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Mixed boxing fanfic, Bbbw lady hunting Mixed boxing fanfic male for dances

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Peering down from the edge of the cliff, Marcus Apted watched six Amazon warriors bathing under Lesbian teacher student relationship water falls. The women, all in their twenties, laughed and splashed and soaped each other. Apted's favorite was a brown haired girl with flawless shoulders and breasts.

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Go to Mixed Boxing Humiliation. Hello everyone. This is a story co-written by myself and a good friend. This is based off a cyberfight we had, and she had the idea Sissy in stockings tumblr turn it into an actual story.

I think it turned out pretty well and very embarrassing for me. If anyone likes this, I can probably convince her to convert a few more of our "fights". Scott Burger was a cocky and chauvinistic year-old. He was a true stud, sporting highly toned and visible muscles along Mixed boxing fanfic a handsome face that drew him a Thats so raven porn of media attention. A week after his championship victory, he was in the process of being photographed for Alley Cat magazine; a new periodical deed for young women.

The magazine covered multiple topics that were of interest to women, and objectified hot athletes who Incest wedding captions believed would give them ratings. Scott had been an immediate target once he won the title and was approached for a rather revealing photo-shoot to take place at a local gymnasium. And knowing that he was indeed hot stuff, Scott readily agreed.

A crowd had gathered for the photo shoot to watch and get a glimpse of the new superstar. The audience was primarily female, although there were also several males in attendance mainly boxing enthusiasts and those that had been dragged out here by their girlfriends. The female photographer wanted him to look sexy for the shoot, so Scott was dressed in nothing but a black patent leather thong which showed off his impressive bulgeblack boxing boots Plain jane lesbians black Spank on the bare gloves.

Scott really enjoyed showing off his body to the photographer and all the females in attendance. He demanded that half of the pictures feature him inside the ring where he shadow-boxed and posed for the photographer. It was during this show that two newcomers entered the gym.

They were both female, both blonde, and both very attractive. Scott immediately took offense to the laughing and joking and stopped his posing to berate the two Black female muscle domination. He and one of the women really got into it and she claimed that his form and stance were all wrong.

You don't know jack shit about fighting.

‘mixed boxing’ stories

So shut your mouth before a When white girls cant even comes along and shuts it for you! My mother has been teaching me. You don't think women can fight? Scott started to laugh. What exactly has she taught you?

How to pull hair and slap someone?

Why don't you two little girls both go home and cook up something in the kitchen. You women are always great at that. That way you can prove who is right and who is wrong. Scott smiled and gave the Naruto black widow lemon fanfiction his trademark cocky glare.

But the woman surprised him. The Khan-urs gauntlet was obviously crazy to get in the ring with him, but if she wanted an early funeral, so be it. And you are? She wore a tight-fitting Pink crop top which clearly revealed her curvy bust and toned midsection.

Her pleated white mini-skirt gave erotic glimpses of her thighs as she moved while her pink stiletto boxing boots drew his attention to her feet. Scott started to get an erection as his eyes slowly trailed up from her sexy boots to her Mixed boxing fanfic face. This is going to be over in seconds. You can barely walk! In fact, I'm going to walk all over you before we're done here. She stood confidently in front of him with her hands on her hips, allowing the photographer to get some pre-match photos.

She watched as Scott grew flushed an the bulge grew in his thong. The owner of the gym stepped into the ring to act as the referee for this impromptu match.

He stood in the middle between the two combatants and officially announced the fight for the audience in the gym. Scott looked at Lacey and tried to shake the arousal from his mind. Scott stared at her body again A hint of her pink thong underneath her miniskirt Long luscious legs He was going to enjoy putting her down for the count. He envisioned the fight: teaching this female a lesson Two hooks, a cross and an uppercut knocked her out! He saw himself stand triumphantly over her with Freudian slip sex stories foot on her shapely breasts.

Then taking her back into the locker room afterwards for a "special private reward". The bell rang to start the match! Scott immediately rushed the blonde, wanting to put her down onto the canvas right away and prove his superiority. The sound of the leather smashing flesh was finally heard as Super-Stud managed to get in some solid shots Boy forced suck stories Lacey's midsection!

Instead she fired back, her gloves penetrating his defenses and returning the shots to his midsection. Not able to comprehend his opponents tenaciousness, Scott refused to back-peddle. They traded a few hard shots with each other Scott scoring with a left cross to Ftm sex stories Mixed boxing fanfic midsection, Lacey with a one-two combo to Scott's face! Scott couldn't stand this.

He wanted the female defeated, humiliated and out of his ring.

Mixed boxing stories

So instead of wearing his opponent down and building up to his uppercut, Scott let loose with it right away. It was an automatic KO punch; he had ended every single one of his fights with it. But Lacey wasn't worn down. She was still fresh and was well aware of the maneuver Scott's uppercut completely missed as Lacey easily sidestepped.

Elf fantasy sex chauvinistic male was left wide open for retaliation. Lacey delivered a perfect left hook to the midsection and followed it up Transvestites in love a pinpoint right hook to the muscle stud's chin! As if he had a glass jaw, Scott spun around and spilled to the ground - flat on his back.

For the first time in his life, he had been knocked loopy! Lacey stood over him, legs apart for perfect balance.

She smiled down at him as he lay there looking at her feet; staring at her pink stiletto boxing boots. Scott couldn't think straight or focus on anything. But K9 slut stories knew what was happening: He getting beaten up by a female! It was completely incomprehensible to him A girl was beating up a strong, manly, muscle-stud!

He had never felt more humiliated or embarrassed in his entire life. The humiliation had completely turned him on and his cock had become rock hard. The referee made Lacey back away to her corner as he started to count. Scott got to his feet by the count of 8, moving slowly as if in a daze. He was now completely erect; his patent leather thong barely concealing his penis as it Sexy female truckers outwards and upwards.

His gloved hands hung limply at his sides as his eyes focused on Lacey once again. The referee ordered the match to continue. With a smile on her lips, Lacey moved out from her Wifes first dog sex and started dancing around Scott. She threw jab after jab, each one hitting Scott's face perfectly as he seemed incapable of blocking her quick attacks.

He took a step back with each punch, unable to get his gloves up to defend himself. The muscle Boys diaper stories desperately tried to retaliate, but failed. He tried putting her down with un-technical roundhouse punches, missing twice as Lacey easily danced around him. His punches left him wide open again, and Lacey delivered multiple hooks and crosses into his body and cheeks.

The next ten seconds was all Lacey as she sent punch after punch into Scott's Mixed boxing fanfic. He was completely out it of, his gloves hanging limply at his sides. Cabin fever 2 nudity was all he could do to keep standing.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl Lacey's perky breasts swaying with the rhythm of her punches; Scott's erect dick bouncing with each punch he took