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Users browsing this forum: cmccoyr2Ecole and 36 guests. Advanced search. Karmaristocrats: Like a pig to the slaughter. Post a reply. Reply with quote Karmaristocrats: Like a pig to the slaughter. Finished it faster than I thought. Only need to create an epilogue.

Forgot how tiresome writing was lol Anyways hope someone Sister twerks on brother it. Violet was the daughter of the butcher. Not a butcher, but the butcher.

Her father had one of the biggest pig slaughterhouses on the planet and every day 1 million pigs met their deaths there. Naturally the environment those poor creatures got slaughtered in were horrid. The employers tasered, slapped, and hit them if the pigs were going too slow or didn't listen. The guns Sue casey nude used to kill the pigs often missed their brains, leading to the pigs suffering for hours.

Measures to reduce their suffering Pussy whipping stories ignored, and when greenpeace or Peta tried to stop them, almost no one listened. There was a group however that did. They were called the Karmaristocrats.

A secret elite society whose beliefs are solely based on karma. They are the ones who Petite asian big cock those who do bad things towards other people or creatures when all else fails. They got their resources by hacking all the major companies or governments, making their funds and knowledge limitless.

Karma works in mysterious ways though Violet was staying alone in her parents mansion as usual.

Her mother and father were always busy in managing the slaughterhouse even during the weekend and usually spend her weekends with friends in high school. She was one of the most popular girls in the entire school. She had wavy long blond hair that looked amazing on her diamond shaped face. Her eyes had the color of the sky that made her face even prettier.

She was Wake up being fucked 18 years old but already had an amazing body. She stood Overwatch tickle fanfic feet 9 inches and only weighted 90 pounds. She had a perfect hourglass shape with a thick bubble butt and c-cup breasts. This weekend however there was nothing interesting to do so she stayed in the mansion spending time on her smart phone when suddenly she heard a knock on the door. Pig tf stories the window next to the door, she saw a Incest impregnation gifs black van with a weird word on it, and tried to read it.

What does that mean? Must be some weird farmer again who doesn't know the location to the slaughter house Hello madam, anything I can help you with? You are the girl we exactly need! In the blink of an Flr pegging tumblr, Kim targeted a dart gun, that she was hiding behind her back at Violet, and shot a dart right at her.

Violet started to see everything get blurry and before she knew it everything went black. Sometimes Concert flashing boob regained her conscious, she saw how the busty blond dragged her out of the house with Forced abdl story other people, that she was in a car or van, only to end up in a white room. When she regained her conscious entirely she saw that she still was in the same white room. Why are my arms chained against the floor!

The changing mirror

Her attention soon went towards her body, only to see that her yoga pants and pink tank top was removed, leaving her in her bra, panties, and on all fours. She could still move her feet, and tried to Mom makes me creampie sister with them to get out of the chains above her hands, but to no avail.

The entire police is probably looking for me! When she moved her leg, she saw that the girl on the screen did the same, confirming they are filming her in real time. I bet they plan to release it on the dark web or something! Show yourself you cowards! They let her recuperate for 1 more hour before Kim decided to enter the white room.

Violet looked at her very angry trying to contain her tears and fear. You Florida state cheerleader outfit me First gay bj stories get money from my father aren't you?! Let me go now, and I swear you get what you want! You are what we need to stop your father from torturing those poor creatures. I think you should be able to eat meat as Hottest hooker ever the creatures have been killed in a humane way.

After all humans are on top of the food chain, however with our intelligence comes the responsibility to avoid suffering, and here lies the problem with the slaughter house of your dad. The FDA approved the slaughterhouse every single year? They even gave us a reward last time for having the safest slaughterhouse in the USA. Like any other company or government they Pig tf stories corrupt. You should see it for your own eyes.

She saw clips how the employers slapped the poor creatures on the head who tried to run away, When white girls cant even employers dragged the pigs on the floor like they were bags, other clearly hung upside down still alive when they slit their throats. Some got shot by a gun clearly not hitting their brains and laid there for hours. She couldn't take it anymore and closed her eyes. Okay I believe you! Happy now? Sorry you had to watch all that I just wanted to let you know the reason, why it is what we are Married crossdresser tumblr to do with you.

You are going to kill me aren't you If I do that someone else would just do the same thing maybe worse than your dad.

No dear, for your dad a pig is just a product Our plan is for your dad and mother to look at pigs in a more humane way No problem after seeing that awful video I will do that with no doubt. Ha you could have just shown me that video when you arrived at my house and I would haveā€¦ No reason to go this extreme.

More persuasive measures are needed to convince your parents. Bring in Bdsm collar in public Sowify boys!

Violet looked at the strange machine and saw the Sowify name on it, with below the picture of a sow. It was Wifes first time swinging mostly out of glass, and filled with green liquid. When the 2 men left, Violet could hear them say how a shame it was to lose such a beauty.

The liquid in the Sowify can alter someone on the molecular level. The reason why we brought you here is to turn the beautiful daughter of the butcher into a beautiful sow.

We will film your Female masterbation forum so they know that the porker you will become was once their. Violet looked in shock at Kim not believing what she was hearing and then bursting out of laughter.

As if something like this Crossdressers fuck women possible! So I just have to drink all the liquid Get real! You wacko! Let me go and I swear I will convince them!

However, It wasn't hard for Kim to remove the white bra making her perky c cup breast point towards the floor. Then Kim slowly walked to her behind removing the white panty showing her cute bouncy bubble butt and vagina. Please stop struggling or I might Easter bunny tf to go rough!