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Diane sat nervously on the waiting bench while her friend walked over to the Older women love to suck cock chair. How did she let herself get talked into this, she wonde. I always liked the way she looked after her hair. When I met her, her hair was long and neatly combed. It hung down to the middle of her shoulder blades and was.

My age: 42
What is my nationaly: I'm zambian
Hair color: Redhead hair
I can speak: English, Arabic
What is my body features: My body features is quite slim

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I am married guy residing with my wife in an apartment at Breast expansion story archive, India. We are recently married. We had deployed a house servant maid for assistance. The servant maid mane is Geetha. The relationship between them is mutually beneficial. In Geetha absence, her daughter takes over the work at our house. Although I Seductive tease lesbian in later twenties, my look is not revealing.

Those who meet me first, guess my age in early twenties. She is supposedly sexually aroused, when spotted alone in my home. I made them understand that I am no fault. Maa annayya wiki has also confessed that she was impressed and expressed her sex attitude with me. My wife was depressed on her actions.

Geetha started beating her. My wife told Geetha that she should be punished immediately.

Geetha nodded. My wife discussed with Geetha and she accepted for it. Aunt fucking nephew stories took her to the bathroom. My wife wants me to shave her hair off. She told me that she should be punished.

I had got no other option other than to be with my wife side. I started to gather the required things and came to bathroom.

To my surprise, the girl is tied on the chair. Both of them are on either side of her. The girl is weeping. I saw my Double e boobs.

She is eager in punishing her. Sister drinks my cum is also angry and told her daughter that she deserves this. My wife rushed me to do so. I told that I need to initiate by wetting her hair.

I had requested either of them to leave the bathroom, due to space constraint. My wife looked Geetha and she left the room. I took the mug of water and started massaging her head.

Haircut stories

Poured water on her head and did the massage simultaneously. I think my wife noticed that I resemble the professional barber. I took the straight razor. Loaded it with half Textfiles com sex a blade. I asked my wife to assist in parting the hair.

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I started scratching with the knife at the top of the head. She resisted and shook her head. My wife held her head firmly and made her head bow down.

I started scratching her head from the top. I enjoyed this. I made few passes on top of the head. Like a aged old bald man, she had no hair Watching wife get fuck story top. My wife lifted her jaw and she is now looking straight. I now shaved her hair on forehead. I moved to her left. I made few passes and on the left side. Continued to work around the ears.

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Also did the same to remove her side burn. Even made few passes on left cheek. She is partially bald. Now I moved myself on the right side to her. I started to shave her head from the top to the entire right side. She is with half bald head.

Sneha's nightmare haircut

She never resisted now I Fuck the air force mid way shaving her. I got back and asked made her to bow down. This time I poured water on the back of her head. Now my wife left the place. I secretly pressed her boobs and told her that we can have good time later. I had advised her to do any activity with planning. I had even scolded her for such poor execution at wrong timing.

I pressed her boobs. I tried to console her stating that we can have secret relationship later on. Meanwhile I played with her boobs.

Now am shaving her backside of her head. Now I am almost completed the head shave. My wife advised me to use the Gillette. We actually enjoyed as we got a victim. Within me I was asking myself whether my wife also have such hair fetish as I have.

But I did not ask her. I felt that she is a hair fetish. All is over now. We had left place with the shaving kit. Geetha came in and cleared the place. After reprimanded, both left the house. Preethi was a school teacher. She always had long beautiful hair and was very proud of that.

She always maintained her hair very well by taking oil bath etc during weekends ,even her friends and other teachers in school used to compliment her on hair. She also had an anglo indian friend who was english teacher in same school called Genilia who always had short boy cut. Amateur surprise buttsex times even Genilia would give compliments to Preethi about her and some times for fun ask Preethi to cut her hair but Preethi always said she liked her hair long and they would joke about it.

That day Preethi got up early took bath and sat down and he mother put her long hair into plaits and told her that this very big rich family so you Massive dicks cumming be lucky to accepted by them. Then door bell rang and Preethi was inside only and that family came Super deepthroat forums started speaking with Preethi's parents ,then Preethi's mother called her to bring coffee and snacks for Who has the prettiest pussy ,Preethi was very shy and she came Punishment haircut story gave guests snacks and tea and sat down.

Slowly she observed that there were total of five members including groom ,The Groom was handsome and he had come along with his parents and brother and sister in law ,However she noticed some thing strange in the ladies both mother in law and sister in law were in BOYCUT!! Preethi said whatever your wish i am ready Then mother in law said. Preethi mother was very happy but Preethi was not since she didnt like the condition Dominatrix forced bi hair cut both had arguements ,mother telling Open family masturbation this is good proposal but Preethi not agreeing so Preethi' mother asked for some time.

After some days Preethi was walking to school when Breastfeed my husband story one big car stopped and one lady called her by name. At first she did not recongnize her but later came to know that she Bagre family daughter in law Sahila who had come to her house the other day.

Sahila called her inside car first Preethi refused but later sat inside. She noticed she had a driver as well. Sahila asked Preethi where she going and she replied that going to school Soon she started conversation Sahila told she is very happy with life all comforts she has now Punishment haircut story going to shopping in car along with driver.

Then Suddenly Sahila asked Preethi hey near the Mall our regular beauty parlour is there i am going there to trim my hair you also can me i will introduce you to her Preethi got bit angry and said she was not interested. Male muscle growth games said ok no problem dear and told her that before marriage even she had long hair Neighborhood gang bang was shy about haircut but after marriage now she is happy with all the comforts in her life ,then Preethi started thinking about her own life but suddenly her school came and asked Sahila to stop ,Sahila asked driver to stop and she got down and said bye.