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First time family nudist stories, Host woman looking up First time family nudist stories for chat

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Welcome to our house, welcome to our lifestyle. We live in the country. Our house is a rectangle. The rooms all open up into the center of the house with glass doors. The big pool in the middle in a central courtyard.

My age: I am 23
What is my nationaly: Norwegian
I prefer: Hetero
Gender: Woman
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In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. Wife and plumber+18 by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Helen Age: 40 Posted on: 27 Mar 25 comments 30 likes views One shot erotica Masturbation Female-Female Tags: family naturismshavingHall of Famebrothersleeping nakedphimosisbrother sistermomsonfamilyfamiily nudityNaturist family"naturist family"Cum eatingChangingnaturistSisterpubertypenis"my son""trial run"WaxingwifeFirst timeprostate.

I have been reading the recent posts on family naturism with interest as there is a similarity to our own experiences and thought I might tell a little from the parent's perspective. It also led to an incident with my daughter that may be of interest too. My husband Derek and I have two teenage children, Steven being the eldest and Sarah who is two years younger. For quite a while Derek and I have discussed naturism with both of us keen to give it a try, especially as our garden is private and not overlooked so we could freely walk around naked without being seen by any neighbours.

The one thing holding us back Not wearing underwear in public how Steven and Sarah would think of it, we didn't want to embarrass them and ideally would like them to in as a family.

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Eventually we decided to just bring Nasty poems for her subject up one evening and see their reaction which generally I think was shock and horror, which was what we probably expected! As parents we've always been quite open with them about sex and similar things and we were all happy to be seen by each other in our underwear but being naked was a different matter. I hadn't seen either Steven or Sarah that way really since puberty and suspect they hadn't Leannes sissy musings each other fully naked for a long while either.

We told them we would like to have a 'naked Fanfiction wheelchair paralyzed when we would just wander around the house and garden without clothes on and see what it felt like. We said we'd like them to in and be part of it as hopefully they might enjoy it too.

They agreed to go away and think about it and we'd have another talk in a few days time. When we next talked it was clear the two of them had been discussing it together although I've no idea whether they had undressed in front of one another, but I rather think not. They were much more prepared to talk about it than when we first mentioned it to them, and had they been totally against the idea then Derek and I had already decided we'd forget the whole thing.

Sarah seemed more prepared to give First time family nudist stories a try than Steven who still seemed a bit reluctant. Eventually he admitted that his biggest fear was that he'd get an erection in front of us. Derek and I told him that if he did, so what, it was a natural thing that happens at times and none of us would be offended or mind in any way, Sarah agreed too. That seemed to settle a lot of his doubts and we all agreed that we would have our first 'naked Saturday' the next weekend. We also told them that Married neighbor hitting on me they wanted to keep Kaley cuoco footjob clothing on to begin with that was okay, they could undress when they felt comfortable doing it, and if they wanted to put clothes back on again at any point we wouldn't mind either.

Come Saturday Derek and I got up, showered and then went downstairs both of us naked. I had no idea about how our youngsters must be feeling but despite wanting to do this for so long I was feeling very nervous and had butterflies in my stomach! Walking down the stairs and into the kitchen in the nude was very strange and I realised it would take me a little while to get used to it, Derek said he felt the same, but there was no Amateur wives watched back now at this stage. About five minutes later we heard footsteps on the stairs and then Sarah appeared in the doorway, I was surprised and pleased to see that she was naked.

She was obviously feeling embarrassed by the way she stood and acted and I noticed her face had reddened a bit, so I quickly congratulated her on taking the plunge straight What is mfm romance. I asked her how she felt and she said it was a bit weird but better than she thought it would be.

She said she had wanted to get it over with so had decided to go naked straight away. Her biggest fear she said was that she'd walk in like that and we'd all be dressed as it had just been a joke and she'd be really embarrassed!

Soon after Steven came in, he had his boxers on and I think he was surprised to see the rest of us, including Sarah, naked. He shrugged and said that he couldn't really be the odd one out could he and then slid his boxers off. For a moment there was a bit Girlfriend gangbang stories awkwardness as we all stood naked together.

I noticed Sarah Her first anel at her brother's cock which I found myself wanting to look at too, although it was soft it was obvious he was quite well endowed. Derek then made some humorous comment about something and that seemed to break the ice and we all started to relax.

After half an hour or so I think we were all feeling okay about being without clothes and any initial embarrassment seemed to have passed. Going out into the garden the first time and feeling the sun on parts of me that never usually saw it was particularly pleasurable. I know it sounds very 'naturisty' but being naked outdoors was like a new freedom. Steven and Sarah behaved pretty much as Their own mom tumblr doing the things they would normally have done and Derek and I were pleased to see that they both seemed okay with everything and had kept themselves naked.

In the afternoon My boyfriend is a sub came up to me when the two of us were Penthouse letters cheating wives and said she wanted to ask me something.

I could tell she was a bit sheepish about whatever it was and thought she was going to ask if she could put some clothes back on. Instead she asked me if it would be okay if she shaved herself 'down there' like I did. For a long while I have always removed my pubic hair as both Derek and I prefer it that way, Sarah had a natural bush of light brown hair at the top of her legs. I told her it was entirely her decision and if she wanted to I certainly didn't have a problem with her doing it.

Knowing that she'd obviously never done it before, and without really thinking about it, I Grace eventide nude to do it for her the first time and suggested we could go First time family nudist stories and do it there and then.

She eagerly agreed and so we went up to the bathroom. Sarah has a nice little body on her, slim with smallish but firm breasts and a very pert bottom which I couldn't help noticing as I followed her upstairs. First time family nudist stories told her to sit on the edge of the bath with her legs parted and with scissors I trimmed off the thick of her pubic hair. I then spread some shaving cream on her and slowly started to shave her, realising only at that point that I'd never shaved anyone other than myself before, and now here I was doing it to my own daughter.

It's something that is hard to do without some degree of intimate touching and by the time I rinsed her off it was obvious from her pussy lips that she had been aroused by the experience, in fact it had also had some effect on me too performing such an intimate act. I reached for the mirror so she could see what Things fall apart ch 22 looked like and she was delighted with her new look and how smooth it felt down there.

I then said to her that whenever I shaved it usually left me feeling a bit turned on and I quite often masturbated afterwards and she might like to do the same as it would probably feel good for her.

She looked surprised and shocked but I told her that I Barnyard sex stories she must masturbate regularly, as I had done at her age, and there was nothing wrong with that, and looking at her down there it appeared as if she needed to do it right now.

We both laughed and she admitted she really would like to do it but on her own please. I hadn't had any intention of watching her do it until she said that but now she'd aroused my curiosity. She went to her room Experience project spanking closed the door and I pretended to go to my own bedroom but then crept back to her door and stood outside listening intently.

After a short silence I began to hear little Straddling the bath faucet and gasps coming from the other side of the door and I imagined her lying on her bed, legs spread with her hands on her newly shaved pussy. My own hand too was down between Fucking my physical therapist legs rubbing my own very wet pussy as I listened to her masturbate.

The gasps got shorter and quicker and then I heard a stifled little scream as she brought herself off which in turn set my own orgasm in motion. As soon as I was able I quietly went back to my bedroom to clean up.

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I felt rather guilty about listening to my own daughter like that and was surprised at how arousing I had found it. Since then I've often wondered what would have happened if I had I suggested we do it together, would she have said yes or just been shocked.

Anyway I came out of the bedroom at the same time as Sarah emerged from hers and seeing she looked a little uncomfortable smiled and said 'better? We went downstairs where Derek and Steven were and to get it over with I announced that Sarah had a new look to show them.

Much giggling as she stood there now minus pubic bush and with her pussy much more visible. Much to Steven's embarrassment he then started to get an erection for the first time that day and within seconds was fully erect. Never mind Sarah I could hardly look away from it as he was certainly as big if not bigger than Derek when hard. He started apologising Hot black lesbian milfs we all just laughed and said it was okay and I joked that he obviously approved of Sarah's new look.

I then suggested to him that he might want to go upstairs and make himself more comfortable if he wanted, which he did do. Sex with my dog our first 'naked Saturday' went well, we had embarrassment, erections, shaving, quite a few laughs and of course nudity.

The main thing was that by the end of it we were all comfortable being around each other naked.

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Since then we've had several more 'naked days'. Sarah has Women haircut stories taken to it quite keenly and is becoming a proper little naturist I think, she never wants to wear her bikini again if sunbathing and is quite happy wandering around the house in the nude.

Steven I think is a bit less enthusiastic but s in on our family days. We are planning a vacation to a naturist resort this summer and both Steven and Sarah have agreed Mothers foot slave come.

It will be strange the first time being naked in front of strangers but something we're all looking forward to. After reading the earlier postings I do wonder if Steven and Sarah masturbate together, I wouldn't be concerned Hispanic girlfriend sex they did as long as it went no further. I know I shouldn't think this way but I still wonder what it would like to watch them Male urethra torture masturbate either together or alone, maybe we should have a 'family masturbation' day!

I'd enjoy reading any comments from the people who ly wrote about naturism on anything I've written above. Copyright SMI-Help.