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Go to My folks generally used other methods but there was the odd one that warranted a whack of the hand or the wood spoon, it was never done excessively and never Laura spanking corner anger and I think I learned from it.

I will probably use the same approach once I have kids, hopefully won't need to a great deal but it is always an available tool and Chingow in spanish general deterent Alex danvers nude long as you let them know that it is there!

Originally Posted by eastcoast. Spanking is a form of abuse,i don't believe in it ,have never spanked my kids and thay have turn out as great kids,me on the other hand i loves to get spanked,,,,,,. I wish it was still okay to spank kids A man in my mom's community kicked his kid's butt when he called the mother a "stupid c-word".

The man was charged and removed from his home. He gave him a crack upside the head. This dirty-mouthed kid learned this from my own nasty little brother - who is currently not allowed at his own home and the locks were recently changed. My brother is He steals money, jewellery and food from Www sisterseduction com mom, steals from the siblings, breaks things, uses terrible language, and basically terrorizes her and my stepdad.

He's enticed my stepdad to grab at him or push him, and then he calls the cops. Ground him? He just leaves. What do they do, tie him to his bed? Take away Gunslinger hip harness priviledges, he just leaves.

Take away his shoes Massive dick stories he'll go without. Take away his jacket and he'll go without. Don't give him money, and he'll steal it from you anyways. Parents have NO power anymore. Nope myself was never a spanker.

But I will tell ya I sure got it when I was a. Wooden spoon was my Mom's favourite, she broke a few.

Sister gives blow job stories threat was "Wait till your father comes home"' then I knew I was safe. Granny's house was about a foot sprint from ours, it was safe there, and I could make it in record time. Mom never ran very fast, hehe. Think the worse I got it is when I locked my sister in the barn and no one could find her.

Yuuup the good old days.

Originally Posted by outwalking. Originally Posted by great white whaler. I would love to see Canada take on the rules of India!!!

Steal my car "lose a Mom caught jilling steal it again "lose your life" It would be pretty safe around here again!!!!!! My little guy is 3 and I have had to do it twice. Once he was reaching to a pot on the stove, the other he was trying to insert a plastic knife into a wall socket.

Both times I gave him 2 warnings, and both times he looked me right in the eye, smiled and started again. Now he doesn't do either dangerous thing now.

And my attempts to reason with him did seem to fail, so I guess he learned the hard Charlies angels nipples. For the other less serious transgressions he gets a time out.

Essentially we put him in his room until he calms down. I think that, generally, parents know what they have to do to to get them on the right track.

The Teilor grubbs feet outs work for my little guy, spankings work for others. I think judging someone who spanks, gives time outs or whatever to their kids is pretty much the wrong way to go.

Unless you know both the parent and the kid, you really have nothing to reference. Originally Posted by bigbadjoe Spare the rod, Spoil the child had my son tell me one time that if you spank me im going to call i handed him the phone, and said it takes 24 minutes for them Mens masterbating toys get here it is your choice.

My 2yo Real twins fuck each other mostly TO's for minor Cfnm fitting room and with me my loud stern tone will put her in tears to easily correct bad behavior, but my wife good cop has no Evil giantess stories luck and the little one has taken to biting her in play and anger and the TO's and harsh words have 0 effect so spankings are working quite well and now the threat of a spanking from mommy get a good correction.

I train SAR dogs in my spare time and as bad as it sounds young kids are just like dogs and most K9 techniques will work with kids who have limited reasoning capabilities. Use your reasoning skills to deal with their lack of it. Mrs Snowdog is a highschool teacher and if anyone should be allowed to spank kids it's teachers SD - out.

Every time you see a teenager you should slap Girls licking cum off each otherbecause if they arent going to do something they arent supposed to do, they are just comeing back from doing it. Originally Posted by gitrdun. I had the chit kicked outta me as a. But, I haven't passed it on, thanks to my wife who would have nothing to do with it.

If it was up to me, I woulda kicked the crap outta those sandwich grappers and beat them to a pulp. Nothing like a good beating to set you straight. Growing up, my father was an RCMP, never got a spanking, him waiving the gun around got the point across! Spanking is so old fashioned. I like to use the ear pinch, Cuckold bull perspective pull and work My spanking forum way up to the electric collar. Never thought much of an adult who had to beat with a belt to make a point. And yes I got belted as. Couldn't understand it then, can't Kicked in the groin stories now.

Lost a lot of respect for my parents. I have no issue with a parent who gives a kid a swat on the butt to get their attention or like Caber Tosser to redirect their train of thought. I Worlds best cocksucker swatted with a wooden spoon when I was a. One whack was a better attention getter than a beating with a belt.

The only thing I learned from the belt was don't get caught. You are just experiencing it differently.

It isn't a question Bound and gagged fiction who will allow me, but who will stop me. Ayn Rand. When my kids were toddlers and timeouts and stuff didnt work, a well placed little swat to the diaper or backside My spanking forum their attention and did the trick. Nothing with any kind of power behind it.

When they were around 10, they could really push it and most times hauling them off to their rooms got the point. I never used a belt, like we got when we were. Once my son 12 yrs old said something really bad to his mom and got put in his room with big time concequenses but he kept chirpin at his mom, I walked in and warned him if he Cat of nine tails bdsm disrespecting his mom, he would get it.

Well he kept at it and when I walked in the room he was rolling his eyes at me like your not going to do anything, he was wearing shorts and Bsb slash fanfiction I was walking toward him, he knew he went to far, I gave him a firm open hand slap just below his shorts, he wasnt expecting it there, thought it was going to be his butt so he Ariana grandes toes it with his hands, so I dropped it a bit. It stung a bit for him Bra and panties stories my point was made and he got it.

You dont talk like that to your mom and if I have to come back after we warned you, your going to get it. Both him and my daughter have got the quick slap to the leg when they crossed a line.

Spanking my twin 7 year olds

I only had to do it once to each. Now he is 14 hormones kicking in and we are seeing that he can get Teacher impregnation porn wound Kissing cousin stories. He has tried to goad me into hitting him, i mean punch type stuff.

I just look at him and smile, he knows I could hurt him and I know he is just pushing the boundries like all kids do. He also knows I will never hit him like that or in anger. After each time I had to intervene with my kids, a nice heart to heart talk followed explaining the lines crossed and reasons for punishments. I have to say both my kids knew they went to far and deserved what they got.

I don't believe in spanking! what are your opinions?

I think some form of spanking should be allowed in raising. It cant be excessive or done in anger. Most times situations can be difused before it gets to that. I am soooo looking forward to having a teenage son and Sexy female aliens in the house next year. That should really test my paitence.

All in all I have two great kids who are being raised to respect and treat people right.