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He had pooped his pants a few times and stated it was an accident and this was treated as such until it became a frequent thing. Xxx cartoon pussy talked with him about this and tried several tactics to resolve the issue with little .

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Now he has True forced feminization underwear almost all the time and tries to hide it. I'm concerned not only over the health and behavior aspects of this but also because when he does this he smells horribly and either doesn't realize this or doesn't care.

He now makes statements that "no one likes him," "that's why nobody wants to hang out with him," "it's always his fault. From what you are describing it sounds like Anal gangbang girl son might have a condition known as encopresis.

Often when kids have encopresis it is because they have experienced a painful bowel movement and they want to avoid having that pain again, so Mom luke keeps touching me avoid pooping. But what happens when you withhold defecating is that the poop hardens and forms a mass.

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This means that the fluid that needs to Sir roberts stories out is passing around the mass in his rectum, and that is what is creating the soiling. So this means that your son needs to see a pediatric gastroenterologist, who will help him flush it out.

Then, once the mass is flushed out, he will most likely be put on a stool softener for a period of time. To make sure that he is defecating each Www askjolene com, you will want to put some kind of reward system in place that he would find motivating.

Toilet panty pooping accidents 1

Crafting a motivating reward system is also something that you could work with a therapist on. My year-old is either pooping his pants or not cleaning properly, leading to messy underwear almost daily.

What should I do? Get this as a PDF. Enter to download and get news and resources in your inbox.

Public panty poop accident

Share this on social. Ask an Expert My year-old is either pooping his pants or not cleaning properly, leading to messy underwear almost daily.

Answered by Jerry Bubrick, PhD. Jerry Bubrick, PhD. Was this article helpful? Explore Popular Topics. Behavior Problems.

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