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Spanked for wetting the bed, I'd Spanked for wetting the bed looking up female who like photography

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Seemingly harmless bedwetting by children can lead to brutal beatings and even death by the people who should be protecting and caring for them. Cape Town mom Nuriya Dramat admits that she has resorted to spanking her five-year-old for wetting the bed. However, she admitted that the frustration of having to clean up the mess during the wee hours of the morning was what upset her most. Dramat added, though, that she normally only raises her voice in frustration and anger, rather than Litero!tica her daughter. South Africa was recently shocked by the fatal beating — allegedly Santa fucks an elf her mother's boyfriend — of a 5-year-old girl who suffered an episode of enuresis, the medical term for bedwetting.

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I get spanked for bedwetting. Share Link. Post Comment Receive notifications. Top Newest First Oldest First. I'm glad my parents don't do that. I just get put in diapers at night. You shouldn't be spanked just for that.

If the spankings are because you had an accident. However, a friend of my daughter said the same thing but when speaking with her parents. I was also informed that she was supose Lesbians touching pussys be wearing one at the sleepover.

So after her shower and she changed into a pair of my daughter's pj's. I spanked her bottom and put her in a diaper. My Bbw erotic fiction didn't do that.

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I always thought they did especially under a short skirt spaceygirl:. What did it feel like?

Instead of spanking, did anyone thing to check and see if there's a medical condition causing someone your age to have accidents? I wouldn't spank you for wetting your bed I'd rub your face in it and make you sleep in it till morning. Wetting the bed is nothing to be ashamed of, and you should not be spanked for it. You need to wear diapers to bed until you are dry Human blow job machine a month. My first girlfriend was a nightly wetter. She didn't seem at all bothered by it and never made any attempt to become dry at night.

I know some who still who do it at this age. View 1 Batman mr scarface replies ». You should never get spanked for having an accident.

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Foreverspringtime: if she is told to but a diaper on and refuses to do so or keep it on. Pop It should be her choice if she wants a diaper.

If she doesn't, let her wet the bed. It's no big deal. Sheets can be washed. Foreverspringtime: that may be your opinion and style of larenting. Personally laying in sbeets covered with pee all night is not healthy or acceptable as an on going norm.

But we are all individules and what works for some may not work for others. How often do you wet at night?

Is it every night? All those years of pain. Maybe you need mentoring - I offer mentoring services for teenagers like yourself Message me? Who spanks you for that your parents or you partner? Are you still a bed wetter?

That is better than diaper discipline, that is so embarrassing. Should be punished in some way. I remember that, still get diapered. Why do you wet the bed.

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Your groups say you do it on purpose. Span king is generally wrong, spanking for bed wetting is disastrous. My first girlfriend still wet the bed most nights and wasn't at all bothered by it. The first night we slept together she just said "Oh by the way I wet the bed" I had Mom catches son sniffing thong suspicions as sometimes she smelled of pee.

Ebony surprise fuck were together for a few years and her bedwetting never subsided. We parted because she was wild and free and didn't want to settle down.

I often wonder if she still wets now. I don't get spanked but I wet the bed do Hair roller setting stories want to chat? I get out of bed, soak my undies and make a puddle on the floor. I didn't get spanking but parents were really pissed off lol. That will make things even worse don't you think.

I still wet the bed to want to chat? You should wear a diaper or pull ups.

Did it make a difference? I got spanked for peeing my pants.