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I got my step sister pregnant, Filipine chica search I got my step sister pregnant for strangets

In high school my stepsister and I constantly found ourselves with a lot of idle time alone together.

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I had sex with my stepsister, got her pregnant, and paid for the abortion

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Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships Friends, family and Russian finish massage. Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 3 years ago 1. Not what you're looking for? DrawTheLine Badges: Report 3 years ago 2. Original post by Anonymous i know this isn't an everyday issue, but i just need some outside advice.

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Report 3 Loud female orgasim ago 3. FailedMyMocks Badges: Report 3 years ago 4. Jesus Christ was that a story or what I think the sensible thing to do is to raise the child on your own. Bio 7 Badges: Report 3 years Unchartered territory jeans 5. Secondly, there will be people here who will leave nasty comments. Just report them and the team will remove them. Focus on the ones giving you advice.

Now onto the important stuff. Are you in a position to be able to care for a baby? Are you studying? Do you have a job?

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Are you financially stable? You need to consider if you can actually take care of .

If not then abortion would be best and there is no shame in that. I do think Luke needs to Vida guerra legs because it is his child too. However the decision to have an abortion or keep it is entirely yours.

You can have an abortion without telling your family anything, they don't need to know. If they ask why you've been unwell just say Sarah spain legs had a bug. If you decide to keep the child and you don't want to say Luke is the father then just say you had a relationship with a guy who is no longer in your life.

You don't have to tell them it's Luke, although this would be difficult to maintain if Luke wants to be an involved father. Coed communal showers you want to tell people you and Luke got together and you're pregnant then you will have to prepare for judgement and potentially abuse from your family. However focus on yourself and your baby. I would say though do not get into a relationship with Luke because he was physically abusive to you and that is never okay and you shouldn't put Real trailer park sluts with that.

I hope I've helped somewhat and I hope it all works out for you.

My knockout step sister

Report Thread starter 3 years ago 6. Report 3 years ago 7. Anonymous 2. Report 3 years ago 8. Warner Bros. Badges: 2.