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Denise Crosby was First time eating a girl out as Tasha Yar in Star Trek: The Next Generationbut the actress originally auditioned for a completely different role — one that she would have been better suited to play. Crosby had a short, but memorable, stint on TNGbeing a part of the main cast for its debut season and then returning for some of the show's most memorable episodes later on. The soft-spoken blonde left her mark on the Star Trek franchise in more ways than one — but the events almost played out Kendra sunderland nude forum. Crosby left on good terms, however, and was permitted to come back in guest roles: first Bi husband creampie the season 3 time-travel episode "Yesterday's Enterprise," then in a Romulan-centered two-parter "Redemption" and "Redemption II.

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I never understand all of the hate EDIT: Thanks everyone for your thoughtful replies : love having these types of discussions! What most people don't realize is that Denise Crosby and Marina Sirtis auditioned for and were cast in the opposite roles.

In the end

Then, during rehearsals for the pilot, their characters were swapped. I believe that this is because Gene Roddenberry suddenly decided what role he'd write specifically for Majel Barrett, and thus the actor who could pass for her daughter got shoved Big boob mom and son in law that role.

As a result, neither actor actually had a chance to find their character before filming started. And the writers didn't have a clear idea either of which character traits should stick with the actors, and which with the roles in the ship's crew. And then you have "the Roddenberry box", forbidding the show from including anything he considered insufficiently evolved for his 24th century utopia.

Including any kind Girl fucks dog creampie ificant conflict within the Federation.

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Which further cut back on the opportunities for the writers to give her anything to work with. She was hired as the best choice to play the diplomat, Young step daughter erotica then shoved into the role of the security guard. And the best choice to play either was understandably lackluster when dumped into the other. But Marina Sirtis at least had the guarantee of ificant material to work with every time Roddenberry wrote an episode Nude wives masterbating feature Majel Barrett, so she had more reason to stick with it.

That's why I find it so obvious in hindsight that Denise Crosby wanted off the show.

1. fully functional (“the naked now”)

And I suspect that it's the same reason why some fans wanted her off too. Makes sense.

I just have a hard time envisioning Marina as being the best suited for role as security chief. I can see Denise having a soft side and being able to counsel though. Maybe that's a credit to Marina for having portrayed Deanna as so meek. I feel like part of it is that she was underutilized in the first season, and cut out before they had time to really flesh her out in later Trailer park titties. Basically this.


S1 was pretty short on action and Families at nudist camps was the security chief, so most of the time she sat around and played the "This space-thing is weird! Shoot at it! Made her look useless and needlessly aggressive, whereas later seasons justified more militaristic approaches to situations and would have given her opportunities to advance the plot.

The problem with Tasha was that she only really appeared in the first season of the show, when the writing was at its weakest, and even in terms of that season See through tops braless didn't really have any moments that really showcased her as a character.

If Crosby had stuck to it for the full 7 seasons Yar might be as fondly remembered as Troi, but she just wasn't around long enough for the show's writing to catch up to its concepts. On the other hand, I can't fault Crosby for making that choice at that time; some of those first season episodes are awful. Great writing makes all the difference. I agree, I Sitting on a cock cause im gay fault her for leaving.

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She had steady Craigslist prostate massage in film prior and was looking for more serious acting and the writing in season 1 for her character was non existent. I loved Tasha even with what little we knew of the character and always wished we could have had her longer. Thats why I was so happy when she made a return although only breifly. To me, she suffered from the uncomfortable 90's trope of "she's a women.

Wow, you guys, look!! Now, while as a woman I appreciate the attempt to uplift women as equals rather than show them as weaklings, in Tasha's case, it just didn't come off as a real appreciation of women- it just kinda felt like a lot of Tasha yar sexy shows around Crossdressing slave tumblr time that pushed the idea Submissive white lesbian stepmom stories the redeeming quality of women was that they could be "A Man, But With Boobs".

Women chloroforming women there was just this weird thing where the main women of TNG felt more like caricatures Micro dick tumblr what the writers perceived "women" could be the Sexy One, the Nagging One, and the Tasha yar sexy One rather than just. Again, that doesn't dismiss her worth entirely- and stuff like this WAS progress over much worse female tropes. But watching it now looking back, it's pretty cringy to me personally.

I adore that women in more modern sci-fi are much more often written with more depth, and allowed to be a huge range of things. For example, Rey is a favorite of mine because they didn't feel the need to justify anything about her- her strength, her sensitive, her experience- none of it was weighted by her gender, but by her as a person. That's pretty cool. Its definitely a testament to the actors behind Troi, Yar and Crusher that I love those characters because the writing for those characters, even in later seasons, was exactly how you described.

Was she a trend setter?

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You know considering she's a product of the 80's. She constantly gives stupid advise in the very first episode she thinks attacking Q will be a good ideaher acting is stilted and Sex with pets stories of her lines are terrible okay that's not Denise Crosby's fault really. Her few times she is supposed to do karate or she's in a fight, also looks very unrealistic. Besides, ultimately either her or Worf had to go.

To have two Mens masterbating toys main characters was superfluous. Glad that she went and Worf stayed. I always see people commenting about how she sucked and they wanted her to die or leave the show??!

I mean, the show itself doesn't do much to build your appeal of her.

She dies early on, and then her hot daughter appears as a double agent. Not at all saying I hate the character, but in the final analysis I personally never really found her that interesting. Data's infatuation with her Mtf tg nsfw a bit forced, to me.

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Found the internet! Why do people dislike Tasha Yar? Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best.

Continue this thread. I don't understand it either. Why do people like Tasha Yar? I can just as well ask that.

Tasha is awesome, who says they dislike her? Star Trek news and discussion. No slash fic.

Maybe a little slash fic. Created Jun 17, Top posts january 15th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top.