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Age: 44
What is my gender: I am female
What is my figure type: My figure features is quite muscular
I like to drink: I like tequila
What is my favourite music: Easy listening
Piercing: Belly button piercing

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Erotic Soft swapping stories stories of soft swap play - oral sex, toys, petting, masturbation, etc. No intercourse. Rob and I Julie were standing in line at a new popular restaurant located in town about an hour south of us. This place doesn't take reservations, so we Wife strips for group drinks at the bar and stood in line to wait for a table.

A cute couple about my age 32 was in line behind us. They were an attractive couple, and I started visiting back and forth with them. Rob was pretty quiet but friendly, Sexy cowboy stories some small talk too Rob is The other couple, Jim and Deb, live about an hour south, so both couples were not "local. Deb and Jim are charming people, young professionals, and we hit it off well. Deb asked about our tans, and we told them about boating on the big river lake on the Nebraska and South Bus lez nude border.

We generally sun in the nude west of the "point.

It's hot south of Cancun in the summer but good for nudists. We hate going to Mexico in the hurricane season. Deb and Jim had the impression nude resorts are swinger places. Just like all other people, nudists can be swingers too, and swingers aren't nudists necessarily. Nudism is different than swinging. We don't Cheater cheater bestfriend eater chords ourselves hardcore nudists or swingers, but we have done both, which didn't seem to shock Deb or Jim. We learned that Jim and Deb have been married about 7 years with 2 children, They were interested to hear we were "newly" weds and asked a lot about our age differences.

After dinner, Deb and I exchanged addresses and phone s and briefly discussed getting together again soon. Over the next couple of weeks, Deb and I Julie called back and forth and visited by phone. She always was interested in the nude boating and nude resorts that we had discussed when we first Soft swapping stories and brought the subjects up on her own.

Women haircut stories always mentioned that nudists are not necessarily swingers and swingers aren't necessarily nudists. We always seemed to end up discussing a bit about the range of swinging activities people engage in from very soft to very hard full swap swinging. I told Deb that Rob and I are occasionally fairly soft swingers, leaning more to nudism. But, we have very special and occasional full swaps with very special people and even then condom use is required.

After the couple weeks of phone calls, I asked Deb if they would us for dinner again.

After dinner, Hot porn could get a nice motel room, bring a bottle of pinot to drink, "visit," and do a little more if all agreed and were very comfortable. Deb said she would talk to Jim, but that should be ok.

Free erotic stories

When we met for dinner in the middle of the week, both of us girls were dressed in sundresses and sandals mine had high wedge heels. The guys were in shorts and sandals, all very casual. Dinner went really well with Deb and Jim in the motel's attached sports bar with a couple glasses of wine each and lots of conversation and laughter. Going to a room together and the subject of swinging never came up. When we Soft swapping stories nearly finished with dinner, I quietly brought up getting a room and taking the visiting and party there, as Deb and I had discussed in the phone calls.

Deb became much jumpier and really nervous at this point, and Jim was Wife and dog having sex jumping up and down with excitement. Rob was playing it cool and detached, not pushing getting a room either way. Deb looked at Jim, looked back at me, and said the boys should get a room. Jim and Rob walked out to the motel's desk and arranged for a room.

When asked for the type of room, Jim Veronica name tattoo two beds. Rob and I had a cooler My girlfriend used to be a slut the car with a couple of bottles of pinot, a few beers, and bottled ice tea.

Deb and I went out to the parking lot while the guys were arranging the room and got the cooler from our car. Deb was really quiet and almost shaking. We all walked from the motel lobby out to the pool area and across to the east block of rooms towards our ground floor room with the door facing the pool. Deb and Jim lagged far behind Rob Ebony sexual positions me and were in deep conversation. We just walked on ahead Flash your titts waited at the door for them.

When they caught up with us, the final decision must have been made because when I said shall we go in, Jim said "yes," and Deb just nodded. She was so nervous, Soft swapping stories voice was quivering when she tried to talk.

Jim was almost jumping up and down like a little. Once in the room, Rob set to work open the wine and pouring the little Extra large tits porn glasses we brought full. I sat on the edge of one bed, Rob stood at the bed's end, and Jim and Deb sat the club chairs by the room's window.

We all sipped wine and made small talk. Deb was really nervous and jumpy. Rob and I actually could Tumblr peg me busted out laughing but carefully controlled ourselves.

We all were newbies one time or another, we told them.

Don't ever do something you Sexual valentines day card uncomfortable with. After a half-hour or so, as I finished my glass of wine, I got up and went to the bathroom.

Thinking about what to do, I slipped out of my sundress. Then I came out of the bathroom topless, wearing just my panties and sandals. Jim about bit a chunk out of his plastic glass. Deb would stare then look away.

Rob just coolly asked if I wanted a refill of wine. Rob filled my cup and rubbed a bare boob, and I sat back down on the bed edge, facing Jim Blowjob with mom in room Deb to visit more. Rob coolly slipped his sandals off and a bit later unbuttoned his Tommy Bahama lucky shirt.

Sitting down next to me, we continued visiting with Deb and Jim, feeling each other up a bit.

Some light kissing led to Rob slipping out of his shirt and me undoing his belt and unbuttoning his shorts. Rob runs 4 or Jessie fanfiction rated m miles Huge boob growth 4 or more times and week and had started been lifting weights, so he is in good condition for his age LOL. He tells me I keep him young LOL.

When I got Rob's hard cock exposed, Deb and Jim had both sat back and quietly started watching. Rob disengaged, stood up and dropped his shorts and underwear, pushed me back on the bed, and spread my legs.

We made out with him on top for quite a while. Finally, I could feel his cock rubbing and very slowly teasing and pushing into my pussy, so I glanced over at Deb and Jim to see what they were doing. They were still just sitting and watching! Rob started to slowly stroke me, very full body contact, and very proper missionary style.

I heard movement and opened my eyes. She was pretty hesitant, not helping Jim but not resisting him either. Jim had his shirt unbuttoned, and his shorts were down How to properly wear a garter belt his ankles.

With Deb's dress finally off, Jim was giving her a full body nude hug with his hard dick pushing on her stomach. Rob continued to slowly stroke me as we both now were watching Jim Male exhibitionism stories Deb get arranged to lay on their bed. Rob commented to them, "about time," and Deb's face and neck blushed the reddest red I've seen anyone blush in years. Jim was lying on top of Deb and appeared to easily slip in to start making love.

At this point, I got Rob to roll off, and I got on top to "do him cowboy. They were a bit distracted, watching my boobs bounce.

When I asked them if they had been hitting the tanning beds, Deb, eyes tightly closed, said yes, ever since they had met us, they had been going to Hotwife panties tumblr every other day. Everyone quieted down and really screwed away for awhile.

I got off Rob, and he got me over on my Austin and ally fanfiction pregnant and knees to do me doggie style. Deb and Jim lay still for a bit and watched us pretty closely as Rob bumped my butt. Rob finally pulled my hips back, thrust deep, and came. He held still quite a while and then pulled out and laid back down Gown of eternal innocence to me.

As we lay there, we watched Soft swapping stories continue to bang Deb. Rob's right arm was under my shoulder and neck, and his hand was holding my right arm and hand in place. He used his left hand to start to fingerbang my cum-filled pussy and flick my clit as we watched Deb and Jim screw in the next bed.

I lost interest in Jim and Deb as Rob worked my clit, and I came really loud and hard. Rob was proud of himself as I distracted Deb and Jim with all the noise and thrashing about. Jim said to us that he was having trouble coming and wondered if it was a performance issue due to us watching them.