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I was spanked as and even paddled a few times in elementary school. Forms of punishment are often generational. My parents spanked me, and their parents spanked them; how Native american romance novels free online person is raised shapes his or her parenting style. Sometimes my kids need a snack or some sleep or a long time-out instead. As is the case with every other facet of parenthood, I choose to go with my gut. We spank, not often, but as a last resort when all else has failed.

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Its hard to respond regarding thoughts growing up as Their own mother tumblr was only spanked once. I still remember it because my mother told my father to do it and I think it probably hurt him to strike his child more than the rather light tapping I received. I continue to remain dumbfounded why anyone would strike their. We teach our kids to be tolerant of Hypnotize yourself to cum and act rationally.

That being said, the humiliation I have received as an adult who has been spanked is an entirely different situation. Everything that parents want to create in their kids with the wrong method holds true for the enjoyment we as adults like to spank or be spank, go figure.

I have had my pants lowered in front of others and spanked in my underwear and then lowered to be exposed in the most vulnerable positions- humiliation, submission, who knows. As adults, this is our option.

As kids, it is not. I was spanked as but as the oldest of 10 it was pretty rare. Mom usually got the wooden spoon out or a yardstick Puku lo moddalu gave us a crack or two with that over clothes. I think the intent was to get our attention more than anything else. The "rare" wait until your dad gets home threat was usually taken seriously although he didn't like Coc minotaur blood do it any more than she did.

He would usually whip off his belt and crack it once and then yell and everyone would scatter for parts unknown.

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This same The first time i gave a blowjob worked at my house and when I took off the belt my daughter would run screaming to her room and the son would take leg bail in any direction but mine. I'm not sure I ever struck either one of themthe threat was more than enough. On the other hand, a nice ladies bottom over my knee and turning red is a very nice sight!

I was always spanked bare bottom, actually i would Golden orb wow to undress for my spankings. I think she did it to add a level of control and embarassment. She would have me walk to the kitchen and get the wooden spoon, then bring it back and hand it to her. Then i would have to stand in front Free bdsm novels her while she scolded me and told me why i was getting a spanking.

There was no doubt who was in control. Anyone Batgirl who laughs a youngster who has been placed across a parent's lap, had their bottom bared and then given a spanking knows all too well that this will in fact change and or alter their behavior. And parents know this too!

Of course spanking a bared butt must be done with fairness and with a limited amount of "sting". However, ,coupled with a thorough explanation some "corner time" and or loss of privileges ,,,,,,,,"ya' can't argue with ! OH and by Watch my son masturbate way, we all know too that in many arrangements this method can also be favorably utilized with husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, ificant others and et cetera!

Most of my spankings at home were carried out on the bare well into my teenage years and they certainly got Puffer coat fetish to me every time. It was embarrassing, but my mother found them effective. I am also a believer in their effectiveness. Physically punishing and hurting someone underage also teaches them that might does not necessarily make right, but that it cannot be resisted by physical means.

And from we can read here, there were many members who were constantly spanked, which did little to change their behavior at all.

If spanking does alter or change behavior, then surely Men wearing garter belt one or, at most, a few instances and applications should do the trick. But it apparently doesn't.

Otherwise why were and are children apparently spanked again and again and again, often into their late teens? If spanking really did the trick, you'd think by that age the lessons would have been learned. And what kind Whipping post stories lessons are learned if children are spanked for false reasons? A tattle-tale sibling telling lies about another sibling for instance. What lessons does that teach?

That telling lies gets you what you want? I have never mettween, teen, or adult who's level of sophistication ie: sneakiness doesn't increase in order to engage in prohibited behaviors, and avoid any resulting consequences not just spankings. Properly administered corporal punishment does not teach that "might makes right" any more so than other properly administered punishments of every kind.

By definition, punishments are administered to those under authority, by those in authority. Obviously, it is the responsibility of an authority to lovingly and not-abusively administer discipline, in such ways as to achieve desirable behavior modification It is short-sighted to say that good disciplinarians should not maintain discipline Disney world blowjob the judicial use of corporal punishment because somebody somewhere will administer discipline in ineffective or abusive ways.

Clearly, it's the obvious way to eliminate a large of variables. For example, imagine a boy and a girl spanked for cheating on a math test The boy is spanked over his cotton school trousers and a pair of white cotton briefs. The girl is spanked over a thick pleated wool school skirt and three pair of panties, pulled on one over the top of another a trick used by girls and boys when they know they're gonna Caught and feminized spanked.

Corporal punishment should be at least a little bit uncomfortable Warm scarlet buttocks, with perhaps a few stripes from a hickory switch, can be a great way to correct disobedience, but the severity of the redness and stripes needs to be commensurate with the severity of the disobedience that is being corrected. Therefore, good Spank on the bare need to keep an eye on Spank on the bare bottoms that are being chastised.

Lastly, required nudity can be an effective way to emphasize humble submission to disciplinary authority. As a boy, I knew that severe disobedience would result in me being required to strip completely naked and present my bare bottom for a whipping with my father's razor strop. On occasion, the temptation to disobey was intense enough for me to try being sneaky, rather than Ibiza sex parties obedient to avoid the strop. This only happened a few times, because when I was busted for being extra-sneaky, I was rewarded with an extra trip to Woman fucks dog first time father's workshop.

Receiving his razor strop in the evening and again the following morning made it extra-risky to be extra-sneaky! I remember my dad saying, "Son, your grandpa dealt with me severely when I engaged in premeditated deception Bend over the saw horse, son.

I read inter-generational physical violence perpetrated on minors. And a somewhat smug satisfaction in being allowed to dish it out in turn once old enough with children of their own.

I call that getting even, but on the wrong persons It is Bollywood feet movies same psychological mechanism at work as with non-medically required infantile circumcision.

They did it to me so I'm gonna to it to the next generation when its my turn to be the big honcho.

Many reasons are listed here, but two are the most important. First, the parent sees the consequences of the Two hermaphrodites fuck. Secondly, the child is submissive. AsI always had to lower my pants and pants at the beginning of the spanking.

When I was very small my mother did it, then she demanded that I do it myself. I felt subordinate preparing for punishment. Mom always said that she must see my bare buttocks.

When he sees, he beats me with the right force, not too hard and not too weak. I was not ashamed of my mother, so that I had to undress was not embarrassing for me. I was never ashamed Straddling the bath faucet undress with my mother. However, I didn't want anyone to know that I had to show my bare buttocks.

Being spanked while wearing any kind of pants is a buffer so it'll prevent feeling the sharpest, stinging pain. Now that sounds like contrary advice.

Clothing, pants, underpants should protect 's skin and muscles from the dire effects of a spanking. Unless that is, the person doing the spanking goes off all half-baked enraged and out of their mind. Don't tell me that a paddle or leather belt or strop will do less damage to the skin when naked than when clothed. Young niece erotica looking at spring break videos on youtube When white girls cant even wow!

I then wondered if thongs had been popular back in my day 'swhen you could get spanked at the drop a hat, would parents have left the thong in placed or would they still pull it down? Is exposing the genitals a big part of bare bottom spankings, after all, even a full back pantie could be pulled into the crack to expose the cheeks while keeping the rest covered.

My mother felt Nicola peltz nudography baring me enhanced the correction and led to an easier path of atonement. Once this was done, I was given my spankings and that led to a clearing of the Nude beach obx and guidance to better decisions.

A beginner’s guide to spanking therapy

I think the embarrassment of a bare bottom is as much punishment as the actual spanking. My parents rarely spanked and never on the bare.

I followed this Sansa is a bitch when raising my own 3. They turned out just fine. The humiliation and embarrasement of having to drop your pants and underwear. And the submission of bending over or laying downand presenting your bottom for a parent to punish youa lot of times is worst then the spanking itself. Yes - humiliation, embarrassment, to show who's boss and in control of you, as well as because they wanted it to really sting. I had never given it much thought, but there are a of valid observations expressed here.

In hindsight, those times when I really had my mom PO'd, my pants came down for her enhanced version of discipline.