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So shake that ass, So shake that ass found somebody that loves humiliation

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passionate singles Leyla

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Years: 27
Where am I from: Panamanian
My favourite drink: White wine

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The flow sounds sicker over Dre' drums nigga, I ain't stupid - I see Doc and my dope come quicker.

Shake that ass bitch

Shorty' hips is hypnotic, she moves is so erotic, but watch - I'm like bounce that assss girl. I get it crunk in here, I Lesbian sister orgy it jump in here, front in here, we'll thump in here.

I'm so gutter, so ghetto, so hood. So gully, so grimey, what's good? Outside, the Benz on dubs - I'm in the club wit the snubs - don't start nothin', it won't be nothin'. Everybody put ya hands up.

Let's party, everybody bounce wit me. Sip champagne and burn a little greenery.

This hot. Disco Inferno, let's go.

Shake that ass bitch รจ tratto dall'album uhh!! ohh!!

You are now rockin wit a pro. I get toed to flip dough to get more, fo sho'. Get my drank on nigga on the dance floor. Look homie I don't dance all i do is this.

Shake that ass bitch testo

It's the same 2-step wit a lil' twist. Listen pimpin' I ain't new to this, I'm true to this. Pay attention boy, Celebrity dirty fanfiction teach how to do this shit.

You mix a lil' Cris with a little Don Perignon. And a lil' Hennessy, you know we 'finna carry on.

Hollerin' at these snakes in da club tryin' to get right, we gonna be up in this bitch 'til we break daylight. Homie you can catch me swoopin Bentley coupe and switchin lanes. U see me Sister gives blow job stories, you know I'm holdin, I'm about my paper, yeah.

Shake that ass bitch (original version) testo

Nigga I'm Stories about breastfeeding your husband, I ain't playin', I'm embeded in ya brain, I'm off the chain. Next level now, turn it up a notch. Em and Dre sent me to tear up the spot. Front on me, oh no, you know I'm loco.

Hands up on the dance floor, ok let's go! All artists.