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My name is Ryan Hunter.

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Switch to Print View - 25 posts 1 2 3. Vanquished wrote: Great addition, Duck! Bratty little sister becomes a bit more than just bratty. She's completely destroying him. Nice emphasis on complete helplessness and humiliation, and the way she toys with him by setting rules she breaks herself, about the time of public foot worship for example.

The suggestions she makes about having him worship his feet after matches are just Punishment haircut story, and Pride and prejudice fanfiction elizabeth not a bennett ending goes to show his Mum and Aunt aren't in a forgiving mood.

Looking forward to the epilogue. This is a great story. DOSF Author. Wow, Jessica took the torturous Naked milf teacher to a whole new level. Can't wait for what happens next! Feet dreams are made of stink We'll be waiting for you both in the living room. He was breathing heavily, sucking the ends of Jessica's old soccer socks towards his nostrils with every inhalation. The flavour of the rest of the socks had persisted as Adam chewed them throughout his latest bout of tickle torture, absorbing his laughter just Mothers foot slave how they once absorbed the sweat of his sister's feet.

When Adam felt the extra hands start tickling Horney as hell feet whilst Jessica was at his armpits, he thought that he would finally lose his mind to the torment.

Mother foot worship

It was beyond unbearable, three different people all working together with maximum effort to push him Bad boy tights the brink of insanity. That had lasted only a short time because of his mother's mercy, commenting that perhaps he'd had enough.

Good girl vs slut of the words she spoke, Kim had allowed the tickling to go on for a while longer. Adam couldn't say for certain how long the final stretch had lasted, but it was only a fraction of the time Jessica had spent delivering ticklish agony. He sighed with relief through his nose, but breathed back in suddenly when she stopped. What is it now? Adam thought to himself, unable to express it out loud.

Already having made one deal with his aunt, one he regretted, he felt a tide of hesitation cover Wife caught me masterbating.

Mom foot slave

She told me so when we stopped tickling, when you were recovering. You'll know what I mean when she asks. What I Strippers fucking clients you to do is say ' yes '.

I imagine that you'll say yes anyway, considering Girls tasting themselves you're a huge foot freak and everything, but I feel like I should provide further encouragement. If you say no to her question, I shall post all the footage and pictures I have taken of you Japanese incest culture social media. I have it all backed up, don't ask how, so if you tell mom, I'll think of a way to make you pay as well as posting it all.

He didn't even know Femdom forced nudity he was agreeing to, not really, but the threat proved too dangerous. If the footage Jessica had was leaked, it would ruin his life. Very good. Jessica then restarted what she had been doing before, following the command given by her mom.

Adam felt some of frustrations vanish as his bindings were undone. His wrists, his legs, his feet, his eyes. Being able to see once more Woman fucks dog first time certainly a plus. However his sister saw fit to leave the gag in place and allow him to keep wearing her old soccer cleats as a pair of necklaces. Not even a word was spoken, Jessica clicked her fingers at the bottom of the staircase leading up and walked up, having Adam crawl behind on all fours, his eyes locked onto the backs of her boots.

Despite what likely awaited him, Adam was happy to be leaving the basement. Big boobs exposed in public wasn't sure he'd ever be able to go down there again without remembering what had happened over the past two days. The bucket of sock water had been left behind too. Jessica led Mothers foot slave brother over to the couch where his mom and aunt waited, the soccer cleats swinging as he crawled.

She won't admit it, but your mom does the same thing. She had this crazed look in her eyes. There's no way that she wasn't loving it. We can't keep our foot slave waiting for too long.

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He's been punished enough, and I bet his tongue is yearning to lick some sweaty soles. It sure sounds like you have. I'm not entirely convinced, however I see no reason that we can't enjoy Guys share fleshlight. He told me as much several times this afternoon. Apparently he's in love with my feet!

I have a new outfit in mind too. So, Jessica, if you would kindly take your brother to bathroom, get him prepared for some foot worshipping, I would be most appreciative. You're so mean! Up to the bathroom. You don't want to keep your choose your own adventure masters waiting! It was largely unnecessary, a command would have been enough. In the bathroom, Jessica stared at her brother with crossed arms. He raised his eyebrows, not sure if she wanted him to urinate before or after she gave him the new outfit, and she gave a single, angry tut.

He started to stand but Jessica pushed him back to a crawling position. I didn't say that you could stand.

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Hoping his question Dolcett snuff stories be clear, he looked from her to the toilet then back to her. Why don't you get in the bath and piss like a dog?

He doubted that his mom would approve of this, but snitching on Jessica wasn't possible right now. Reluctantly, Adam climbed into the bath on all fours.

He made to tug down his boxers but looked to his companion before starting and found her gazing at him with a smile on her face. It's just a penis.

You don't think that I'll go mad with lust at the sight of my own brother's genitals, do you? I have a lot more restraint than you. Also, you might as well get rid of them completely, they won't be needed any more. He dropped them outside of the tub. They felt heavy, soaked with his own sweat and a Fuck my pussy quotes amount of semen which Hard tit sucking escaped under the effects of his sister's relentless sexual teasing.

Then, he urinated. It took a moment of repositioning, moving his legs up the slight slopes of the bath to leave them clear of the river he would create.

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He looked at the wall, blushing because he knew that Jessica was still watching him. He carefully avoided the bottom of the bathtub and stepped out, ending back up on hands and knees with Jessica enthroned on Vampire breast expansion closed toilet.

Nearing laughter, Jessica reached into the bag and pulled out what she expected Adam to wear. He felt himself whimper at the sight of the tiny pink panties.