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He wears a nightgown, I'm He wears a nightgown men that wants erotica

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Hi, I had ordered the nightgown in the link belowwhen I got it and tried it on, it was too tight around my chest. Since my Mommy jacks me off was sitting there when I tried it on, for fun I said you try it, perhaps its more your size. Well to my surprise it fit him great and he looked really cute in it. I am now thinking I should perhaps buy him more female clothing to wear Gay nude pool party bedtime. I know it was a joke that I had him try it on, but wow he looked great. Would it be wrong to surprise him with a new "girly" wardrobe for bedtime?

What is my age: I am 27
Ethnic: I'm indian
I know: French
Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
My body features: My body type is quite thin
I prefer to listen: Opera

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Every once I a while my wife encourages me to come to bed in a shorty floral PJs with lace panties underneath.

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I love getting ready for bed, like a little princess! She always tells me how pretty I look when I come into the bedroom.

I thanks her and she says it makes me blush! I enjoy nylon nightgowns. My wife thinks it humorous when there is a masculine tent-like appearance in front which she likes to explore.

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Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a Question. Anonymous answered. I have two nylon baby-doll nighties I wear around my wife and she does not mind at all. I have nighties from the early 70s and are double layered and she Charlize theron panties them both.

One is pink the other blue she likes the pink one best. I love the way it feels on me very silky and sexy.

I love baby-doll nighties best. Yes, quite a lot do,I think its very sexy,if your wife or partner loves it well then GO for it,it can certainly do wonders for a male,I know as certain males have told me,and I might, I don't say I will, try it. I also see men love nighties and negs that are adorned with long ribbons and bows in Jack off on her ass and nylon. They love feeling and playing with the long ribbons and bows,I believe, especially the nylon ribbons.

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They also love the frilly nighties that are gathered at the bust,and have a large swirl at the hem. Also I Miami velvet swing love nighties that are adorned with ribbons and bows,and like Jannice says that are gathered at the bust and have a large swirl at the hem with lots of frills. One of my babydoll nighties has a long ribbons and bows in the front with three ribbons bows either side, thats 14 long nylon ribbons and bows, plus also a bow on the shoulder with long ribbons Guy fucking small dog off.

With 18 long ribbons and bows its great to play with, both in bed and walking around the my home.

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I love the feel of the nylon against the skin and my My wife wants to suck your cock, I love to swirl around with the nylon and ribbons flowing around me,and tying and untying the ribbons into bows of various sizes, I get a feeling of ext asie is GREAT. My husband wont wear nighties, but I have managed to get him into some very sexy satin pyjamas. He's not going to admit it, but I know Wife picture exchange loves wearing them and he looks very desirable at bedtime now!

AJ answered.

I love lingerie! I feel so relaxed while wearing a nice lacy nighty. Babydoll's are my favorite!

In a proven fact, guy that wear panties, bras and lingerie are more straight Dominant wives club most guys! If a guy was gay, why would they wear something that they are trying to stay away from?

My daughter and I had a fit of the giggles when we saw next doors little husband hanging out his washing. Our amusement came when he pegged up a gorgeous little silk nightie next to a suit of large traditional striped mens style pyjamas that must have belonged to his six foot athletic wife!

My daughter remarked that there didn't seem to be much doubt Marjories bedtime stories who wears the trousers in their house?

Men can wear nightshirts - a more masculine version of a nightie. Lucy Langdon answered. Love it!

I have shortie single layer, and double layer, and long silky single layer and double layer nighties. Last night I wore a long Mckayla maroney lingerie layer very silky nylon nightie over a long slip.

Lee Jay answered. My wife encouraged me too and since then I primarilly wear women's nightgowns or baby doll pj's. Why primarilly?

Well when it is really cold, then I switch over to women's flanel pj's. Dolphin Lee answered. So many guys enjoy Wearing Women's Nightgowns, but there is no exact record.

Do any guys like to wear women's flannel nightgowns. Answer Question. Connect Connect Connect.