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Forced feminization diaper, Thai chica found guy especially for Forced feminization diaper

Why Become Diaper Trained? Why you Need to Wear Diapers!

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Home Blog Forced Feminization. May 16, Brenda watched her Men with very large cocks amusement. When you are in your sissy dresses, your name is Evelyn, not anything else. You will listen to any instructions that I give you, understood? Now, I want you to get more comfortable in your attire, dear.

Age: I'm 22 years old
Color of my hair: Brunet hair
I like to drink: Champagne
I like to listen: Dance
I like: Fishing
I like tattoo: None

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Message me to learn about my feminization program.

Forced regression stories

Sissy that are truly submissive need lots of help and guidance. This is especially true for helping them to wear proper night apparel. I love putting my pathetic wetter husband in the most sissfying atire and taking bedtime pictures.

Also I find that if I get him all upset before bedtime that he almost always acts out in his sleep like a toddler and floods his overnight pampers. I have learned that in my years as a floor nurse and psyche nurse that upset patients who are forced to wear diapers for seclusion and four point restraints always flood their diapers Gorean slave training exerting so much effort to fight the restraints, sedatives, and diapers.


The mornibg after these terribly troubled individuals awaken beaten down by the Funny erotic poems drugs and flooding their diapers has a wonderful affect on their mean spirited ways. Policy on many nursing psyche units requires use of night diapers after just one night of bedwetting.

This is rarely discussed outside psyche units by the patients themselves but generally follows them Shane and carmen fanfiction as well with these high powered medicines. He just hoped they would hurry up in case his friends came past and saw him like that.

Forced feminization

Too late - he saw his friend coming. Ima baby girl.

That was fun last night. Emma Watson. In the mood to put a cute little baby in a school-girl uniform- with a skirt that just shows off her nappy- Male family nudism make her write lines in crayon so I can smack her thighs and tease her about what a dumb baby she is.

Yes please.

Yes please and thank you. I am rather lonely.!

The smell, the feel, the texture on your tongue and …. Windelhosen im Windelstudio. Love to wear large Plastic Pants.

They feel great. And look Great on me.

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