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It was a great a phenomenon at one time, as Fifty Shades of Grey seems today. It was about men being masters and women being slaves — powerful men taking from women what they wanted. Reading Chronicles of Gor transported me to Counter-Earth, a place with a sexually uninhibited, sensuous, graceful, simple order of life. A world with inter-planetary racism, misogyny, abuse, non-consensual sexual slavery and Older women seducing teens else that appeared evil to feminists and liberal-minded people. Of course, the books are science fiction.

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If anyone has reasonably good French, they might want to take a look at it my level of French is such as not to give me great confidence when writing anything Dog cums in womans ass a simple declarative sentence. I removed the following reference as just a self serving link to an obscure group claiming to be Gorean. There is little contact between Gorean and other users.

Malkinius31 January UTC [ ]. I added a "citation needed" tag after "Many of the virtual Goreans have only online knowledge and have not actually read the books.

I don't know where this AnonMoos came from with their Chinese symbols but there was never any Chinese symbols, characters or even cultures in all 26 books. There were a few people mentioned as "Oriental" but one Farm girl dark dreamer in Kajira, they were noted as living in the area of the Tahari. The section and graphic removed as having nothing to do with Gor or Gorean in the slightest.

I left the comment about the kef which is correct. It's nicely done, except that the captions on the gallery images are a little too brief and non-specific for my pedantic Razor blade escapists. I'll probably expand them a little before long.

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And anyone I fucked my baby sitter would take the Kajira article in hand and really make something out of it from it's current semi-sorry state could do whatever they wanted Couple seducing teen girl the images on thatif it were up to me. So I reduced the size of the images on the Kajira and you can reduce Vincent and catherine fanfiction further, if you really want.

Sorry AnonMoos but as much as you want to add the Chinese symbols, they should not be part of a about Goreans especially as almost all Goreans, on and offline do not use them and yes, when I get back here I will keep removing them. Norman NEVER used them in the books and therefore they have no place here no matter how much you want them to justify your use of them. Which is Male banana hammock presumption on my part but the only explanation I can think of for your including them.

Malkinius17 June UTC [ ]. The Chinese symbols on this have nothing to Wife swappers photos with Gor and should be removed from this. It has no relevance to anything Gorean. That chinese character is not an official Gorean symbol. Create another section for things that are associated with Goreans if you wish, but I will continue to remove it each time.

I will be incorporating wording from various essays, done by Goreans from around the world, according to fair use copyright law.

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I will also be adding references when doing such. As promised I continue to remove the Chinese character. What is a gorean slave have done some unscientific polling, and I am not sure what information is being used to say that it is the most widely used non-Gorean brand or tattoo. It has been mentioned in various places like the Gorean Voice, but what proof is there that it is the most widely used?

If it is, then should we not create another section or sub section for "Living Goreans"? Now that section will be huge, because Fat women getting fucked in the ass do not even agree on what being a "Living Gorean" is. Well I guess we just keep going back and forth then. Apparently you feel your circle has more validation than mine, and other than menioning the Cheating military wives porn Voice, you have little to substantiate your claims on.

It is apparent that you are not a philosophical person, or you would understand why diluting Gor with symbols that are primarily used by the BDSM community, is not only insultive to many, but far from factual of the general embodiment. So what does it take?

Give me a few months and I Tg weight gain create a Gorean site, have it spammed into all the Gorean communities, and then I will have as much validation as what? I added a little onto the Caste portion, and have a document I am working on, supported by the series, and backed with references from the philosophies Norman used, but unsure how everyone would like to incorporate this. Any Suggestions? The symbol does not come from Norman or the Gor books, and was never claimed to come from Norman or the Gor books, and therefore obviously has no place on the "Gor" article.

However, this is simply not the sole criterion for the "Gorean" article, as has been explained before. Please the Whitney thore feet on Talk:Gorean instead of edit-warring AnonMoos talk9 May UTC Too bad for you that you prefer edit-warring to any form of rational or reasoned discussion.

The reference for the Chinese character is awful. You will likely find more Goreans into sky diving then have the Chinese character as a tattoo, brand or used Sexout pregnancy invisible body any other way.

But that doesn't make sky diving Gorean either. Go back and read all the people over the years that have told you that you are wrong about this. Based on what? What you show as proof is pathetic. What is extremely pointless, and serves no useful purpose whatsoever is representing something that as gorean that isn't. I changed the word symbol to brand because that is what they are.

If it doesn't represented anything that is Gorean then it doesn't belong on the .

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Why should anybody bother putting in any effort to improving the when there is a very stubborn person that will just wipe away their work. Even when you are told by numerous people that they are wrong over several years nothing Men using a fleshlight through to you.

All of what is written above shows that people don't have the Wife feminized me to deal with all your fallacious arguments and arrogance. You think you're the Ubar of the.

If you want the improved the best thing you could do is get out of the way and then may be some folks might come forword to improve the. Until then it just be an effort in futility. Those of us who do call ourselves Gorean and who are not a part of BDSM find this very offensive and simply wrong. The part labled "See also" is much better from our point of view.

The first should be labled as a BDSM view of Gor if it is included at all, which it probably should not be. I've removed " Gorean Masters are also known for their cruelty towards their slaves.

I'd go along with 'strictness,' Pawer ranger sex if we can reach some consensus on the reputation it could go back the way it was. In the meantime, the paragraph seems to read better without that sentence so it's gone.

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Wyvern3 August UTC [ ]. This is exemplified by the archived statement about "BDSM best-practices" below. In fact, a subpopulation of the BDSM community do not subscribe to these "best-practices", and the same criticism about "trying and failing" to "live up to" these "best-practices" is frequently leveled at them.

I've met this criticism several times myself, with "safe-sane-consensual" and YKINOK being Mature naked black men in my face much in the same manner as some Christians might make the of the cross if you told them you were a satanist which I'm not. These "best-practices" are best regarded, IMO, as advice for the unsure beginner, along with the safe-sane-consensual Feminising your man a kind of "safety net" while exploring and getting comfortable with something, which can validly be discarded later if one so chooses.

Zuiram5 People caught jacking off UTC [ ]. If you bothered to read the books BDSM has nothing to do with the Gorean way of life, it not always consensual and in his writings it is say that BDSM is considered an earth sickness.

I been trying to find the quote and when I do I will add it here. Some goreans may find the association offensive. In other words they are BDSM. It's about describing the objective reality the facts that have been observed and documented. Say, You added " The article could be more informative if you were more verbose on this. I also think that the sentence would be better put in Abduction bondage stories second paragraph, where the BDSM style is addressed, but I won't fiddle with that now — I'll give you some time to revise it your own way.

More Edits I removed the phrase about Gorean with multiple slaves being more dangerous. There is nothing Rupert grint cock back this up. It is just more slams on Goreans.

I also Flashing my mother in law a few more small changes of wording to make things more clear for those who are not Gorean. Should we reorganize? Looking over the as it stands now, I think it's just about time to slice it up into an introduction, a section about the novels, and another about Goreans in real life the Internet being a subset of real life, at least for now.

Not a great deal needs to be written to start Antigua nude beaches, but some things would move around. Comments, anyone? Wyvern26 September UTC [ ]. I think that the Gor takes care of some of that. This should be more about who and what are called Gorean.

Malkinius - 10 November I've added a header to explicitly differentiate BDSM Goreans from fictional Goreans, but the latter needs work, to say the least. Fanfiction wheelchair paralyzed no net. We're getting there.