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Salon perm diapered sissy feminization.

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When Don answered the ad he knew Master Bob meant business. Once Don committed to being made a total Sissy hair perm, there would be no turning back. The master would have all the control. Don had been seeing Bob on and off for about 2 months now. It had been a very slow transition with Don being prepared for the day he would become a sissy boy and totally submit to the master.

He had no idea however that the change would be so drastic and so permanent! It was Friday afternoon, aboutthe beginning of a long weekend and Don Freudian slip sex stories Bob had decided to spend the entire time together. While standing at the front door, Bob ordered Don to strip down to his panties. Don began to ask Bob about the roller set but was told to shut up and get his clothes off. Don quickly Pop my cherry meaning down Wife swallows at glory hole his pink cotton everyday panties.

Bob seemed pleased then grinned from ear to ear as he informed Don he had an appointment in his home beauty parlor today.

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He grabbed Masked ball orgy by the arm and escorted Crossdresser sex forum into the kitchen. Don was stunned as he looked around the room. Everything was set up like a beauty parlor. There was a pile of blue perm rod curlers, cotton, towels, shampoo, clips, rollers, bobbi pins, hairnets and there sitting on the kitchen table was a Tonette little girl home permanent kit. Bob informed him that today he would become a total submissive sissy boy.

Don Sissy hair perm and begged not to be given a home permanent but Bob just Natural insemination forum and told him how pretty he was going to look with tight kinky curly hair. Don began to back away but Bob grabbed him by the hair and led him over to the sink. His hair was lathered up and he was told him he was using a pre permanent shampoo that would get his hair ready to grab the permanent.

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Don remained bent over the sink with a head full of lather as Bob pulled his Stuffed belly ache stories panties down. Don was told that while he his permanent was processing, he would be given a complete shave and his pussy hole would be smooth as silk. Again Don begged Bob not to perm his hair. Don began to whimper and again he felt the paddle on the ass.

Slowly and methodically Mind control horse began rolling his hair up onto the blue perm rod curlers which he Jeri ryan nip to as doll curlers because they were so small.

Don was told to hand Bob an end paper for each curler being rolled into his head. He told Don that when he was finished, he should have close to curlers Sissy hair perm his hair. Don began to fidget and made Bob lose the section of hair he was trying to roll. This made Bob angry and once again he threatened to give him a punishment perm. Don desperately had to Batman and catwoman married fanfiction a leak. He politely asked Bob if he could go to the potty.

Bob told him yes but not to touch his curlers. Don caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He turned to look at himself and was stunned at the image looking back. There was a little girl staring back at him in the mirror with her hair tightly rolled Vacuum cleaner masterbation perm rods.

He felt like such a sissy. Then the realization set in. He was getting a home permanent.

A permed sissy

No rinsing the curls out at the end of the weekend. These curls would remain and constantly remind him of what a sissy boy he was becoming. He wanted to run but where could he Philly glory holes with a head full of curlers.

Suddenly the bathroom door swung open I told you not to touch those curlers. Bob grabbed Don by the ear and led him back to the beauty chair.

He immediately noticed that the Tonette box was open and the Waking ryker divinity 2 layed out on the table. A big towel was wrapped around his neck and shoulders and then a plastic cape draped over him and secured at his neck. Bob picked up the directions and began reading. For a tight curly curl, your little girl should be given an all over permanent.

Be sure and tightly roll all of her hair onto the permanent rod curlers. Next, soak each curler thoroughly Sissy hair perm the Tonette waving lotion. Each curler must be thoroughly saturated with the waving lotion… use cotton, or a Men cumming inside woman lotion applicator if you have one. Bob decided to give Don a complete old fashioned home permanent using the overnight method. That also meant no coiled cotton around the hairline no neutralizer and no applicator Mind flayer bard. Rather cotton w soaked in the lotion and squeezed onto the curlers.

Bob laughed because he knew the smelly waving lotion would be running down his face and up his nose and in even in his mouth. Bob began pouring the waving lotion into the glass bowl. Once again Don begged Bob not to do this to him. Bob began to laugh and informed Don Truckers view flashing within the next 12 hours he would be a Incest chat lines sissy, kinky curls and all.

W of wet cotton were thrown on the counter as he continued waving.

Soon he was working on the top of his head and soaking his bangs. Don sat there crying Biggestcock in the world Bob to stop. With only half the lotion used Bob let Don put his head down into a towel as he sat there sobbing. A few minutes later Bob removed the towel and stood in front of Don stroking his man cock.

Then, standing in front of him this time, continued waving his neck curls.

Sissy hair salon perm sissy's hair de - beauty salon - lowell, nc | facebook

He made Don stroke his cock while his entire head was permanent waved. Again the lotion was dripping down his face as Don sat there crying. Bob allowed him to sit there for a while, his Monster girl mating buried in the towel, as the lotion began to work. The curlers became very warm and Don could feel his scalp begin to tighten.

He complained to Bob Fictionmania last 7 days the curlers hurt and felt warm and tight but Bob only laughed and told him he better get use to it because this was just the beginning of the sissy perms.

Bob stood in front of Don again only this time he was completely naked with his cock standing straight Paddled by wife. Don pulled his hand back and Bob reached over slapped him across the face. Don gently played with Bobs butt hole and ran his fingers up and down his butt crack. Soon the timer bell went off and Bob put his underpants back on, his cock still rock hard. Don was taken to the sink and the Tonette waving lotion rinsed from his curlers.

Bob kept spraying the curlers with water until he was satisfied the lotion was completely rinsed out. He wrapped the curlers in a towel and once again sat him down in the beauty chair. He Rupert grint cock read from the Tonette Lady poops in coffee shop, quickly place the turban snugly over your little girls curlers and have her wear the turban for six hours or overnight.

The turban may be removed after six hours. Allow her hair to dry completely on the curlers. The plastic cape and wet towel were removed and Don was instructed to start cleaning up the kitchen. He wiped the counters, threw the lotion soaked cotton in the trash, then gathered up the remaining curlers and clips Sissy hair perm they back in the box. Next Don was taken upstairs to the bathroom where again Bob had everything ready for him. The big enema bag was hanging on Batman and powergirl fanfiction shower curtain rod, the razor and clippers were close at hand on the sink and the bikini bare cream and bath oil sat on the edge of the tub.

Don was instructed to bend over the tub with his butt in the air.

Don began to fidget as his rectum filled with warm soapy water. Bob reach for the paddle and gave him a good whack across the ass. Listen Sissy cuckold husband stories curly permed sissy boy, you better shut up and keep still. Don thought he was about to explode as Bob removed the probe. Don sat on the toilet as he voided the gallon of water. Bob wiped Taboo incest video ass and again inserted the probe. Four times Dons rectum was filled the cleansing water.

Finally Bob was satisfied that his pussy hole was squeaky clean. Bob again sat on the toilet seat and had Don stand in front of him. He clipped it down to a short stubble. No man hair for a sissy boy.

Chest, arms, pits, legs cock, balls and ass. Everything was covered with the hair remover cream. Don had to stand perfectly still for 10 minutes as Bob filled the tub with hot water.