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Robin Meade is an American media personality. Robin is also a winner of the beauty ant Miss Ohio. Read about Robin's early, personal life, in the following sections.

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When Robin Meade began in the news business, she wanted so badly to be taken seriously that she succumbed to the advice of image consultants.

I was a stuffed shirt, voice-of-God type of anchor. Meade eventually peeled herself out of that mold. In her book, Morning Sunshine!

She delivers the news with candid exuberance, punctuated by her robust laugh and playful side commentary. Combine that with her big hair, form-fitting outfits and stiletto heels, and she brings to mind a brunette Dolly Parton.

Her minister father dissuaded her from that goal she still managed to release two albumsRed assed monkey she has no regrets. This fall she marks her 15th year at Morning Expresswhich makes her the longest-running female host of any morning TV news program.

While her husband of 22 years remains asleep, Meade starts her workday at 3 a. At the time, she was working for an NBC affiliate.

Her all-time favorite news story was when she parachuted out of an Dallas raines hair with President George H. Bush on his 85th birthday. Keeping her program at the right pace includes engaging in good-natured, on-camera banter.

The bigger the hair, the smaller the butt. Visiting the site with Internet Explorer or other browsers may not provide the best viewing experience.

Fill 1. October 04, In The Mix. See You in the Morning.

Fifteen years in, an anchor stays strong on the early shift. Ann Farmer.

She partly attributes her staying power to her grasp of her viewers. October 11, October 7, Browser Requirements The TelevisionAcademy.