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Single moms dating younger guys, I am hunt for Single moms dating younger guys who like cheerleaders

Popular culture praises single parenthood is rarely easy role. Any single parent is what their lives. You're also a man for five years old.

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My age: 68
Color of my eyes: Big gray-blue
What is the color of my hair: Long hair
My body type: My body type is slim
Music: Techno
What is my hobbies: Shopping

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Dear Carolyn: How young is too young? Too young?

I still would like at least one child, if possible. For a date to be the right age emotionally, he needs to be mature enough to be dating just for companionship, and to be paying attention to you — meaning, to you as a person and not to Michele tafoya sexy generalities you represent.

That goes for you, too, by the way, because you need to focus on the person on a date with you and not on his age.

That includes everyone from these mids people to the already-have-grown-kids people, who, for all you know, may be open to the idea of another child, if they loved raising kids and they love the woman suggesting it. Good luck. Thanks for writing in.

I was merely noting it would be short-sighted of them Wife pounded by dog use it, especially over a tattoo, which on the crisis scale barely rates an eye-roll.

Re: Tattoos: The mom is worried about the daughter changing her mind — but parents can change their minds, too! My parents were very unhappy at my first tattoo. A few years later, my dad surprised us with his own!

Then we all got matching family tattoos, and went on a family trip to the tattoo parlor for a couple more. Read Carolyn Hax every day in the Free Press. Facebook Twitter .

I prefer dating younger men. Show Caption. Hide Caption.

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