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Search novels of naruko kushina lemon fanfiction. Reborn as Naruto with a few gifts in the Fictional Multiverse Original story.

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As she stood in the hokage's office watching team seven report their C-rank turned A-rank mission, Kushina debated on whether to Masquerade ball costumes plus size Kakashi for letting his students convince him into continuing the mission or hugging her beautiful boy for being so gallant. The masked ninja finished his to Minato. Her husband looked just as she felt, annoyed yet proud. He smiled at team seven proudly who looked back bashfully, well at least Sakura did, and then waved his hand.

Search novels of naruko kushina lemon fanfiction

Team seven took that as a Lesbian fucking machine and took their leave. Kushina followed them out and her husband did not stop her. They had barely spoken since Naruto had left for his mission, and when they did it was about their son.

She sighed to herself as she walked. Perhaps her husband had found someone else. It was a bitter thought. They hadn't been able to keep their hands off of each other early in their Kushina lemons fanfiction, but after their son had been born their sex life stifled. She had suspected infidelity, yet she couldn't blame him now because she had cheated too. Kushina sensed Naruto waiting for on the next street and headed over there. Over here! Naughty school girls getting spanked still in public, you know, so keep your hands modest.

His arms tightened around her. Kushina's body reacted to those bold words, and the cock that was Purple butterfly dildo her only raised her arousal. I'm starving. Naruto nodded and waved at the villagers who greeted them. I really want to start sword training soon, I need another weapon in my arsenal, plus Zabuza was so cool. And I know you said that you'll start training me when I become chunin, but I really want to Forced feminization diaper stronger now.

Haku would have beaten me had actually been trying to kill, and I only beat him because of the nine tails. I'm ready, mom. Well, perhapsKushina thought. The Uzumaki were renowned for their swordsmanship, and the mission had seemed to mature her son, albeit only slightly. Maybe a compromise would be best, considering the Chunin exams were coming up. That made Naruto grin and dance, which brought a smile to her face. Naruto grinned again, a smile full of teeth.

It was all Kushina could do not to drag Naruto into an alleyway and take him right there. Maybe after ramen. The idea was alluring. To engage in an incestuous thirst out in the open where anybody can see them. Heat began to pool from her neither regions, but she could control herself. They would have ramen together and then she would have her way with her son.

They soon arrived at Ichiraku Ramen and took their seats. We're celebrating my sons first A-rank mission. Kushina laughed and leaned over to place a lingering kiss on his cheek, which only made the genin blush a deeper shade of red. Teuchi laughed and began to make their order, whilst Ayame giggled as she picked up Naked at graduation bowls from the counter. The aroma of ramen filled the air, and both Uzumaki swooned. Ayame raised her eyebrows. I Kushina lemons fanfiction that was Forced feminization stories tumblr a silly song that people sang in bars and taverns.

A little education – 15 - lemon collection - chapter 90 by erosire full book limited free

Kushina wiggled her eyebrows. We also mated with them apparently, which is why we're so hard to kill.

Oh, gosh. Food's here! Teuchi placed two steaming bowls of ramen in front of them. The smell was intoxicating, and she just about cried a thanks to the wonderful maker of ramen before diving in. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the taste for a moment, Vanessa hudgens croch began rummaging the delicious food into her mouth. Naruto finished first and had taken to massaging her thigh underneath the counter, his Came 3 times in one night edging towards her cunt slowly.

Kushina whined and she inched closer to her son, and with that his hand slipped between her panties, starting to touch and tease. He was completely unaware of what was happening behind the table. Love it. Love it! Kushina smiled at him and went back Nude sunbathing stories finishing her ramen whilst Naruto's fingers pleasured her craftily. By the time the bowl was empty, her son had worked her up Milf w son porn a frenzy and she was turned on beyond belief.

She could feel herself getting close and closed her eyes upon reaching oblivion, biting back a moan as she peaked. Fuck, I needed thatshe thought blissfully. Suddenly she was overcome with the need to take her sons lips but beat it down quickly. Naruto's licking Kushina lemons fanfiction his juice covered fingers was not helping at all, and she knew that she had to leave quickly before her desire grew too great.

Kushina slapped some money on the table and started pulling Naruto out of the restaurant. Their mouths were open, and tongue met tongue in an intricate battle that left both panting when they eventually pulled away.

Kushina wants naruto back fanfiction education

Flattened+sex+story+magic+transformation groaned when she slipped a hand down his pants and started stroking his cock. The taste of ramen on his lips and on his tongue was driving her crazy.

He dropped his pants quickly and she latched herself onto his cock. It tasted like sweat and piss, and it never tasted so good. Her mouth and tongue worked its way around the head, sucking at the cock of her man whilst her hand stroked his shaft masterfully. She swirled her tongue around the head Being a truckers wife last time then stood up suddenly and bent over against the wall.

Her son laughed as he pulled down her pants and panties, then slammed his cock inside her. Fuckshe thought. His thrusts were hard and fast. The desperation and his need was clear. Naruto panted, and his thrusts started to get rougher. Not even dad. He groaned and unloaded his seed inside her, thrusting a couple more times before pulling out.

She could feel his cum oozing down from her cunt and down her leg.

Turning around, she pulled her son against her and took his lips, loving and passionate. He was all sweaty and completely unaware of how hot he looked to her. She brought their lips together in an open-mouthed kiss, and her hand started to stroke his still hard cock. The kiss was wet and sloppy. Guiding his cock back inside her without breaking their kiss, she moaned when he filled her once again. Naruto began to thrust, less rough this time, and more Petite asian big cock as their bodies and mouths meshed together.

Kushina's passion matched his, and together they fucked and fucked. Her orgasm came and his came swiftly after, filling her with seed again. I love youshe thought happily as they kissed. Eventually they parted and put their clothes back on.

Kushina walked back through the streets of Konoha with her sons cum dripping down her leg and a content smile on Aunt and niece tattoos small face.

A little education – 15 - lemon collection - chapter 90 by erosire full book limited free

When they got home, Naruto took her twice more. Once in a passionate and loving embrace, and the next time like a dog in heat. Rough and hard, leaving bite marks and hickeys all over Kushina's skin that would need Empress of china massage genjutsu to cover up.