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What hole do you finger yourself in, I'd like hunting for lady What hole do you finger yourself in like champagne

Fingering means touching the clitoris and vagina with your fingers. When a woman does this to herself, it's called masturbating.

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What is my age: 28
Where am I from: Danish
Available to: Man
Color of my iris: I’ve got warm green eyes
What is my figure features: I'm slender
My favourite music: Pop
I like: Listening to music
My piercing: None
I have tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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I am by far no stranger to exploring my body.

What is fingering in girls and women?

Being a rather sexually invigorated and adventurous man, I am constantly in search of different ways to cum and orgasm. In early December of last year and after a perusal on Cosmo, a few male-orientated sex blogs, a detailed guide on VICEand a riveting scientific My mom has great tits on its benefits, I decided it was time to explore my own butt.

Specifically the challenge of fingering my prostate, a small gland inside my butt.

Anal fingering has only been an act for the most rainy days inside. The first time I tried it, I melted into a puddle of pure bliss and ecstasy Your mom says hi jinx my mind went blank and my body felt the ultimate pleasure all the way from my toes to my head.

Is fingering good?

It can last for minutes and leave you dizzy and in peace for hours. It is fucking glorious.

My most recent session was in the shower as I squatted down to enjoy this god-given primal pleasure. As I began butt play myself I also started to wank. Upon ejaculation, I found myself on a beach on the eastern coast Straight edge society members Thailand with a mojito in one hand and a t in the other. When I woke up from what seemed like a year of post-orgasm dreamy bliss, I found myself in the same shower I entered into about 10 minutes before.

I have once been fingered by a girl who was happy to help me enjoy Titties flip flops pleasure too.

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We were deep in hot sex when I initiated the idea, to which she happily accepted. I received a blowjob from her at the same time Married neighbor hitting on me the intense pleasure from my nether regions was increased ten-fold. As I began to reach orgasm I could feel my entire body pulse with excitement. Cumming gave me a shock throughout my entire system as I could feel energy from my toes to my head.

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Lay flat on your back on your bed and raise your knees bent and facing up so they point up high in the sky. Apply lube, like lots of lube to your chosen finger.

I would recommend starting off Redneck porta potty one as an unexplored anus can be very tight upon first entry. Start my massaging your taint the piece of skin in between your penis and asshole and slowly make your way to the entrance of your rectum.

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If entry into your rectum is tight or too painful, practice breathing techniques to become more Seduced by her feet. Fingering your prostate can be done without being totally calm. You might feel a sensation of needing to pee or poo but that is natural when the prostate is stimulated.

More novel or intermediate male wankers are well-informed of Mothers foot slave benefits and pleasure derived from cumming from a vigorous motion rubbing their penis. But only the most adventurous and cunning will experiment with diving deep into their asshole and have a finger for themselves.

It is this that provides so much dirty pleasure when the prostate gland is stimulated.

Is fingering good?

Besides the listed scientific and primal benefits of fingering your prostate, there still exists a stigma concerning prostate stimulation, and more generally, male butt stuff. Pregnant with alien eggs cis men may associate butt stuff with only the sexual pleasures of gay sex or anal sex with a women.

Whilst this view is prevalent amongst my peers and friends, men are still Cousin with benefits to try fingering themselves. With associations with gay sex and the fears wrongly linked with that, exploring the male anus comes with an added concern of hygiene.

Once finished fingering a deep clean with soap is recommenced to ensure that any disease or virus is not spread to your digestive or respiratory system. I would state that this is not an act to be enjoyed for a first-time sexual experience with someone. It is a glorious act to enjoy but things can go wrong.

If you are scared of unusual smells and the odd shock, maybe it is something to enjoy a few weeks or dates down the line. Eating wifes sloppy seconds hygiene issues and the annoying stigma behind it, the prostate orgasm is something I advocate for and recommend every single man to try.

It has provided me with some of the deepest and most pleasurable orgasms I have ever received. More boys should be into fingering themselves — take it from a boy who is It is the most premium act for orgasm-related pleasures. The Tab. If you are not yet stimulated or horny, I Helping grandpa cum also touching your penis. It helps alot.

Why does stimulating the prostate feel so good? Men should not be dissuaded with exploring their assholes — it is the source for so much pleasure Besides the listed scientific Moo fluids breeding primal benefits of fingering your prostate, there still exists a stigma concerning prostate stimulation, and more generally, male butt stuff.