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More content can be found on the author's original channel herewhich has their original Kirby's Epic Yarn and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories videos, several mini-episodes, the episodes for Cabin fever 2 nudity Super Best Friends Brawl spin-off which involves Mat, Pat, and Woolie competing in local multiplayer gamesand their full-length Let's Plays. The theme song they use at the beginning of every episode is "Green Greens Theme" from the game Kirby's Epic Yarnthe first game they played.

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After nine years of creating zany YouTube videos, podcasts, and Rainbow play bdsm gaming-related media, the creators of the Super Best Friends Play team have parted ways, ending their partnership and shutting down the brand. Kowalewski and Boivin who met thanks to their mutual friendship with Madden began as contributors to Machinima, which hosted their Two Best Friends Play series that started them on their rise to popularity. He has also launched a new Thai prostitute stories called Woolie Will Figure it Out.

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The series was an MST of sorts; two friends named Matt and Pat play video games, argue, and mock the game they are playing and each other. The series does not focus on the two friends; they weren't even named until the second season. According to the show's Facebookit started when The Switcher Matt invited his friend Snapshot King Pat over to play Kirby's Epic Yarn and record themselves taking their playthrough way too seriously.

The videos are edited so the audience only sees highlights of their gaming session; they are around ten to fifteen minutes long. The friends also have a spin-off show called TBF: Funtime Adventures, an animated show about discussions the two have about games when not playing them. More content can be found on their website: Super Best Friends Play, which contains several mini-episodes, full-length Let's Playsand a multitude of themed series, all centered around playing video games hilariously.

The show's Facebook can be found here. A recap of all their episodes can be found on the series' Feeder and feedee stories. All the pop cultural references are documented on the series' Shout-Out .

Their numerous in jokes and running gags can be found on this. On December 23,Liam revealed he would be leaving permanently for mental health reasons a week Naked male model photoshoot, Matt also announced a hiatus due to severe overstress and other real-life complications, but he returned to the channel a month later.

However, Liam still streams on his own channel, Rising Superstreamand continued to occasionally collaborate with the remaining members of the Zaibatsu. On December 16,it was revealed that Super Best Friends would be officially ending, with each member going on to focus on their solo projects:. Community How to get your sister to fuck you More.

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Matt and Pat! They're friends who play together Learning and sharing and junk! One is nice and the other one is less nice! Who couldn't love Matt and Pat? Best friends play together! Accidental Misnaming : In the Salty Bet episodes of Friday Night Fisticuffs, the guys mistakenly identify Touhou Project characters as coming from Eternal Fighter Zero note This is somewhat understandable as the Touhou sprites come from Scarlet Weather Rhapsodywhich was made by the same creator Twilight Frontier and has a similar art style Wifes first big dildo however, on two separate occasions they correctly recognize Sakuya as "The girl who fought DIO " in 1 Minute Melee.

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Or getting nails hammered into his dick. Or both simultaneously. Before the game even starts, when Woolie says that Ellen and Willem Dafoe My girlfriend dresses slutty the only ones that can potentially save this game, Pat quips, "Yeah, you love those hamburger phones that go crazy and crossdress!

Samus: I wonder if I can trust this computer, too Matt: You can't. When was the last time anyone was better off for trusting a computer? Matt: He's a billionaire, who owns his own company, his parents were killed, and he shoots bats at you. Matt: So, Red: all enemies will be tougher to kill Pat: Great! Matt: Green: all enemies will drive you more insane Matt: Blue: Naked sunbathing stories enemies will Woolie: I can hear the sound of Indonesianbob's Wacom.

I can hear it. Pat: You came up to me and were like, "Should we hire him or stop him? Matt: And I said, "You should promote him. Give him money to stop.

The Stranger : You're a monster. The Stranger : You're a murderer and a thief The Stranger Matt: Pat, if you turned into a zombie, I would shoot you with no hesitation.

Matt: Not a good day, my super best friend black guy, just totally— Pat: Yeah, Franco really bought it. Matt: I love how the town has a farm, a stadium, a Girls talk about blowjob arcade machine as a building, and one school. Pat: You don't know what incognito means. Matt: It means that no one can see me Pat : referring to Jackie Oh, he's that skeez-ball that you use. Woolie as X : Yeah it's kind of unblockable when you're jumping in, and you're at level three. Pat: Sh-shut up, shut up.

Just get out. Matt: Get out!

Pat: Get the fuck out! Matt: Get ouuuuuut!

Deadpan Snarker : Both of them are a couple of smartasses. For example, during Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage when they are reading the move list: Matt: The moves are probably super Gf lets me fuck her friend. Goes to move list, normal attack is eight x's in a row Pat: Holy fucking shit are you serious? Matt: Okay, let me write down what normal attack is. Biker fiction stories Okay: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x.

Matt: What was after the fifth x? Pat: x, x, x. Matt: Okay. Pat: x.

Tropes this series has:

Chloe Lexa the 100 hot I do feel safer having a nine millimeter in my pants. Matt: If you think we die. Pat: What is up with you and saying that? Pat dies Matt: You thought! Pat: Oh, you're right, I totally did!

I thought about what a dick you are. Matt's getting his ass handed to him by Kenshiro Pat: You just took it all up in your face. Bet you're used to that too! Torrie wilson blowjob That's what she said. About my dick. She said it about my dick. Pat : while betting on a cockfight I don't know which one to choose!

Pat: You failed everything! You have literally failed everything.

The whole game is over now, but it'll still let you play it, to let you know I fucked the nanny you fucked it up so bad. Matt: At least I was wearing sweet cut-offs. Pat: I think that black gentleman may have acquired that man's bicycle. Matt: Do you now? Pat: I do.

Pat : Ohhhh, I feel like I should say something here.

Matt : I think you're gonna have to get inside that helicopter with urgency. Pat: Why do I even come over here? Matt: Um, 'cause you're my friend. Pat groans. Pat: It's totally gonna come up right in your face. The ghost does so, they freak out anyway. Matt: So nothing bad is going to happen? Pat: Nothing bad is going to happen.

You said nothing bad would happen! Pat: To you! Poems about cheating girlfriend Nigel!

Matt: Aw fuck, great, terrific! Matt: They're for babies! Matt: What color should I take?