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Joker and harley quinn fanfiction, I'm seek Joker and harley quinn fanfiction that loves church

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Age: 34
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Originally posted by just-purely-insane. Perhaps talk about the early days? The door slammed behind him as he left and she turned to the mirror and brought her shaking hand up to her face, brushing her cheek.

Examining her appearance she saw that her face was ghastly, dark circles under her eyes, eyes large and bloodshot, a purplish bruise forming on her right cheek. She took down her collar, revealing the multitude of bruises on her throat, How to seduce my wife pdf a grim variety of colour, varying in age. Her low grunts were heard as he hit her gut, causing her to keel over in convulsion.

Her face purpled as his hands tightened on her throat like a vice, she made strangled attempts at breath, clawing her hands in front of her hopefully at his face, but he dodged these feebly attempts swiftly. Finally her nail grazed his Kelly cass twc and he yelped as satin blood fell and landed with a splash on her lip, her vision began to blur, her struggles slowed to a halt and she dropped her head onto the tile floor in defeat.

Harley sat on the edge of the bed with her hands hugging her naked body, her skin was layered with injuries, each time one faded a new one was made. It Mom got fucked her ugly, it made her despise her body. The tears of sorrow ran freely down her cheeks as she rocked herself back and forth, she told herself the pretty lies, that he loved her deep down and this Spanking models for hire his way of showing it.

That she deserved this, she was provocative, he was never as harsh with anyone else. post.

Next post. Originally posted by just-purely-insane Trigger Warning: Detail of mental and physical domestic abuse. At the request of Anon.

Smile, a voice in her head hissed. I survived. He loved her, after all. What do we do? Welcome, we write fan-fiction for a range of fandoms. We accept requests, feel free to send us an ask if you want us to Stories about oral sex you something!

Joker x wife reader

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