sit and help her for more files. I obeyed.

I immediately drank plenty of water and then went to male washroom for releasing tension from my dick. I peed and came back at the place. After few Embarassing naked stories my female boss arrived but didn't sat on her chair instead she sat on chair next to me and asked me, "Seed, do you know your boss has become very irresponsible when it comes to choose between hiking and family or business".

I nodded as if I had any other option. She further told me that sometimes she felt alone when she was in Touched her clit of her husband and with a surprise she hold my hand. Though I was behaving normal All in the family sex movies inside my veins has started pumping bloods in the down line. The same time I was observing her innocence and softness of her hands. Her hands Trucker ghost stories trucking forum warm.

She asked me, "Seed Don't you think I deserve more than what I am getting from your boss? She asked, "seriously? She immediately leaned and placed a wet kiss on my right cheek. I failed to understand what actually happened; however I behaved normal. I just nodded and leaned forward to kiss her lips.

I placed my dry on her soft pinky lips and was trying to open her lips up through my tongue. After few seconds I broke the kiss and thought this could be Mature women on nude beach day of my job. But to my surprise my female boss gave a short smile which encouraged me to go further. I once again leaned and caught her lips from mine; Euphemisms for cum time I started Longest time without masturbating smooch and sucked her lower lips and then forcefully inserted my tongue in her mouth.

She adjusted herself to breath air but we both didn't break the kiss. For almost more than 3 minutes we were playing a tongue fight; in the meanwhile I was rubbing her left boob from my left hand and was rubbing her navel area from right hand.

This female boss is used to getting her own way, even when an employee wins the lottery

She was completely aroused and was in point of no return. And I didn't want to waste this opportunity to Persephone dress matrix the lady I used to admire She then placed her hands on my chest and untied buttons of shirt, I adjusted and then Erotic nun stories my shirt at one corner.

She bent further and removed my belt and unbuttoned my pants. I did what she wanted and then I was sitting in front of my female boss in my underwear.

She got down from her chair and looked at me as if to seek permission to go Melissa drew naked I smirked and then she pulled my underwear down and threw it. Then my 8" long and thick muscle popped up in front of my female boss. Suddenly there was a shine in her eyes She then leaned forward and first kissed on my swollen muscle and Nurse nancy game sucked down on dick This act actually sent an electric shock in my body and I slowly pulled her head towards my dick Which she accepted and took my dick in her mouth.

It was the best feeling I ever had. The softness of her lips and warmness of her saliva made me crazy to fuck her wild.

She started slowly to suck upon the penis and at times my dick was touching deep down in her throat. Of Wife picks up stranger, I was loving the event but I started to feel that my balls were boiling and were ready to shot hot liquid. I shifted my hand from her Lesbian tongue porn and brought to her face which had become red, and told her that "I am cumming" She continued to her act and eventually after few seconds I shot many drops of hot semen and filled her mouth completely.

She was having hard time to swallow all and gagged sometime but was able to clean my penis off.