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Voodoo doll poem, Voodoo doll poem seek chica who loves tradition sex

There is a person you'd like to curse, so a voodoo doll, then make first; Upon that doll you must cast a spell, as you summon the wicked deep in hell; You'll need some pins and long sharp needles, to bring the pain of pitch forked devils; The length of pins make sure are long, the devils pain will be more strong; Female cock growth more a needle's thick and round, will make the pain be more profound; Must take your victims' lock of hair, attach it to the doll to wear; Hold the doll up high in air, into its eyes, you now must stare; Call the doll by your victims name, while at the doll, the needle aim; Curse the name as you stab it in, twisting and turn it as you grin; With needles stuck about the head, the butt cheeks too, you must embed.

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Voodoo doll

Love is the flower you made bloom At the sight of you, I felt butterflies I never knew. You are my Magic tg transformation in this tunnel of darkness My cells in awe at this palpable brightness.

I wish you could see words in my silence Your smile brings me such gladness But my heart shudder when I see you with another When fate clearly tells me you are my lover. Listen to the coherent songs of my thought And realise all we need in this world and beyond. Since you refused the rhythm This is the last time we try anal fate A spell was sung in your name. The defiance of fate is wrong!

Here lay your soul bound to a doll. Our indelible love will go on Love me like I love you through the doll.

Any man who tries to steal what is mine A pin will poke till you hate his kind. Men will flee from you like a plague.

No man but me will love you again. I will spill blood in your name to our fathers For protection and blessing for my lover Good health and wealth will overflow As you make my heart your home. Softly I will caress the doll On your bed, you will fill Slumber party sex story warmth.

Through the doll I will give you all my loving Till you realise I'm the reason your heart keeps throbbing.

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