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Super short skirts in public is the perfect enemies to friends to lovers story with a healthy dose of the amnesia trope thrown in for good and fun measure. The events of the story occur shortly after the magical curse is broken and the sleepy town of Storybrooke, Maine has more or less acclimated to the new realities of the non-fairytale world. Regina Mills the former Evil Queen Flash your titts deposed as mayor of the town after the curse she cast over the town ends.

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Hindi pa din makamove on si Karina. It still hunts her how Giselle looked at Ningning which is now their new treasurer sa Fireflies. Binoto ito ng lahat dahil friendly. Police Detective Kim Hyoyeon is sent out on location to investigate a man's disappearance. The villagers say that he was eaten by the abandoned, Hot moms and sons friends house at the end of the lane.

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The community surrounding modern fan fiction has generated a considerable of unique subgenres and literary terminology over the past several decades. This subarticle serves as an introduction for the reader to the most notable terms that originated in the fan fiction communities, many of which either generally or only appear in the context of fan fiction.

Because most or all of the truly notable terms from the fan fiction community such as Mary Sue have their own articles, this article will naturally provide only a general overview of the terminology with very brief summaries. For more information on fan fiction, see Stockings in car main article, Pregnancy stories fiction fiction. For more information on the terms listed here, please visit their main articles or the respective see alsos.

Not included are many terms that are used within the fan fiction community, but are not considered notable or unique to fan fiction. Sister fantasy tumblr instance, terms relating to erotica that are commonly used in reference to erotic fan fiction, but far from exclusively so, are generally not included here.

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For ease of use, the terms are separated first by subject the subjects themselves being She watches me masterbate save for "General terminology"and then alphabetized under that subject. Soking wet pussy the event that a term fits under more than one subject, it has been defined in its first occurrence on Crazy ex girlfriend fanfictionand referred back to in any further occurrences.

In fan fiction communities, especially online, generally fandom refers to people who enjoy a specific story, character, game, etc. The term also sees occasional use as a synonym for the canon work. Though now used in the aforementioned contexts amongst readers and writers of fan fiction, the term "fandom" itself actually pre-dates Wedgie spanking stories modern usage of the term "fan fiction"; the Oxford English Dictionary traces the term's existence as far back as A more rarely-used synonym for "fandom" in modern times is "fen", a playful faux-pluralization of "fan" that mimics "men", the plural form of "man".

Canon derived from the term's usage in the Christian religion and popularized in this context by the Baker Street Irregulars refers to the "official" source material upon which fan fiction can be based. In recent years, some fandoms have engaged in lengthy debate over what is or is not "canon", usually due to multiple writers in various media creating contradictory source material, such as in metaseries like Doctor Who or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Male milking machine stories is important to note that something that is regarded as Kristen just wife stories is regarded as being essentially a verifiable fact in the given fandom.

Details as complex as the laws of physics in a given story universe or as minute as how a character's name is meant to be Ch 131 me can be referred to as "canon" details, so long as they are specifically shown or otherwise directly revealed in the source material; this includes character behavior as well, though debate over what can or cannot be considered "canon behavior" is often a point of contention in fandom.

On occasion, authors such as Joss Whedon or JK Rowling also expand on what is shown in the original story in other media, especially personal websites or blogs. Wet see through bathing suits on the nature of a story or character directly from the creator are often considered statements of "canon". Though it is distinct from canon, fanon is an interrelated concept in that the term encompasses invented non-canon or not verified as being canon facts or situations, especially those which are used so frequently in fan fiction that they become seen by many as an extended part of the canon.

They become memetic within the fandom as many writers and fans adopt the same fanon, often within a relatively short time frame. One of the usual purposes of fanon is to fill in perceived contradictions or gaps in the canon by answering or asking questions that the source material either will not or cannot address or simply hasn't addressed before.

Prime examples include the first names of Uhura and Sulu in Star Trek or the belief that the acronym NCC means something, which were "fanon" long before official adoption. Alternate Universe, or AU, refers to a story set in a different universe from the canon. The I want to breed my wife applies to fantasy or science fiction stories which have non-human characters. A story can also be termed AU when the author makes major changes to the canonical storyline or premise, Caught crossdressing by mom stories as killing off a major character, changing characters' motives or alliances, annulling major events or changing the setting.

They may also involve a "what-if" experiment in which the author wishes to explore what might have happened if a certain canon episode had turned out differently — if, for example, Romeo had not stepped between Mercutio and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet or if Harry Potter had sorted into a different House at Hogwarts. This means the world universe is different. The physics, geography, technology etc. Popular in this category are HS high school and college fan fictions, where the canon characters are written as students in real world school. This is where Impregnation fantasy stories world is the same, but some or most basic canon facts are different, e.

This refers to Women riding dildo bikes fictions that take place in another time than the canon e. A special case of this is TT Time Travelwhere characters travel back or forth in time. This is used for fan fiction where canonical non-human characters are depicted as human. For instance, if the animals in Narnia were all humans. Usually in such cases the characters retain their names and personality, despite the change in species.

A collection of fan fiction produced as a magazine, either in print printzine or online webzine. An expression commonly used in comments or reviews. Commonly used as the plural of fan Son watches mom pee stories of "fans", by analogy with the plural of "man" being "men". This term is more common when referring to specific subgroups of fans, such as Slytherfen fans of Slytherin houseand has been coming out of use in recent years.

To render a fan fiction of copyrighted material suitable for mainstream publishing by removing any specific references to canon.

A term used to describe someone who enjoys commenting or reviewing a person's story harshly, only pointing out the faults, often using heavy sarcasm. The comment or review left by such a person is The young and the restless 11/24-20 as a "flame.

A term that refers to a fanfic made incompatible with canon by later changes to the canon postdating the authorship of the fiction. A term that refers to a fanfic made compatible with canon by later changes to the canon postdating the authorship of the fiction.

After Eric Kripke, creator of Supernatural. An unusually powerful or favored-by-the-author character.

This character may represent the author's own wish-fulfillment fantasy. Often the Wife blows all my friends Sue character will rescue the nominal main character from a series of impossible situations, or nurse him back to health after he is seriously wounded or driven to the edge of insanity.

The term can be used derisively by saying a story is contaminated by "Mary Sue-age" where the "Sue-age" is a homonym of "sewage. Though "Mary Sue" is not exclusively a fan fiction term, it is strongly associated with fan fiction Celebrities who play overwatch to the frequency with which Mary Sue characters appear in fan-created works. Several nicknames for specific subtypes of Mary Sues exist, such as "God Mode Sue" for overly powerful characters or "Mary Tzu" for unrealistically good tacticians. A "name smoosh" is one way to denote the relationship pairing in Girl hump couch fanfic.

For example, a shipping between characters named Nick and Jessica could be name-smooshed as "Nissica". While particular smooshes may appear strange to people outside of their respective fandom, the fandom and couple is usually quickly recognizable by those familiar with the fandom, even if they weren't ly familiar with the particular smoosh.

A variant common in Japanese-based fan fiction is to combine the first two Schoolboy spanking stories of each character's name, producing smooshes like "SasuSaku" and "IchiRuki". It is traditional to put the seme, or aggressor, first, such as in the popular yaoi pairing "SasuNaru".

Desire resort couples massage, these differ slightly from the original names, such as "AkuRoku", a popular pairing from Kingdom Hearts between Axel and Roxas, neither of whom have the letter "u" in their name.

This abbreviation is a smoosh of how their names are pronounced in Japanese Akuseru and Rokusasu, respectively. In contrast to squick, squeeing is encountering stories or elements of stories that are especially entertaining, an onomatopoeia for a high-pitched squeal of delight.

Elements that can make a reader "squee" include meta references, inclusion of OTPs, or pop culture references. Compare fanservice.

A woobie is a character that elicits the sympathy of the reader, often because Perverted elf on the shelf character has experienced excessive abuse or misfortune. The common usage of many fan fiction terms has resulted in their usage being reduced to acronyms or abbreviations, which are widely used instead of the full term.

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Author's note, when the author wants to create an aside to explain something. Traditionally, these notes are placed at the beginning or end of the chapter and are used to explain everything from research they've Fat man and woman having sex to create the chapter, to apologizing for the long wait between chapters, to stating when they believe they'll update again. Short for "collaboration", this is a fanfic written by several authors working together.

A collab may involve different authors for different chapters, or all authors working together on the entire fic. Collabs in which each part is written exclusively by one author are called "round robins". Short for "constructive criticism". Within Boy forced suck stories realm of fan fiction, "constructive criticism" nearly always refers to criticism of a specific work, rather than a general criticism of the writer.

There is some controversy about what qualifies as a "gen fic", but usually it denotes a story in which any and all romance is a background element of the story and there is no sex, while the main plot Wife fucked like a whore around non-romantic themes. They are not focused around any particular genre romance, comedy or humor, tragedy or angst, adventure, drama, fantasy, horror, mystery, sci-fi, suspense, etc. If the author can't fit his or her story in to one or sometimes two of thosehe or she may label it a "general" fic.

If one character is being comforted from severe trauma, an HC fiction may also be a darkfic depending on the origin and amount of focus on the "hurt" aspect of the story. HC fics may also qualify as a lemon, lime or PWP if the "comfort" is provided sexually; fics in which sexual comfort le to the injured character's immediate recovery especially when the sexual "comfort" is given after a rape or similarly traumatic event where it would be Crossdressing strapon stories inadvisable to initiate sexual contact at all are sometimes called "healing cock" fics.

Abuse on a story

Short for male pregnancy. Stories that involve this trope will either provide an explanation for the male pregnancy that is reasonable within the bounds of canon only applicable in canons that include magic or fantasy elements, or for canons set in a future where medicine may conceivably enable male pregnancyattempt to provide a pseudo-scientific explanation for canons that are otherwise subject to real-world laws of biology 10 guys cum in her ass, or provide no explanation whatsoever. Explanations in the second category can be extremely thin; fics which fall into the third category are often considered crack.

Mpreg is a common squick and will almost always be warned for. In MST3K, a man and some homemade robots trapped on a spaceship watch bad movies and make humorous comments about them.