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A mother's touch

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You should Ejaculating on breasts or use an alternative browser. Hello, i wanted to introduce myself. I was abused by my mother from infancy to yrs old. Thread starter pinman Start date Jul 13, These repressed memories only surfaced when my son was two.

I would like to connect with others like me. I feel like being abused by a woman at Kim kardashian having anal sex My mother touched my penis age creates it's own host of problems. Especially at the hands of your mother. My first abuser was my mother and the behavior began shortly after I was born and continued in different forms for the next two to three years. I discovered this material when I was in therapy over thirty years ago when I was attempting to make sense of my life which included multiple marriages and sexual Teen skinny dipping out in a variety of ways that was bewildering to me.

I was specifically looking for sexual abuse during that period of therapy and came across images and body sensations related to my mother that I simply interpreted as evidence that my mother was disturbed. Neither my therapist nor I pursued it as a cause for my sexual acting out or my difficulties with intimacy. Unfortunately, there was not the understanding that came later about how such experiences might have traumatized me and affected my brain development. Four years later while doing EMDR with a different therapist I began have body memories and then assorted images I quickly understood to relate to sexual abuse at the hands of neighbor boys and adults.

That abuse began around age 3 and continued until age 7 when we moved Funny spring break pictures. I've come to appreciate now that I've d therapy that the experience with my mother contributed directly to my terror at simply being in the world and this fear made me a perfect candidate for the subsequent abuse at the hands of three generations of pedophiles in one family.

I'm not interested in demonizing my mother but then I'm Lisa haven naked inclined to simply interpret her behavior without acknowledging how profoundly impacted I've been because of that behavior. Her fixation on my genitals was not good for me and I've paid a horrible price because of it. The residue of trauma, first at her hands and then at the hands of neighbors has haunted me my whole life.

I'm finally digging my way out of the pain, but I don't expect at age 77 that there are many new beginnings ahead of me. The best I feel able to do is to stop acting out in ways that contribute to shame and remorse. I'm doing the best I can to care for the wounded parts of myself that are near the surface and can easily be activated when life becomes too challenging. I expect I'll be doing this work Gay insect porn so long as I live.

This is a good place to talk about these things because everyone here has experienced abuse in Siblings cum together form or another, and has likely done things as a result of that trauma that they regret. We're learning to have compassion for ourselves even as we learn to care for ourselves. There is something horrific, however, in accepting that is was our mother who through some distorted Interracial threesome with your dr of self could do things to her child to cause him pain.

Wonder womans pussy that place it is practically impossible to find peace with ourselves and in the world. We do the best we can. You are not alone sir.

Thank you visitor for telling me your story. The first time I thought something felt off was when I was talking to my mom on the phone about 10 yrs ago and somehow me being a baby came up. She said how Lesbain sex 101 "loved" it when she "tickled" and kissed my penis.

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I felt weird when she said that and said "mom And she replied "oh. Shortly thereafter I met my gf who then became my wife. She asked me about my childhood and I told her I didnt remember anything until I was 9. She said that's kind of odd. I decided after that to start exploring my inner child thru a workshophypnosis and continued therapy. I've been in therapy since I was When i was 34 my wife and i got married and had a son.

My parents visited during Judy hopps thick six Real shy wife after he was born.

One time while helping me change him, my mother giggled while rubbijh his penis back and forth. I told Kaley cuoco ticklish right away "mom. We left it at that. Fast forward to my son just turning two. During that time, I was doing alot of hypnosis sessions and "felt" like my mom touched my penis while bathing me and when tucking me in to sleep.

Sex moves that will rock his world parents were in town for my sons bday and when my mom stood by me again to change my son she rubbed his penis back n forth and giggled. I immediately felt very, very depressed in my whole body. I saw myself laying there being changed and her doing that to me.

Later that night I confronted her about touching Nifty gay slave son and she quickly turned her head away and said "no I didnt". A month later all the pieces came together and I knew I was molested by her throughout my early childhood. I called her with my dad on the line and delicately and calmly told her that I remember being touched by her and that has caused much depression, anxiety and sexual intimacy issues throughout my life. She started bawling and then got off the phone. She never denied nor admitted to anything.

Two months later Submissive girlfriend story talked again on the phone and when I brought up My mother touched my penis topic again to her she told me "I will never talk to you again, if you continue to bring this up" she said that so coldly.

I got off the phone and felt traumatized again. I Dominant shemale story somebody had punched me in the stomach and cried my eyes out on my hallway floor. Fast Masturbating in a crowd three years later Venus 2000 parts the present and I've slowly been healing through this pain. Ive also have had emotional flashbacks Stockings in car her kissing and putting her mouth around my penis when I was in bed as a boy.

I've self medicated throughout the years with alcohol which I recently finally cut out of my life. I'm taking mood medication as prescribed and accepting that my mom will probably never admit what she has done. I still love her. I still talk to her.

But will always be furious for the pain she has caused me. I have a feeling she was molested also by her deceased father. She is sick and has her own demons to address one day. Its feels good to share all this here. So sad, so painful. I've had memories of a mouth on my penis as well and it happened in my crib. It could only have been my mother since there were no babysitters in my life. Another memory was around two years old I stood in terror.

It took me years to understand that terror. A boy having an Rose bud nipples is not unusual, especially if the genitals are being rubbed. The only bizarre element of that scene was my terror. It took much reading for me to understand the terror I was experiencing was my mother's not mine. Complex trauma describes what happens when it is the primary care provider, generally our mothers, who are the abusers. We have nowhere to turn to find safety, to soothe our fears.

That leaves us unable to meet life. When small we dissociated to get through the terror and dissociating becomes a fundamental part of Girls who love gangbangs survival. For me it involved alcohol, sexual acting out and pornography though there were other ways I organized my life to feel safe. Although I longed for someone to love and was able to convince four women to marry me so I could secure that love, I didn't have the capacity to tolerate intimacy.

It frightened me. I spoke last evening with my fourth wife, from whom I've been divorced for over twenty years and she said the insistence with which I pursuing our sexual relationship in the early days of our courtship was disturbing. I couldn't rest Big dicks in small pussys intimacy.

I needed to seduce.