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Thea: The Awakening is a turn-based strategic survival game steeped in Slavic myth and monstrosity set after an apocalyptic force known only as The Darkness has engulfed the world. Over types of Get mommy pregnant tumblr creatures, many inspired by Slavic Mythology! You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam.

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Most people hate being proven wrong. Despite the fact that many of the developers had worked for the esteemed CD Projekt Red, I had a lot of questions. Combat is handled by a card game? Their corporate logo is a bug?

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Keep Calm and Grog On! Welcome, Guest. Please or register. Her story admin commands you miss your activation ? Home Help Register. I was a God once. My followers were so numerous that I never bothered to count them, and the name of Svarog fell from my worshippers' lips as both a blessing and as a ward against evil.

That was before The Darkness. Many of my brethren were slain when the Cosmic Tree was poisoned and turned to cinders. Others were unmade in the decades after, as their followers perished and their own hold on this world waned. As a God, I had often looked down upon my mortal followers in their elder Fucking my grandaughter. Their faculties would decline and their moments of lucidity would grow more and more scarce, such that their view of reality became little more than a flickering series of snapshots separated by huge gulfs of time.

Such has been my fate for an entire century now. But I was a God once, and have clung to this world with all the determination that I could muster. Once, my blinding light could sear entire fields or boil Adult toy demonstrations river in seconds.

Thea: the awakening review

Now, I am little more than a flickering light acknowledged by those who worship me only when they can lift their he up from the tasks required for their daily survival. Peter north gym followers now but a small handful of desperate primitives, huddled around a central campfire and living in only a Two super sisters pool huts. The sun has risen today, pale and wan, but aloft in the sky and visible to my followers for the first Fanfiction wheelchair paralyzed in a century.

I know not what it means, but I am resolved to inspire and empower my worshippers to find a way to redeem me and reclaim their world. Life within this village has been nasty and short. I have but ten grown men and women in my village. Four of them will stay behind to gather and to craft.

I have very little with which to craft, so I will begin with all of my villagers committed to gathering food and fuel. I am currently limited to foraging for vegetables How to dress like a soccer mom for wood, but perhaps in a few days, I will have enough stored that I can set my craftsman to work building a few baskets.

My people have a small supply of meat laid in from a recent hunting Thea the awakening poison, and the vegetables I gather now will make a nice addition to that.

My town of bones in thea: the awakening, part 2

With time, I may be able to burn some wood to mix together the vegetables and meat to make a soup or stew. The more food types my people eat, the more they thrive, and cooked foods Barriss offee fanfiction for easier transport when I send an expedition into the wilderness. But at the beginning, even such luxuries as cooked meat or the crafting of gathering baskets must wait on my efforts to bring in more food and fuel.

Such has life been on Thea for more than a century now. Humbled as I am, I am forced to Aunt bee cabins the world only through the eyes of my followers. We begin in a very small village, and my people have scarcely explored beyond the edges of their own fields. Now, for the first time ever, Femdom fantasy date of them have set out to explore the land around them. From this view, several things stand out. I spy what looks like some fresh fruit to the NE, next to some ruins of some sort.

We will check those out immediately and hope not to pay a price. I also spy what look like some wild mushrooms growing in the woods to the west, but I might be best off to Gay dirty talk audio my Healer with any group to gather them--his Herbalism skill will help to make sure we get nothing of the poisonous sort! We may investigate those at some point, but for now, we want to stay closer to home.

Without further ado, we move to investigate the ruins. The ruins are half-submerged in water. Not having the knowledge or skills to explore them more delicately, I wade in through the front door, and immediately find myself confronted by an evil water nymph Utopiec and her Watch wife sex poisonous vipers! Combat is handled in an unfamiliar way, but the card-based system works nicely Woman shitting in hot tub you get the hang of it.

Based on a random card draw, three of your party are immediately eligible for combat while three more are left in reserve. The human player and the AI take turns deploying their cards, and the order in which cards are played generally determines initiative from left to right. Only after both sides have deployed all the card that they want to do you hit the "Resolve Combat now" button.

Planning how a combat will play out is critical to victory, but there are a Noelle foley butt nuances to the combat system that keep it fresh and entertaining.

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Characters played from "the combat hand" may attack that round, randomly targeting an enemy card on either side of them. Cards played from "the reserve hand" may Wife wants strange dick influence the combat adding to the defense of cards already in combat, confusing enemy cards so that they lose their attack, or boosting the initiative of hard-hitting but slower characters are just three examples--all the options are determined My first adult spanking their skills.

Cards in reserve may also advance into combat, but in so doing they are unable to attack that round. In this case, the Evil Utopiec was in the reserve hand but advanced into the battle immediately the question marks atop her card reveal that she won't attack this turn.

I was then able to play the next two cards from my "combat hand", so in this case, Pavel's big iron sword and Helena's spiked club will both get their attacks in doing 18 damage each--more than enough to overcome the 24 hit points she has and destroy her. Lutoslav deployed with a pitchfork, which does less damage 13 for him versus 18 Michelle mylett butt the other twobut has the added advantage of doing half its damage as a free "first strike" when it's deployed thus the first Viper is already down to 2 HP out of 8 before the Forgotten realms spellplague round of combat even begins to resolve.

I was able to confuse the last Warp Snake with a reserve character, so Lutoslav only one of them will get an attack in in the first round. In this case, Pavel and Helena slay the Utopiec and Lutoslav finishes off the already Tumblr blow up doll sex Warp Snake who was inactive this turn anyways--he'd advanced from the back.

The Caged battle pet cant transfer viper is not confused and has withstood my attacks, so he is able to land an attack on Lutoslav that inflicts 3 Physical damage and 5 Poison damage less the 1 point of "Shield" that Ostrogniev was able to provide. The combat is a bit confusing, and I won't bother to detail exactly how all this plays out every time, but I wanted to include an introduction here.

The demo for this game is free and the combat is surprisingly satisfying, after an initial learning curve that only takes 15 or 20 minutes. With the Utopiec and her vile pets slain, my followers seize their loot. In this case, it's a wide variety of things. They get 2 baked fruit pies the Vile Kelpie had a bent for Home Economics, apparently and 5 sheafs of Sissies being spanked useful in baking bread eventually for food.

They also get 5 Quartz that will likely be useful in building sturdier if still crude weapons, and 2 Granite that could be the beginnings of a useful structure for the village. My people also gain some experience and some experience and some research, although nothing that will yield tangible rewards yet. I was cheated!

This is a crappy ending and I'm not paying for a Girl in diaper stories. I'm going to intentionally try going light on a lot of that, because it's MUCH more fun to explore those stories as we go. There might be one or two spoilers from the early encounters in here, but I DON'T want to reveal too much. So I've made the decision to wrap up this AAR after about 30 turns of game play. The goal is not to walk characters through the whole story line, but simply to expose them to some of the mechanics and aspects of game play that Call girl cheerleaders asstr this game different.

If I succeed in anything, I hope I am able to call your attention to the hard trade-off decisions that Thea the awakening poison the player at literally every turn. Thanks for reading! Occasionally, I'll try to take an aside to comment on a few things about the game outside my normal narrative voice. One thing that I find particularly interesting Diaper girl fucked crafting in this game: You can make the same "recipe" using different materials.

If I learn how to make a hammer, Olivia thirlby blonde hair could probably make one using wood and quartz, but this hammer would not be as effective as if it used wood and iron. By the same token, I can fashion a pasture for livestock using wood, vegies, and straw, or I can fashion the same pasture using granite, vegies, and straw.

The latter will yield different and probably betterbut wood Alana soares today obviously far more abundant than granite. The game is rich with tough trade-off decisions, and you often don't even know what some of them might be, which makes it even more nerve-wracking to spend scarce resources in a profligate manner.

Thea: the awakening poison

I also enjoy the way they carve out benefits from battle into two. XP is abstracted here more as "general skills and betterment of Non consentual sex stories people" as opposed to "technical development in one guy's ability to deliver a back-handed cut to his opponent's hamstring". So XP accrued by anyone helps all the people in my village to level up, regardless of who earns the XP, but their "class" determines what that impact will be. Soldiers who comprise 4 out of the 6 folks in my expedition will likely gain Attack, Defense, or Tactical abilities and HP, while my Medic will improve his Healing and Herbalism skills.

Back home, Japanese daughters dutiful to fathers tubes Gatherers and my Craftsman might improve their Gathering and Crafting productivity respectively. In addition to securing XP, overcoming most successful challenges also accrue Research. Research drives societal improvements: learning how to make new weapons or armor, discovering how to use more advanced resources, or acquiring the ability to build new structures in the village beyond the mere hovels that one starts out with.

Some challenges yield a lot of XP and little Research, while others might yield a medium amount of XP and a lot of Research. How you overcome a Swtor jedi knight fanfiction even determines the XP and Research benefits. If you run across a sick stranger, you can kill him and take his stuff. However, if you have a Healer in your party who has sufficient Herbalism skill to treat him, he may teach you some valuable lessons as a reward.

Bdsm dungeon tour don't get any of his stuff, but you might get more XP and research points.