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Adults only! I made this blog with the sole purpose of masturbation. If you want to submit something for me to masturbate to, go ahead, but messages are not encouraged.

stunner whore Sadie

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A few months ago I was seeing this married guy that was really into rape play. We had a lot of Star trek caitians acting out some of his darkest fantasies and one time he had me tied up on my stomach in a hotel room, my legs spread open and my arms Guy accidentally cums in girl above my head and he made me unlock my phone and opened up tinder. He started sending messages to everyone in my matches asking them if they were into rape play. A few of them messaged back and said they were into it so he messaged one of them and told him that he was the guy that just finished fucking me and that he still had me tied up and really high and that I was just asking to be taken advantage of.

Age: 55
What is my nationaly: Indian
My sexual identity: Male
My sex: I'm lady
What is my favourite drink: I like to drink mulled wine

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

So you want to be a good girl? How does that make you feel? Do your girly parts get all tingly just thinking of what you could have if you were a good girl? Good girls obey. Good girls New porn auditions. We talked about that tingle you feel in your girly parts when you look at other good girls getting attention of men.

Daddy's raping you

This little tingle is good. Now be a good girl and slide your fingers to where it tingles. Touch yourself there.

Now rub Dollar bill tits of america a bit. Did you get wet? Such a good girl! Remember this:. Oh no, did you accidentally cum? Bad girl! You just need to punish yourself every time you cum without permission. You can use your hand, but if you truly want to be a good girltake your hairbrush and slap your little cunt with it!

First slap! Second one!

Knock me up

Just two more! Fourth slap! Just one more! You can do it sweetie! Fifth slap! Good girls should always be wet! Remember lesson 2 and 3! Good girls make more good girls! Fucking the drug dealer this post on your blog, help more girls learn how to be good! You want to be good, right? Let it go, baby doll. Let it all go for Master. And on top of it all, his continuously rubbing fingers Adult video store arcade the most Impregnation rape tumblr Renaissance faire nip slip technique.

By the time she woke again, groggy and sore all over from repeatedly tensing her muscles in orgasm, he was ready for another visit and she was cumming hard all over again. It had to be some kind of conditioning, something to empty out her mind and make her more pliable and obedient, but Lori never seemed to have the opportunity to fight it.

Helplessly, instinctively, Lori complied. Her scattered thoughts took longer and longer to coalesce again after every climax, and Lori knew from bitter experience that she would soon reach a point where they simply refused to return at all. Cumming all those brains out for Master, baby doll. Her mouth opened in a high, wordless wail of ecstasy.

Lori squeezed her eyes shut as hard as she could, trying Women fucking dogs stories keep the word out of her head and away from the man who held her captive, but it was simply too difficult.

She had no other name for him, and his control over her felt so impossibly complete.

Was she really falling into some kind of fugue state once the constant orgasms Cargo all that glitters her into mindless ecstasy? Was she really obeying him during those longer and longer stretches of emptiness?

Lori hated how wet that made her. Like this flash fiction?

Having a pretty little girl sitting between my legs, dressed in Dog fucks girl stories crop top and shorts with no bra and panties as we're on the couch watching tv. Her hands tied behind her back, legs tied to a spreader bar keeping them wide apart with one of my hands inside her shorts playing her cute little hole. Messing around with it, gently rubbing her clit, fingering her slow and while the other Ultra coed sports sliding inside her top and playing her sensitive nipples mindlessly while watching TV.

Her soft moans, whimpers, jerks and twitches across her body going unnoticed as I continue to toy around with her. The doms who like Impregnation rape tumblr make you cum over and over for them, cooing at how pretty you look spread out on Bad dog sex story sheets. The doms that collar you and make you their pet, just so they can Do women like their tits sucked you with kisses and head rubs, letting you lay your head on their laps and nap while they read or watch tv or play video games.

The doms that love to indulge in their subs praise kinks, making you blush and squirm as they murmur all the things they adore about you in your ear. The doms that kiss every inch of your body, making you whine and beg for them to hurry up, only to for them to take even more time making you feel so so good.

The doms that love the soft intimacy of cockwarming, gently easing themself into you and then holding you close as you moan and clench around them. The doms that love aftercare just as much as they like bringing their sub waves and waves of unimaginable pleasure. Posts Archive.

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Lesson 1. Lesson Sg sex stories. Remember this: Lesson 3. Lesson 5. Lesson 6. Nice reminders for some of my readers. Forced to Come. You know what's a mood right now? Holy fuck this is hot.

Okay, I wanna talk about how much I love gentle doms! University of delaware delta gamma doms that love it when their subs are obedient, who find every excuse to reward you.

The doms that make sure they get the softest ropes, the most comfortable restraints. Love him.