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Submissive girlfriend story, Host Submissive girlfriend story look up male to chat

If you've caught yourself saying this before then you should definitely read this. The act of being submissive is not what people assume it to be. In the Cat of nine tails bdsm Dictionarysubmission is defined as, "The action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

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I love women.

Dominating my hot girlfriend – a bdsm story

I have dated and have had relations with them. I have always been the dominant one in the relationship. Most of the women that I have dated liked that. But I have always thought about what it would be like to be the submissive person with a guy. I have continually thought about worshiping a big cock Campground sex stories what it would feel like taking it in my mouth.

Just the thought of it would get me excited. That thought had been around for quite awhile. If it was something that gave me pleasure was it wrong? One night I was on my computer and the thought popped in my head again. I decided I was going to go for it before I changed my mind. I got Girls being naughty at work to a web site for meeting people. When I got on there I started to look at the and pictures.

‘submissive girl’ stories

I was nervous excited at the same time. I was looking for a specific thing. Someone that was looking for a guy to be submissive and fulfill his needs. Gay incest chat rooms looked at the for about a half hour. Nothing really looked like anything I was interested in. Then I came across an ad that was placed by a guy that wanted a submissive type to come to his house and suck his cock. He had a picture of his cock in the ad it was huge. Once again the nervous and excited thoughts filled my head. I answered the ad and wrote a brief note about me and what I was interested in.

I checked my Gloryhole slut wife about an hour later just to see. To my surprise he had answered my ad. We sent s back and forth for awhile to see if we were both interested.

He told me his name was Mark. I got my courage up and told him I would.

My submissive young girl

I got to Marks house and he was waiting outside for me. It was very awkward.

What do you say in a situation like this? Mark grabbed my hand and said lets go in. He then led me in the house. I was already being turned on Wife birthday bj him taking control.

When we got in inside the house, he walked me up to the couch. He turned his back to the couch facing me. He told me to unzip his pants. I did as he asked. He then told me to get See mom swallow my knees. He sat down on the couch and grabbed my head and pulled Erotic strip club stories face to his cock.

It was flaccid but I was about a foot away from one of my fantasies and wanted to suck it so bad. He said you are mine right now.

Show me how good you can suck my cock. I grabbed it with my hand and immediately wrapped my lips around the head. It instantly started to enlarge while I was going up and down on it. That felt so awesome. But I loved the soft texture of his cock, and it tasted good. I thought back to what I liked when I was getting my cock sucked. I started by licking the underside of his cock from base to tip.

Nude beach girl erotica I ran my tongue around the head. I could tell he liked it his cock started getting rock hard. I pulled up for a second to look at Male moaning sound effect. I was staring at a beautiful 8 inch cock that was so thick at this point I barely could get my hand around it. This was turning me on beyond belief.

I had to have it again. I started using my lips and going down on it. I was using my tongue on the tip when I got to the top. It was getting tough Lesbian mail order brides go down all the way because I never had done this before and he was so big.

Read submissive stories - webnovel

I decided I was going to go down as far as I could. I opened Sissies in curlers my lips as much as I could and fucked that cock down my throat. It was so big I couldn't get it all the way down my throat.

But I realized when Mark moaned oh baby you are so good. You are so Men wearing pantyhose stories. This was something I needed to keep working on. What kind of sub would I be if I couldn't deep throat. I sucked his cock for 45 minutes. It was so great.

I finally felt him tensing up and his cock was getting harder. I was sucking the head of his cock when I felt warmness hit the back of my throat.

5 submissive stories that will make you say "yes, master!"

Then I could feel his cock pumping more cum into my mouth. It tasted good and I swallowed it all. Then I continued sucking his cock dry.

I was in total bliss, it was so great. Mark said that was the best head he ever had, and that I was definitely coming back over because I was now his submissive cocksucker.

All I Red haired goddesses think about after that night was how good that whole evening was. We ed back and forth a few more times. Eventually our schedules matched and we set up another meeting I was in intense anticipation all the way over to Marks house. All I could think about was dropping to my knees in front of that gorgeous cock and worshipping it.

Dominating my hot girlfriend – a bdsm story

When I got there I told Mark that it was a turn on to be treated like submissive girl. I told Mark that he had called me baby, How to imagine someone naked said it really turned me on when he thought of me that way. Mark said he liked that too.

He really liked how I let him decide what we did. He said he was glad I was ok with One shot erotica because as far as he was concerned I was his girl here to service him.

He said I have a surprise for you. I said Dark black lesbians it is. He said follow me we need to walk there. We walked for a few minutes. Female cock growth kept grabbing my ass on the way over there. I was glad it was dark. We got to what was a park. He said remember you do what I say. I said yes I remember. He then said that we were going to go in the park and I was going to suck his cock on a table in the middle of the park.