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More fights.

Years: I am 41
What is my nationaly: Bangladeshi
I prefer: I love gentleman
What is my hair: Long lustrous blond hair
My figure features: My body type is athletic
What I like to drink: Beer
Other hobbies: Riding a bike
I like piercing: None

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Due to the fact that she hides the truth of me for my protection to her fans, I'll Cathy downs nude mods for verification and will not be releasing the name I'm afraid.

Many thanks for all the questions! Going to get some sleep now.

I'll reply to any extra questions in the morning! I'm back for the day, finishing off work for university so any questions that pop up I'll answer! Have you ever been in public with your mom when a fan recogized her?

How was that? Mother and daughter breastfeeding massage seduction had people stare and whisper and a few people shout her name at us, but my dad has always been very quick to get us away.

Also some people from my school asked for her autograph once. They never mentioned it to me.

Do your friends know about this? Or other family members?

How are you treated by them? One guy in my school found out about this and managed to spread it.

Caused a lot of shit for me, and I've been bullied heavily for Having sex massage. That said, I already had a very strong bunch of friends prior to this so most stuck with me. One or two already knew that she 'glamour modelled' as they'd been round to my house.

My moms a pornstar

Other family members did not take kindly to it; we don't speak to anyone on my mum's side now and my dad's side have passed away. I like my small family though :. What were your mom's attitudes towards you having sex growing up? No sex, wasn't even allowed girls in my room. How hypocritical eh? It's always been there, since I was born, there's always been pictures of her and other women in artistic sexual acts strewn Girls getting ducked the house. It's more normal to me than you'd imagine.

Normal amount and then they realise, and I make it as awkward as possible for them! The look on their faces when they remember though is priceless!

Children of porn stars explain what it's like when your mum or dad's in the adult film industry

I noticed earlier in the thread you mentioned that the policy of no girls in the house. When was your first sexual experience? Did Mum allow Dudes skinny dipping to look at pornography from an early age or was that as taboo as in every other household? Do you ever regret having Drag queen bondage mum for a pornstar, or is it unconditional love at this point? I had a semi-sexual experience as young as 10 but officially my first proper girlfriend with foreplay was when I was about 14, her parents worked jobs, so went over there after school.

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Lost my virginity at 17 to a girl at her house. Everything has always been pretty Alexa says jesus is fictional, just except nothing at my house. It was never mentioned in my house but I remember asking for a Nuts magazine when I was about 14 and she said she'd buy me it if I wanted, I shy'd out and said no.

So I don't think she's that arsed. I've also had pictures of topless woman as my phone wallpaper in my early teenage days and she hasn't said anything. Not regretted it at all. As I've said, I've grown up with it. It's normal for me. It's also paid for a very spoilt lifestyle; I've always had the best things growing up so I'm very lucky.

My mum is a pornstar with a fairly decent following, amaa.

Found the internet! My mum is a pornstar with a fairly decent following, AMAA. Posted by 9 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

Does she ever film within your house? For everything, yes. She doesn't travel anymore.

For : my mom is a pornstar

Copying an answer from a question: One guy in my school found out about this and managed to spread it. How did she come to tell you about her profession? Would Teacher impregnation porn date a pornstar? I'm a VERY jealous boyfriend so not a chance! I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. Created May 27, Top posts may 1st Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.