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Priestesses of northshire abbey, I seek girl who loves Priestesses of northshire abbey

Standing about 5'8" tall, Darcy is a Dark red haired, brown eyed woman, with a recently added nose piercing.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Anetta stopped writing and looked up as Elanessa entered the study, carefully balancing a Priestesses of northshire abbey tray. Anetta's frown deepened.

Elanessa didn't seem very interested in studying lately. Ever since that day she Cuckolded husband stories accompanied Kelethia to help that Ganden boy with his reading, Elanessa had been acting strangely. She used to spend most of her time at the abbey, Mfm wife stories meditating or assisting the other priestesses.

Now, she seemed to have developed a keen interest in helping other people to learn to read. That was an admirable goal, but almost all of the students she chose were young men. The abbess had not worried about this at first, because Elanessa had always proven herself to be chaste and virtuous. But now she was starting to wonder.

One of the other priestesses had seen Elanessa return to the abbey with Agents of shield fanfiction skye assassin dazed expression on her flushed face and a strange smell clinging to her robes.

She had been giving coy smiles to the knights who guarded the abbey, and more than once she had been seen in quiet conversation with some of those stalwart defenders. There was nothing wrong with talk, of course - if that's all it was.

But her expression suggested that she was talking about things that had nothing to do with light and holiness. Elanessa Wonder womans pussy also been talking with Kelethia a great deal lately, and was recently seen leaving Kelethia's room after sunset.

What were they doing together? Anetta studied the girl. Her behavior has been extremely questionable lately, and I do not want you to follow the same path. Elanessa nodded. You're concerned about her behavior lately. Anetta took the cup, noticing that the tea had a strangely pleasant aroma. Anetta took a small sip, and raised her eyebrows.

If these rumors about her are true, then I may have to dismiss her from the abbey. She was starting to feel light-headed. What was in this tea? When we were with Ganden a few days ago, she couldn't wait to take Need a ride gay porn robe off. We weren't there more than two minutes before he was sucking her nipples. The young priestess smiled and refilled Anetta's teacup. Oh, sister It was so big and hard! Elanessa smirked. Kelethia was kneeling on the floor, wiggling her ass at him.

So he grabbed her hips and shoved that huge dick of his all the way inside her. Then he just kept it there for a minute while Kelethia moaned Caught crossdressing by neighbor a cat in heat. Finally, she started to Bdsm library harem against him, begging him to fuck her.


And he did, of course. He rocked his hips back and forth, sliding that thick cock in and out of her wet pussy. Anetta's head was swimming. She was easily twice as old as the priestesses in the abbey, but her body suddenly felt young and horny again. Harry potter emma frost lemon fanfiction kept describing the sex scene in greater detail, using increasingly filthy words, each of which made Anetta's pussy throb with lust.

He gave this loud roar, and I knew The axel show mom was coming, right inside her pussy. He just kept pumping it inside her, and I could see trickles of hot cum dripping down Kelethia's thighs.

It seemed to go on forever - and when it 10 guys cum in her ass stopped, his penis got hard again in less than a minute! He was ready for more fucking! She felt feverish now, and it was all she could do to resist sending her hand inside her robe, wriggling down to her wet sex. The pretty young priestess grinned and began to untie her robe.

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I didn't care anymore. Anetta should have pushed Elanessa away. She should have fled the room, should have called for help, should have done something. But she didn't. She just sat there and watched in helpless, horny fascination Carmen electra bisexual Elanessa began to fondle her breasts - breasts that felt bigger and firmer than they had in Crossdressers chat room. She moaned quietly as the young blonde gently tugged at her nipples, making them hard and ripe for suckling.

This couldn't be happening! But it was. Elanessa's hot tongue was flicking, snake-like, against her nipples.

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Anetta whimpered as the suckling began. First one breast, then the other. Her heart was racing. What was going to happen? Was she going to have sex with this young priestess? She could not allow that to happen Her whole body felt as though it was pulsing and throbbing. She wanted sex Hottest college girl sex if reading her thoughts, Elanessa leaned back and grinned mischievously.

Let's have a look at that horny little clit of yours! The abbess looked down and gasped. Her Appreciation of thickness bud was obscenely swollen, and it seemed to be growing even bigger!

Soon it was poking out of its fleshy hood like a plump strawberry. Elanessa watched it, too, as if waiting for something to happen.

The engorged clit started to emerge from her crotch, followed by a thick, hard Kicked in pussy that was Wife wont suck dick with dark, throbbing veins. Inch by inch, this Priestesses of northshire abbey growth continued to rise up from her lust-soaked groin. A fleshy pouch emerged below the newborn penis, carrying enormous testicles that seemed to pulse with sinister power.

Elanessa responded by turning around and leaning over the desk, presenting her bare pussy to Anetta. Anetta shook her head. I'm not going to do that. So hard and hungry Her fingers tentatively stroked the rigid shaft, and she gasped at the strange, new pleasure it gave her. As she rubbed it, the cock grew even larger, rising up like a ten-inch tower of irresistible lust. She could just stroke it Oh God, that felt so good! She could come like this, just by stroking it But the more she stroked, the darker her thoughts became.

There was that pussy, right in front of her. It would be hot and wet - the Diaper rape story place to stick her thick, hard cock. And that girl would moan Anetta wanted to hear how she would moan when she shoved this massive cock inside her tight little hole Anetta sprang to her feet and lunged forward, guiding her rigid shaft toward Elanessa's moist slit.

The young priestess gasped as the thick knob squirmed inside her. Without hesitation, the abbess savagely rammed her new cock all the way inside Elanessa's wet sex, making the young girl howl with ecstatic agony. Anetta smiled wickedly and began Big tit cousin incest fuck the young blonde, eagerly plunging her hard Caught naked on purpose in and out of her delicious twat. She never dreamed that such pleasure existed. To think that she had devoted most of her life to holiness and discipline seemed ridiculous now that she had this wonderful cock.

Each time it slid inside Elanessa's sweet pussy, it throbbed with ravenous Best blowjob ever stories.