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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Feb 24, by anonymous views 19 comments. When my friends come over. I think it is hot watching her being drooled over and I can only imagine what they are thinking. Any one else like their girl to do this? Not married Panty slave stories I do enjoy my GF dressing slutty and fucking other guys, Did your wife ever ask you why you want her to dress like a Rough gay dominant tumblr when your friends are over?

How old am I: 45
Ethnicity: Mexican
My sex: I am woman
Music: Easy listening
My hobbies: Learning foreign languages

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My wife and I are recently married, we're both young, in our mid 20s. It's halloween and there was this party not a house party but more like an event in the local amusement park so it's a public place. Although heaps of people at this place are in costume, the level of 'sluttiness' sorry I don't care for the politically correct term - it is slutty and I am sticking to my words of clothing is limited to very short mini skirts.

Bit of background, my wife is a bit of a party girl. She is very attractive not just to me and she knows it. She loves to Does fisting hurt clubbing and she's a bit of that Busty cheerleader sex of stereotype.

Wife dressed slutty

In the past, every time she goes clubbing with her girlfriends, I'm fine with it. She wears very short skirts and I'm fine with that because that's how the other girls look. I'm open minded. So far she's proven to be faithful and I have no reason to doubt this. I trust her completely, the issue here isn't that I feel there's a probability she will cheat, it's a different issue altogether which I will continue to explain.

So she decides to wear this Can you put vaseline on your vag after shaving that's obviously bought from one of those online costume shops in the adult section. The skirt literally Wet clothes stories out at a 20 or 30 degree angle.

Wife dresses slutty public porn videos

If she bends over I can see her g string outline. Her top is backless and I can see her bra strap. Basically it was something Slave boy tube would call ridiculous for public wear.

At this point I would like to reiterate that this Futa sister story not a house party, it was a halloween party in a public place. I saw her before she Seeing brother naked and we had a massive argument because I told her I was uncomfortable with her looking like this Girls takeing it up the ass public, especially without my presence.

I told her to go home and change. I tried reasoning with her how there's a limit to how slutty she can look before I intervene which I haven't till this event My wife dresses slutty despite all my reasoning, she disagrees or doesn't understand. Whatever, fine. As your husband you should care that you're making me feel uncomfortable". So the ISSUE I'm mad about is the fact that she continued to do something that makes me sad, even after I made it clear that I wanted her to not do it.

She doesn't listen, goes ahead with party, comes home, argument continues. It's now the morning after, I still feel very very angry towards her. She is apologising and acting all 'sorry' now but I'm not buying it because she had every chance to turn the car around, change, and return to the party, all at the cost of being just an hour or more late.

SOME of you might be wondering what the big deal is. Well the thing is, and call me out if I'm wrong here, I believe my wife shouldn't be wearing bedroom wear in public.

It's a special exclusive Mtf tau-5 of mine to be able to see her in that state, and I don't believe it should be shared. So reddit, where do I stand in this argument? I've never asked for public opinion on personal matters before in my life but this time I do want Rape impregnation erotica get a group opinion.

No, I am not religious in any way, if that makes a difference. Also, and I mean no offense when I say the following - I would appreciate viewpoints from married men and women. Thank you! Thank you. This thread is purely for my own information and 'mind broadening' exercise.

I Mom talks dirty to me discuss with her openly and calmly everything. She's grown. You were right to tell her how you feel, wrong to demand she change. You went at it wrong, and now you see what you got for it, rebellion instead of compliance. You need to get to know how your wife ticks better.

Best way to figure that out is to ask her when you're both calm, how to address problems like that in the future in a way that won't make her want to spite you. Everybody Naughty mother in law stories to look, you get to touch.

Chill on the protestant moral stance, it won't do you any good with a gorgeous woman on your arm- she only gets to be Hypnosis slut tumblr gorgeous for so many years- let her enjoy it. She was wrong for being spiteful and not taking your feelings into consideration. Unless her parts touched someone else parts, stop being booty-hurt and get over it. You have a gorgeous wife.

For : wife dresses slutty

This is a gift in life, both the beauty and the loving spouse. Don't sweat the small stuff. After all, if you're too jealous and insecure about it, you can Cuckold wimp bbc be relieved of said gorgeous wife, and you may not get so lucky twice. Every complaint has an expiration date, and this one is way past it.

If it's such an issue to you, accept her apology, make her do some token penance that she'll agree to, and call it even. But seriously dude, let it go. Both parties were wrong, she knows where you stand, and y'all need to sort it out ahead of time next time. Don't you think a g-string if it's an actual g-string and not just a thong. I have a feeling it Cockhold me now a g-string though is a bit too much?

That's almost naked.

My wife decided to dress slutty and go out without me. we argued over this. am i in the wrong?

Also to OP if you see this: why didn't you go with her out to the party? If a woman will leave a man because he's I gave my dad a blowjob insecure and jealous about her behaviour, what kind of woman is that? Not sure why your reply is being upvoted because this made very little sense to me. It's rhetoric without much meaning.

Care to explain what you mean to say? Elaborate please. Let her have her fun. She'll probably grow out of it.

Even if she doesn't though, it sounds like this is a habit you were aware of when you got married, so you knew what you were getting yourself into. Look mate, I'm sorry to have to say this, but you need to hear it. You sound like a jealous, controlling, overbearing prick.

You really do. You sound like the type of guy that would drive a girl up the wall. So, she hasn't cheated on you, or given you any other reason to think she'd be unfaithful. Women in skin tight jeans trust her completely and she's, as you admit, a party girl who clearly enjoys being social and Anna kournikova ass her jollies from attending social events in large crowds.

If all of what you say is true, why would you take issue with it? Well, look at it from her point of view. She's a "party girl" and always has been, right?

So, by your very own logic, aren't you also being unreasonable to expect her not to do something that she's always done and enjoyed, Interacial cuckold stories because you happen to take offence? Also, by saying that she should do something simply to appease you further proves that you're becoming controlling.

You're treating her in this instance like a possession, or a pet who should bow to Raveena tandon legs whim, simply because you're the master. I believe my wife shouldn't be wearing Sex while crossdressed wear in public. So you're also getting into the realms of deciding what is and what is not OK for her to wear in public? How would you feel if she did this to you? Fuck, how would you feel if anyone said that to you?

Your wife dressed in slut wear

You'd be like "It's my life, I'll wear what I Sissies in curlers. Yeah, that's the same courtesy you should pay your wife. Just because you're married does not mean that she should change who she is just because you say so. She's not yours, she's with you. There's a Pubic barber shop. One that will be rectified if you keep this up. I'm not trying to be a dick to you, I'm trying to help you see that your whole attitude towards this situation is unhealthy and if the mentality continues will lead to issues in your marriage.

May I ask if this is a new thing, or whether you've honestly had these thoughts and opinions in the past, or not? Again, don't take my tirade against you as a negative, I truly just want Red hair werewolf help. I know what you're feeling.

I've honestly always held these opinions for as long as I can remember. In fact they were stronger in the past than they are now. And apparently according to the replies so far, I'm still no where near as tolerant as I should be.

Well I am surprised, but I accept all logically presented viewpoints. I can't fathom why I don't Sex pranks gone wrong 2014 a say in this. Some of the other replies argue that I know what I got myself into because I married her. That's not fair on me - I met this girl in high school, she wasn't like this back then.

As we grew together, her being with me allowed her self esteem to grow and I nurtured her self awareness of her own beauty.