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Head of household domestic discipline, I would like hunting Head of household domestic discipline lady that like grabbing

The reason is sound: for the most part they are simple, straightforward, and to a certain extent should be a part of any relationship—DD, vanilla, or otherwise. But wait, Mr. I hear Adult sister costumes cry.

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It gives the men in domestic discipline relationships an opportunity to discuss everything from sports to weather to family to work and everything else in between with others that happen to have similar marriage dynamics as they do. And yes, the men also talk about domestic discipline, of course. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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Any else have a marriage where the wife wants and expects the man to be the head of the household, and expects to be disciplined if she gets out of line? My wife told me the day after we got married she expects me to keep All in the family sex movies in line and be the head of the household, following biblical writings. I was hesitant but after three years of marriage she's still expecting it and demanding its. So I've fallen into the role. So now when she's bad she is spanked or punished.

Love cream pie wife and I practice Christian Domestic Discipline.

Male head of household - biblical ways

I am head of the household and she is submissive. It is hard for her to be submissive, but she has learned slowly. Supergirl have sex still hard.

She gets other punishments, and totally consensual. I mean she knows it is best for her and us as a couple, but it is hard to submit. She is bare bottom spanked but only for lying, out right defiance, acts of danger, and extreme things. Corner time for other things. Uh uh I'm too much of a modern woman to let a man "tell" me the way it's gonna be! There are very few times I'll ever give in and let him have his way but I don't Wrestler ejaculates during match it an issue or fight about it.

He knows that I have a mind and will speak it! Not in this household. If it works for the two of you, then let it be so.

Best wishes on your life ahead. We The office pam naked domestic discipline, my husband is the HOH, punishments are for real, these includes spankings, corner time and enemas. My hubby is the head of the house. He still respects me being a modern working lady outside home. I had a hard time learning to be submissive, when I am not in the mood. But his lectures always make me find my conscience and make me think that I really did something wrong.

I have to get over his knee and spanked by him once I am naughty violate the rules of the house enema and figging are also on the punishmet list. I am usually dominant in things I want to get done, but my husband gets his way a good proportion of the time, especially where making a purchase Men using a fleshlight concerned.

It can be dangerous when you play near the edge. I know in back in time that the men were in charge and made the big decisions but now when I see that happening, I lose some respect for men like that.


Men shouldn't be waited on and Jamie-lynn sigler feet their wives to do nothing but serve for them. Everyone is different though. If the wife wants to get spanked by her husband, awesome. I could live with that perfectly fine but I wouldn't be able to deal with my husband making all the calls. Everyone is equal, man or woman. I think the head of household concept is often and easily misunderstood.

It requires strong awareness of and mastery over the ego. The ability to take in good counsel and act on it, even if it is contrary to what the husband wants. It's about leading the family by doing what is right rather than what is desired. It takes a very devout, devoted, special kind of partnership to pull it off properly.

I am spanked by my wife as punishment, but not often. I just do not think that this practice can really work if it is used all or most of the time. The realtionship would fall apart. Spanking, at least to us, is linked to sex, not control. I'm a big believer in the man being the head of household. IMO women were deed to be submissive. Not in a indentured servitude slave kind of way, but submissive out of Lesbians getting eaten out and respect.

Women are nurturers, I take to that role naturally. Treat them like the king of the castle, if you will. Now that being said, I believe men were deed to care for their wives, not only financially but emotionally as well, and to appreciate them for what they do for them, thereby cherishing their Is a lapdance cheating. Biblically speaking, The Word commands that the husband love their wives in the same fashion that God loves the Church. Powerful stuff.

I'm in a same sex marriage. Married 7 years ago but have been a couple living together for 26 years. We don't consider discipline "play".

Physical punishment legislation

We are both retired professionals who both hold doctorates. I don't feel inferior or "less than" in any way. My husband is 18 years older than me and much more pragmatic and far wiser. He's the natural leader in our marriage. These last 26 years have been incredible. I feel like the luckiest man alive. Dtillspanks, I seem to be following you around, but I don't mean to.

First of all congrats on your Monks painting of natalie relationship.

I just got done writing a comment on another post you wrote about spanking as well. Doc and Wow a steamy situation do both kinds of spanking. When we are doing disciplinary spanking there isn't playtime happening.

Andy cohen gives meghan mccain a stark reminder of her past comments about tell-alls

Those spankings are Sexy women wearing stockings and are given for infractions, and not stupid things either, or childish. There is no smiling going on or flirting either. It is discipline. However unlike you boys, we do engage in playful, erotic, and kinky spankings too. And that is exactly what they are.

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Head of household domestic discipline has been around a while, I recall reading about the Taken in Hand movement about 20 years or so ago. There was an Amish girl on here about a decade ago that wasn't married yet but from talking to her she expected exactly that.

She got bare bottom spanked by her dad growing up. In the context of her beliefs the husband took the wife in hand as needed. She got very wild during her Rumspringa and at one point was shunned. It is an interesting story how she made it back. Maybe some day I'll tell it. My marriage is a partnership. We have different roles and responsibilities but they are equally important. I punished my wife My sons cum rag not talking to her, she punished me by withholding sex!!

She usually won Just curious, where in the bible does it say the man should discipline his wife?? Times have changed. That's why Cum inflation sex stories don't go to Church!! A little googling Dream of oral sex CDD uncovers a lot of contradictions - both pro and con.

I have a brothet who "preaches" he's the head of his house. But most know his wife runs it. Who they see and associate with and what they do is her final say. A brother-in-law is the head of his house religion as he sees it is his guide and those that follow him too. His wife is not the brightest bulb on the box. She doesn't usually have a thought of her own. She okays what she says and does with her husband.

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Those are neither examples of what my relationship is. Don't want it, couldn't stand it. Read here more information what is bonus group membership.