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My age: I am 40
Hair color: Short wavy gray hair
My Sign of the zodiac: My Zodiac sign Pisces
What is my figure features: My figure type is quite plump
What is my hobbies: Diving

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The summer was hot, very hot.

In fact at times it was Shrinking brother story hot that wandering round the house naked was the only solution. I hadn't lived in my new house long but the street I now lived on seemed OK. My garden was majorly overlooked and despite not minding laying out naked in the garden I wasn't going to risk it until I knew what my neighbours were like.

On one side lived a couple in their early 60's, their fence was quite high Erotic little sister stories they didn't really have any windows that overlooked my garden.

What the neighbour saw

They did however, have a gate that gave them access to my garden. On the other side were a couple in their mid Udaluravu kathai tamil. They had two children and a lower fence and windows that could clearly see in my garden.

He worked for a power company and she worked at a school. In the short time I'd been in my house I'd spoken to her on a of occasions when she'd walked past. She was a strawberry blonde with a dirty laugh Erotic mixed boxing stories deep, brown eyes. I'm not sure what I had gone into my office for but as I did I glanced out of my window. Now, as I've said, the younger couple had windows that over looked my house and as a consequence some of mine looked into their garden.

I'd forgotten that my blind was Spanking your spouse and as I strolled into the office naked I caught a glimpse of my neighbour lying on a sunbed. Nothing odd in that, other than she was completely naked.

I stopped and must admit that I starred for what seemed like an age. She was facing at an angle so I could see her side on.

She had quite pudgy boobs with small nipples and her mound was covered in a thin covering of strawberry blonde hair. She was laying flat on her back and was staring straight up at the sun. I imagined running my fingers over her body and feeling her nipples between my fingers.

Before I knew it I could feel my cock swelling and my Woman to mermaid transformation tightening. Thinking she couldn't see me I started to rub my shaft, slowly, imagining her wanking my cock.

Soon, my slow motions had speeded up and I was standing with my legs apart, really rubbing my cock hard. I suddenly felt my cock twitch and my cum jet out onto the laminate floor. A pool of hot, sticky cum.

Naked neighbor showing off the window porn videos

My only wish was that it had been over my neighbours boobs. I hadn't been out of the shower long when there was a knock on the front door.

I walked down the stairs in a t-shirt and shorts and opened it. To my surprise it was my neighbour, now dressed in a bikini over which she had thin silk robe.

Don't think I didn't see you because I did. To be honest, I didn't know what to say. I didn't think she'd seen me, but thinking back, when I'd cum I looked down and she must have looked up. Ah well, caught red handed I suppose. Looking at her I wasn't sure whether she was actually angry. She had her sunglasses on so I couldn't see what her eyes were like. Suddenly, a smile started to emerge on her face. She Kik rp groups started to laugh and said "if you could only see your face.

I started to smile and she said "lock your door and come round, hubby is at work and the boys are at school. I walked round the corner and into her back yard. Before I knew it she had ditched the robe and bikini and Small penis erotica naked in front of me.

Naked neighbor porn

I could feel my cock starting to swell again. Aware that my cock was standing to attention. She came back and suddenly stood over me. Before I knew it she had taken hold of my cock and Frat parties gone wrong sliding it into her already wet pussy as she lowered herself onto me.

I just grinned as she started to slowly grind her pussy up and down on my thick, erect cock.

Trust me, you'd love to see me nude

Her small nipples were erect and I watched as her boobs bounced up and down. I could see Udaluravu kathai tamil cock sliding in and out of her as she moved up and down.

As she became wetter and wetter I could see her juices on Mom mind controlled shaft, glistening in the sun. She started to rub her clit with her fingers and was moaning as she moved up and down in an almost hypnotic way.

I was entranced by her boobs as they bounced, wishing I could just touch them or suck her nipples. She was content for me to lie back and enjoy the ride.

For : naked neighbor caught

As the hot sun beat down on us, I could feel her pussy Cuckold dad tumblr and then my cock begin to twitch before suddenly she moaned out loud as she came and I shot my hot cum deep into her pussy. Feeling my cock go limp she climbed off and walked inside. I sat up and she Erotic swapping stories out and said "You better go now, the boys will be hone soon from school.

I got dressed and walked to the gate, "don't go staring out of the window again" she said.

Letting my neighbors see me naked

Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! What the Neighbour Saw Story Info. Share this Story. Font Size Default Font Size. Default Font Spacing. Default Font Face. Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. Moving away from the window I cleaned up and then went for a shower. She smiled and said "Good. She sat down, with my cock still inside her and smile at me. Please rate this story.

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