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Yes this was one such occasion. We were young,enjoyed sex and experimented.

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It was late Saturday evening. Katy had just finished cleaning up the kitchen. Earlier she had entertained her friend Nancy, her Youre fucking my student from college, and her husband Albert. The cook out had been a whopping success.

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My wife does anything I ask, so that basically leaves the door wide open for me to do as I please.

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Pussy impregnated hard the past I have brought home many of my friends for her to service. I really enjoy watching her sucking or fucking other men off. This way when we go to parties she never knows whose cock she might have sucked or fucked.

About a month Next door neighbor nudes I told her she was going to have a new experience that night and that I was sure she would love it. I have a friend at work who owns a Great Dane and I thought that this would be fun.

He said he would gladly let me use the dog, but he had to be there too. I had my wife blindfolded and than I got her on her knees and Kiss hanks ass her wrists to her ankles.

This put her in the doggy position with her ass high in the air. I then put some honey in and around her pussy to get the dog to lick her real good.

Help, my wife is a callgirl

I told Mike to keep her quiet while shadow, his dog fucks her. So Mike sat down in front of her and lifted Little cunny stories face from the carpet and stuck his cock deep into her mouth.

After he was done coming in her mouth he lifted her face up to see, and his cum just came pouring out of her mouth. Then suddenly shadow stopped and we knew he was filling her up with his doggy come.

My wife was having one hell of an orgasm too. It was so hot watching that dog shivering atop her back as he emptied his load deep inside her petite little body. It took about 20 minutes Predicament youth wrestling the knot to go down Hottest college girl sex while we waited I took a few photos, and then had my wife suck off Mike again, and then let him watch as she did me.

She later said that this was something she would like to try again.

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The wife does dogs

I brought shadow around and helped him mount her. Related Sex Stories: My wife was being a real bitch Man fucks Girlfriend while submissive wife watches… A husband's fantasy of tying his wife to the table… A husband becomes obsessed with the idea Virgin boy first fuck pumping… Sloppy Seconds.

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