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Not a character has been changed, I swear:.

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Bib Fortuna overhears the command, his cranial tails quiver with excitement. The guards snort an acknowledgment and hustle away. Leia is in the cave cell when Fortuna arrives.

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Okay, before you read this and then run to your computer to write me a long detailed e-mail how this story does not fit into the Star Wars saga.

I know this. The fact is the moment we all saw Leia in that sexy slave costume, we were all sorry that the movie was rated PG. While attempting to save Han Solo she is caught by Jabba.

Jabba stories

Han is taken away to a cell Men jacking off while driving Leia is brought before the vile villain…. Leia struggled between the hog-like guards as they dragged her before their worm like boss. She tried to put on a brave face as Jabba evilly chuckled.

Jabba could see the female had a beautiful face. Her dark brown eyes flashing with anger only aroused him more. Years of pimping various females had given him a talent for seeing the hidden slut.

Fan fiction friday: princess leia in “star wars sex story”

If you are wise you will release me. Jabba laughed as the guard pulled off her helmet. Long silk brown hair tumbled out, falling a few inches past her bottom. The vile worm could now see how truly Moms foot slave story the princess. His first though was he would enjoy using her to satisfy his sexual demands.

His second thought was if her body was good Worlds biggest clit he suspect the slut was going to make him some serious money.

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He knew that clients would pay Sister tit flash high price to fuck a real princess. The struggling beauty swore and yelled as a third guard walked up and used a long knife to slice up the front of her jacket and shirt. Her face burned with humiliation and anger as her amble bosom was exposed to a roomful of scum and villainy. It was made worst by the hisses, laughter and grunts of approval.

Jabba ran his long tongue around his wide mouth as he stared at the lacey bra holding to large round tits. He chuckled as the jacket and Randy orton fanfic fell leaving her upper body half naked.

The large worm moved his head closer as her boots and pants were yanked off. She pulled and twisted as the knife cut off her bra, True forced feminization her breasts. They were large and Women taking dogs dicks round tits.

Her bright red nipples were bright red and pointed straight out. Jabba rubbed his tiny hands together as he thought about how playing with the big round tits. He panted when the dark brown curls covering her pussy were laid bare. Fine stud lexa stories vile villain looked over the young beauty with her big tits, slim waist, nice round ass and long muscular legs. He watched her boobs bounce and jiggle as pulled between the two guards.

Unable to control his lust, Jabba lean forward and stuck out his long tongue. She frantically struggled to get free.

The young rebel leader was in shock and horrified at the prospect of being raped by this You sure do got a pretty mouth fat worm. She swore and screamed as the hot wet tongue lapped over her body coating it with spit. Then take her to my room.

The beautiful princess was dragged out of the throne room. More than one hand or claw pinched, slapped or grabber her young soft body.

Princess leia:jabba's slave

If it takes the rest of my life I will make you pay! The captive beauty was taken to a Hairy chest onesie room with marble walls and a sunken tub. Micro dick tumblr guards bound her hands behind her back with leather thongs and shoved her into the soapy water. Leia hit the bottom and pushed herself up. She spit water out her mouth and the gasped when two female slaves grabbed her and dunked her several times in the tub.

The slaves then held her in place as they began to wash her body with big sponges.

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The bound heroine just stood there her body was carefully washed. She gasped as one the slaves pushed the sponge between her legs and began to rub. She bit her lip as the other slave began to rub her Dicks in vajinas over the two big boobs.

The bound beauty quickly realized the two slaves were doing more than washing body. Jabba chucked and licked his lips as he watched his slaves fondle his new slave.

He could see the warm soapy sponges caressing her young body were arousing the princess. One of the slaves began to kiss and lick her neck while rubbing her sponge over her breasts. The other slave Www askjolene com her fondling of her pussy as she began kiss and lick her belly and inner thigh. Leia began to squirm and moans as the two talented slaves did wonderful things to her body.

She fell back into the arms of the slaves and sighed heated lust. The bound princess realized the slave working on her breasts had dropped her sponge and was using both hands to rub and caress them. She let the two slaves push her back. The dazed beauty watched the Hot girls go skinny dipping spread her legs and push her face into her crotch.

She licked her lips and gasped the tongue pushed into her pussy.

In seconds she was panting in heated lust. The bound princess arched up and pushed her pussy into the tongue. The two slaves used all their all the Girl masterbates with cucumber as whores to push their captive toward a climax.

They ran their hands all over her full rich body; one sucked and licked her pussy while the other one began to suck on her tit. Her body began to burn in a way that made her gasp.

Princess leia

She thrust her whole body up and closed her eyes, enjoying the climax filling her Painful pegging tumblr. She started to slump down but another orgasm rocked her body.

Jabba roared with glee as he watched the proud princess squirm and twist as her body came over and over. He felt himself getting aroused and Rambler sex story in heated lust. He looked over the room and once again he was reminded that he had no friends.

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No one he could trust. It was the price he paid for having wealth and power. He returned his attention back to the screen and smiled. Soon he would make the princess scream. The lust filled captive returned the kiss with equal passion. The three bodies twisted and squirmed in the tub making the water splash over the edges. Pattie ann brown moans and groans of pleasure filled the room.

Leia kissed the woman like she would have kissed Han. She sucked Dumbass in distress the tongue, loving it. The lust filled captive knew this was just the start.

‘princess leia’ stories

Leia sighed when the slaves pulled her out the tub Peppermint patty feet dried off her body. The dazed beauty let them pulled down a series of hallway. She knew where they were taking her but was too weak to fight. The slaves brought her into a large round room.

In the center was huge dais with a thick red mattress covering it. They pulled Leia up to the bed and over to strange looking devise made of sliver metal. It looked like an upside Y. It was padded with red leather. There were leather straps mounted on the bottom, at the midpoint and at the very top.

Princess leia sex story porn videos

Her captors pushed her against the devise, spread her legs and used the straps to bind her legs. Her hands were untied and pulled behind the metal pole. She felt the strap being wrapped around her hands and Antigua nude beaches around her waist.

The last strap was wrapped around her neck. In seconds the princess was tightly bound with her legs spread wide. Rich powerful friends who will reward you if you help me escape. I mmmph! One the slaves pushed a ballgag into her mouth and bound it around her head. She gave the bound beauty as kiss on the cheek while pinching her nipple. No one has ever escaped his palace. No one. It will be easier if you relax.