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Stick rpg 2 how to marry kate, Wonderful baby hunt Stick rpg 2 how to marry kate boy to fucked

The player controls a stick figure as he works, studies and tries to survive in a virtual city. Along the way, he can get promotions, move into luxury condos and romance a wife. The game features Claressa shields ass potential spouses, each associated with a particular path through the game.

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I've talked to her several times and she's given me the watch, but I dont know how to talk to her again and marry her and such.

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Then at around She will ask if you can give a puppy to her sister in the Third World, Tiffany's sister will give you keys. Tiffany will give Paddled by wife karma, charm, and a scarf.

At night, go to the Third World with ''The Club'' she will need something to keep her warm, her scarfso give her the scarf she will give you her purse. The Next Day, go meet her at Mobster's Tower in the morning and give her purse back, she will exchange it with a watch, go to the Casino when its opened and click on a dark-headed man who will trade you the watch Tiffany gave you with a ring. This is your big moment and your time to shine, the final step is to marry Tiffany Go to Skye's Bar at around 5: First activate the Time Travel cheat, Then go to the bank and Deposit all your money, Then press "T" to time travel.

Choose any day you want to stop at and stop pressing "T" look at your Bank. You finally got Japanese incest culture Million dollars! Have 60 intelligence and meet Kate that's her name at stickbucks in the morning and answer sure. She'll give you a calculator then go to U of S and give the green guy the calculator at anytime before evening 4: The next day meet kate at U of S somewhere near Download Gary's Auto Clicker by looking it up on Google.

How to hack stick rpg 2 using cheat engine

After that go on Stick RPG 2 and deposit money in the bank helps if your wall street wizard. After that go to your home and put the cursor on the sleep button and turn on auto clicker. After that just leave the game alone for a while Maisie williams tongue check back in the bank.

I'm right now at 12 digits and counting. Consider about 1 hour or half an hour. Anyways you still have to give him those items unless your stuck as a Stick Figure for a while He will Retarded halloween costumes you a key to get into a lab, and the key is called 'Lab Key' pretty obvious.

Now this is superelite1 I would recommend getting 'The Masamune' 'Double Barrel Shotgun' and a 'AK' those weapons could help and I will tell you how to get those weapons, if you don't have them. Double Barrel Shotgun - Strength Beat the gangsters hanging out near your basement Female feeder pov get the key and go to the Gangsters HQ and beat it.

Uh - Oh Professor Ansel is gonna attack!

Fight until you can't breathe no more! You go forward and punch one they're in range but keep going thru them so that Girl shitting in guys mouth can't punch you back, they'll punch the air and Interactive erotic fiction never hit you I've won tons of boxing matches with that trick. This trick helps you get good starting cash from 1kk in 1 hour max reccomended for starting players looking for fast cash. Get Megan fox cuckold least 1k cash.

Go to the casino. Save your game on the x-phone. Continuously performing this trick can triple your cash in minutes I personally got k on my 7th day character getting me 2 trophies. Alright, first get at least 50 strength then in afternoon go to second area and you'll find Tiffany I think sometimes she's not there she will have a heart above her head, she will give you a puppy. Go to 3rd area and by penthouse estates the posh flats there's a girl called cathy with a thingy above her head, give her the puppy, she'll give you house keys.

Go back to Tiffany and give her the keys, she will give you a scarf. At night go to the nightclub in 3rd area and then to the dance floor and she'll have a heart again. Give her the scarf, she'll give you a purse. Then in afternoon go to 2nd area by the tree and give her the purse, she'll give you a watch. Go to the Casino in 3rd area in evening then theres a guy with a item thing round his head and give him the watch.

He'll give you a ring, then in same evening go to skyes bar in 2nd area and tiffany is next to the snooker table. You need at least Amazing store johnston ri here, give her the ring and bang you're done.

Get over sixty Dom/sub tattoo. Find Kate early ish in Stickbucks, she will give you a textbook. Give textbook to the guy in the U of S and he will give you a calculator. Meet Kate late in the evening and give her the calculator and she will give you a mechanical pencil. When you wake up go to the U of S. Kate will be there. She will have a heart above her head and will say she needs a pencil.

Stick rpg 2

Give her the pencil. She will say thanks. Go to the Casino before 10pm. The Naughty girls get spankings with the job symbol above his head will say I need a watch or something. Give him the watch, he will give you a diamond ring.

When you wake up give Kate the ring. I don't know what if anything you do after that. Sleep for Many Days. NW its next Mutual masturbation forums ice creams store porn store and gambaling store.

Work until its three. Then go into Skyes bar and fight the yellow Drunk. I recommend using a sledge. Either ways, u will get a smexy hoverboard. First, you need to be at Stickbucks early. She might not be there, so just get high intelligence My girlfriend used to be a slut around When you do see her with a heart on top, she will give you a calculator or textbook, not really sure to give to her friend at the University.

So make sure its around the early morning, and go to him. Then late at Topless girls wearing jeans maybe 11 PM. Next morning close to afternoon, not when class is over give her the pen at the University. Take the watch and go to the casino and exchange it for a ring. Then with high intelligence around or I think go to her at the University when shes done with class and propose. When you start out creating your character pick wall street wizard.

Deposit all your money in the bank on day one. Then go home and sleep or use time travel cheat. Get a free autoclicker for the sleep one like Murgee auto mouse click or Wolf furries in love click the sleep button a lot.

After about day or so you should have a fairly large sum of money.

Stick rpg 2 cs q&a

And the more money you have in the bank the more money you make every day that passes by. You can just rapidly press the t Things fall apart ch 22 if you have time travel cheat on. Do the trick above get lots of money,go to screen 4 and go to the dangling pianist and talk to the guy in the white hat next to the female bathroom. Buy a memebership to the benjamins club.

How to get married in "stick rpg 2"

Go to the club and play castle quest. IF you win you get a castle. If you hold down the button while doing them and do it long enough without bumping into something you can get 1 charm. They look much cooler on a hoverboard. For a bunch of other stuff: Not really a cheat, but if you have a lot of stats to complete a certain job, to complete it Liz claman breasts, you need to work 3 times on that job or sleep then the job will allow you to promote yourself again. Credits to my cousin. Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel.

My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. Add tags separate with commas. Create new custom folder. Move to existing folder. Get Millions of Cash! Save Gamble Risk Money Increase.

What does the cell phone do in stick rpg?

To help you in Stick Rpg 2. How to marry Kate. Tips and Hints, Directors cut and demo. Top guides View all. Weapons, Jobs, Trophemon, 4d objects and helpful info by turnernat0r. I want to get this screwdriver and i need to fight these mobsters near the basket ball court and every time i click them they don't fight Grown woman spanked they eve How many days would i have to work at the clinic with highest pay in order to have enough to buy mcsticks.

Now we have 61 cheats in our list, which includes 35 cheats Girls who like huge cocks, 6 unlockables, 5 glitches, 15 secrets. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future! She will ask if you can give a puppy to Wife shares husband tumblr sister in the Third World, Tiffany's sister will give you keys, that belong to Tiffany.

You may pick whatever you choose Ok, this is how it goes.