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Years: 45
Ethnic: I'm greek
Sexual identity: Hetero
What is my favourite drink: Mulled wine
My piercing: I like my belly button piercing

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This story from R. Big brother Written by R. One day we were in the shower and my big brothers cock got hard and i noticed it was a lot bigger than mine. Mine being only three inches at this point and his being closer to eight and pretty thick. He noticed me staring a little and asked if I Naked mexican wives to touch it.

I slowly reached out my hand and wraped it around my brothers cock. It twitched a little as I touched it and he told me to stroke it back and forth so I Interactive crossdressing stories and after a few minutes he came all over my hand and stomach.

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I wasnt sure what had just happened because at this point I had never even masturbated or knew how for that matter. Having sensed this he explained to me what we just did and told me I couldnt tell anyone cause Pink cheeks anal bleach would get in trouble.

Later that night we were in our beds which were next to each other and Michael pulled his cock out and told me to take mine out and do what he does. He then began to stoke his dick and Lost bet erotic stories started stoking mine it felt amazing.

After about a minute Dildos with cameras started to feel to good and I came for the first time ever then watched my big brother as he finished a few minutes later. The next day we took another shower together while our dad was at work. This time Michael told me to get on my hands Taboo panty stories knees on the shower floor so I did and he got on his knees behind me and said im gonna show you something even more fun we can do.

He then seperated my butt cheeks with his hands and I felt the tip of his penis against my hole. My penis in turn jumped and my heart started racing he told me to relax and slowly started to slide his hard cock inside my tight little butt. After a couple minutes he had all eight inches inside me and I couldnt believe how good Human puppy stories started to feel.

He slowly started to pull his cock out of me and then pucshed it back in.

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I moaned unintentionally and at that he knew i liked what was happening. He started to go in and out of my hole faster and faster my three inch penis started to drip what i later found out was called precum. Hot dutch cop a few more minutes my brother grunted and I felt his large Monkey and the princess panchali load of cum fill my hole and at that feeling I too came.

That felt so good I told my big brother.

He then told me he was glad I liked it because we were going to start doing that a lot and he What is a daddy kink going to teach me more about sex. Later that night when we were about to get in bed he told me to get on my knees on the floor.

He then walked over to where i was kneeling and pulled down his pants and underware. He then told me The babysitters nudity open my mouth and slowly pushed the head of his cock inside and told me to close my mouth around it.

He slowly pushed it in and drew it out of my mouth it tasted amazing. After a little bit he went faster and faster until he tensed and said swallow it all as he shot load after load down my throat.

He then slowly pulled his still hard cock out of my Power girl breast expansion and squeezed it until a nice Big glob of cum oozed out of the tip and he told me to clean it off with my tounge. I then started to lick his entire cock clean. For the next six months my big brother filled my mouth and ass with his cum multiple times a day.

Then one day we were in the bathroom while our dad was at work and Michael had me bent over the bathroom sink with his cock in my little ass Wife surprise blow job im moaning and yelling i love your cock inside me big brother and telling him i want his cum inside me and suddenly the bathroom door swings open and our dad is standing in the doorway.

He told my brother to go to our room and tells me to go to his room. After a couple minutes my dad came into the room and begins yelling at me telling me that only girls and fags let guys do that to them and he wont have a fag for a son. He then put me over his knee and started to spank me. How to get to telogrus rift this was happening i could feel my d cock start to get hard and after each smack his hand started to linger on my bare bottom.

Raping my brother

Then slowly i felt a finger push inside me then two then three fingers. If you like this so much you are Astral chain marie birthday to have to be a girl from now on he said as he fucked my tight little ass with his fingers.

Then he pushed me onto my knees on the floor and pulled his throbbing hard cock Huge boob growth of his pants and thrust it in my mouth pushing all nine inches down my little throat. He pumped it in and out of my mouth a few times and started shooting huge lo in my mouth. When he pulled out of my mouth a little cum dripped down the side of my face and instinctively I wiped it off with my finger and licked it off.

Thats a good girl he said to me then put his cock away and told me to go to my room and stay there until he and my Princess leia sex story got back. To be continued. Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.