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The Walking Dead fan favourite, Lauren Cohan, was on hand for Summoning an incubus interview with AMC regarding season 3 and how Maggie is coping with Glenn Rhee, played by Steven Yeun, with the battle of love and war in a post-apocalyptic world.

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Hot on the heels of Otis' tragic death and Carl's stressful surgery, this week's episode finally turned up the heat and gave us a whole lot of flesh — but not the kind "Walking Dead" he are typically used to. We're talking, of course, about the steamy sex scene between go-to odd-jobs man Glenn Steven Yeun and newcomer Maggie Lauren Cohandaughter of farmer Hershel Greene. After Glenn successfully roped in an incredibly gruesome zombie at the bottom of a Phonesex by check seriously, did you see that thing? That's Greg Nicotero at his finest! But following the spontaneous sexual encounter, Maggie Father and daughter screwing it quits, leaving Glenn more than a little bit confused about what just happened.

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Maggie Greene : I'll have sex with you. Glenn : Really? Maggie Greene : You're asking questions?

Glenn : Okay, I can't help wondering. Maggie Greene : It's not like our options are vast these days. Maggie Greene : [Maggie kisses Glenn for the first time, Tara strong breast implants And you're not the only one that's lonely.

Shane Walsh : I hate to be the one to ask, but somebody's got to. What happens if we find her and she's bit?

‘the walking dead’s’ lauren cohan on maggie greene, glenn rhee and the sex scene

I think we should all be clear on how we handle that. Rick Grimes : You do what has to be done. Maggie Greene : And her mother? What do you tell her? Andrea Adult toy stores in las vegas : The truth. Maggie Greene : I hear you're fast on your feet and know how to get in and out. Got a pharmacy run.

You in? Glenn : Uh Dale Horvath : Miss, what's the water situation here? Maggie Greene : Got five wells Men sucking foreskin our land. House draws directly from one. two well is right over there. We use it for the cattle but it's just as pure.

“i feel the writers are writing to my emotional self.”

Take what you need. There's a cart and containers in the generator shed behind the house. Voodoo doll poem Greene : [Maggie looks back to Glenn] I'll go saddle your horse then. Glenn : [Glenn looks to Dale] Horse? Shane Walsh : We got to get it out. T-Dog : Easy.


Put a bullet in its head. I'll get a rope.

Maggie Greene : Whoa whoa, guys. Glenn : Why not?

“at the end of the day what’s on camera is there forever, and i don’t want it to look fake or self-conscious.”

It's a good plan. Andrea Harrison : It's a stupid plan. If that thing hasn't contaminated the water Dsls urban dictionary, blowing its brains out will finish the job. Shane Walsh : She's right.

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Can't risk it. T-Dog : So it has to come out alive? Shane Walsh : So to speak. Maggie Greene : Doing okay? Glenn Sexual hypnotic music Yup, doing great.

Living the dream. Glenn : You know, normally this is the kind of thing I'd do on my own. It's sort of my thing, you know? I'm a loner. Glenn : Gigantic cock stories remains silent] You all right?

Maggie Greene : I'm fine. Glenn : I saw the look on your face back at the well.

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Never seen one killed up close before? Guess it's kind of a shock. You know, being out on the road, we've seen a lot. Guess we've gotten a little numb to it. Maggie Greene : What do you got? Glenn : Tall girlfriend stories drops some products] Uh Just, like I said, general stuff.

Maggie Greene : [Glenn holds a box of condoms] Condoms? Maggie Couples bondage stories : [Glenn gasps] You got a girlfriend I don't know about? Glenn : Me? Maggie Greene : Then you're a pretty confident guy. Glenn : No. No, no, no.

I-I-I wasn't I would never Maggie Greene : Something wrong with me? Glenn : [Glenn chuckles nervously] No. No, I I would never have sex Glenn : [Maggie stares at Glenn] Uh, I'm I'm lost. Glenn : [Glenn prepares Big butt white girls naked ask if their sex was good] I Maggie Greene : Don't spoil it. Glenn : [Glenn smiles] So it was good.

Maggie Greene : It was a one-time thing. In. Showing all 11 items. Jump to: Photos 3 Quotes 8. Create a list ». WD the. The Walking Dead. See all related lists Interracial bdsm stories. Share this :. Clear your history.