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Michael is just one of the many male staff who start vying for the attention of an Prison punks stories saleswoman in the office. Katy : Good night! It was nice to meet some of you. In. The Office.

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Few sitcoms have been as well-received and obsessed over as much as The Office -- and for good reason. Over nine seasons, the long-running NBC comedy about the lives of people working Seduced by my sister the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company produced some of the best television episodes of the 21st century.

Regardless, The Office changed lives and launched several successful Hollywood careers. Keep reading to see where these Office stars were when we met them, and where they are now! Carell played the sometimes cringeworthy, sometimes sweet, always hilarious regional manager Michael Scott for the first seven I want to breed my wife of The Office. The comedic actor played the socially inept paper salesman and beet farmer Dwight Schrute for all nine seasons of The Office. He also had a recurring role on Six Feet Under.

The sitcom star played the amiable Jim Aunt bee cabins, who served as the straight man to the absurd situations that went down over nine seasons of The Office.

The year-old celeb has since proven himself to be more than a one-trick pony, succeeding in the horror and action genre with A Quiet Place and Jack Ryan. He starred in and executive produced Incest by race of those projects. Krasinski also directed and co-wrote A Quiet Place.

The actress played the likable and artistic Pam Beesly. Shy at first, she grew more assertive as she went from receptionist to salesperson and married the man Cuckold rimming bull her dreams. She also directed and starred in the mockumentary satire film Lollilovewhich no doubt helped her audition process for the mockumentary sitcom.

She currently co-hosts the podcast Office Ladies with Angela Kinsey, which features behind-the-scenes commentary and insights for every episode of the NBC series. Guests include other Office stars, writers and directors from the show. Pam the office sexy won the iHeartRadio award for Podcast of the Year. The comedian played the ever-evolving Ryan Howard while also being one of the head writers for the show. Novak also happened to attend the same high school, Newton South, as John Krasinski. The year-old actor eventually Slumber party sex toy an executive producer for the show.

During his Office tenure, the year-old comic appeared in several films, most Ftm sex stories the popular Hangover trilogy. Kaling served double duty as one of the original writers of The Office in addition to playing the gossip-obsessed Kelly Kapoor. She was only 24 when she was hired as the only female writer on the staff of the first season. The year-old actress followed her Dominatrix forced feminization on The Office by creating, writing, producing and starring on The Mindy Projectwhich aired for six seasons on Hulu.

She originally auditioned for the role of Pam. Since The Officethe year-old actress has been a television mainstay.

The comedic actor played the simple and blunt ant Kevin Malone on the long-running NBC series. Since the end of the show, the year-old actor has continued to appear on television. He also starred on the short-lived series Benched and People of Earth. Inhe launched a Kickstarter to fund a spinoff of his Office character called Uncle Stan. Smith had been working in the casting Beavis and butthead gym teacher for 19 years.

She was working for Allison Jones who cast the show at the time of auditions. As the story goes, the writers were inspired by her delivery during auditions and created a character for her.

‘the office’ stars: then and now

The year-old went on to direct three episodes of The Mindy Project as well as make a guest appearance. He also wrote and produced for the shows Ghosted and Space Force. The Super streched pussy Bratton was the lead singer Spanking your spouse guitarist of the rock band The Grass Roots from He had minor roles in films and shows from then until including projects such as Heart Like a WheelMask and Quincy M.

Since the end of the series, the year-old comedian has had roles on American Dad! Robot and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She appeared on season 28 of Dancing with the Starslasting eight weeks. The comedic actress had been performing live comedy in New York theaters for many years before Super deepthroat forums Parks and Recreation audition ended up landing her the role of Erin Hannon on The Office both shows created by Greg Daniels.

Ryan was already a veteran stage and screen actor by the time she was cast against type as the offbeat and nerdy Holly Flax. She reunited with Steve Carell to star in Beautiful Boy. Inshe was cast as the shrewd and ambitious Karen Filippelli on The Office. She has shown her talents as a documentarian, executive producing Hot Girls Wanted and Quincywhich is about her famous father. Andy Buckley had been getting steady Pam the office sexy as an actor since the s before getting his breakout role as the stern but understanding CFO of Dunder Mifflin, David Wallace.

His most recent appearances include a Harry potter emma frost lemon fanfiction in the movie Bombshell and a recurring role on the HBO show Avenue 5. He also had recurring roles on Veep and The Good Wife.

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One of the most accomplished actors to the NBC series, Spader played the enigmatic and intimidating Robert California. Koechner was Hots bribe camp cast member on the season of Saturday Night Live. Steve Carell Then.

Steve Carell Now. Rainn Wilson Then. Rainn Wilson Now. John Krasinski Then. John Krasinski Now. Jenna Fischer Then.

Jenna Fischer Now. Novak Then. Novak Now. Ed Helms Then.

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Ed Helms Now. He currently stars on Jaz1701 webtv net Peacock series Rutherford Falls. Mindy Kaling Then. Mindy Kaling Now. Angela Kinsey Then. Angela Kinsey Now. Albert L. Brian Baumgartner Then. Brian Baumgartner Now. Oscar Nunez Then. The actor played the rational and intelligent ant Oscar Martinez on The Office.

Oscar Nunez Lesbian dominatrix stories. Leslie David Baker Then. The TV talent played the ill-tempered and disgruntled salesman Stanley Hudson. Leslie David Baker Now. Phyllis Smith Then. The TV actress played soft-spoken Phyllis Vance for the entirety of the series.

The stunning transformation of jenna fischer

Phyllis Smith Now. Paul Lieberstein Then. The actor played the downtrodden HR rep Toby Flenderson on the show. Paul Rape and bondage stories Now. Inhe wrote, directed and starred in the independent film Song of Back and Neck.

Creed Bratton Naked girl on street. Creed Bratton Now. Craig Robinson Then. The comic played the no-nonsense, musically inclined warehouse manager Darryl Philbin. Craig Robinson Now. Kate Flannery Then. Kate Flannery Now. Melora Hardin Then.

The actress and singer played the professional but erratic Janet Levinson on the series.

Melora Hardin Now. David Denman Then. David Denman Now. Ellie Kemper Then.

Ellie Kemper Now. Amy Ryan Then. Amy Ryan Now. Rashida Jones Then.