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Wkrp bailey or jennifer, I liked looking up boy who loves Wkrp bailey or jennifer

She was played by actress Jan Smithersand was based on creator Hugh Wilson's wife.

stunner madam Jamie

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I think you've been Ski bunny clothes the midwest too long and it's time for an intervention. LOL I think my fave on the show was Fever. Not as a crush but just the character was so flat out funny. Fave episode was the one where he and Venus were drinking on air as an experiment in how alcohol slows your reflexes and Fever actually got faster. Michelle, Fever was always a favorite of mine to watch as Male banana hammock. The alcohol episode WAS funny!

How old am I: 35
What is my nationaly: I'm from Norway
My figure type: My figure type is strong
What I like to drink: Liqueur
Music: Latin
I like piercing: I don't have piercings

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Johnny Fever : I let you stay at my place. Herb Tarlek : Yeah? Johnny Fever : And Herb Tarlek : I was lying. Johnny Fever : Aren't you ashamed having the ethics of a fungus? Herb Tarlek : Nope. Johnny Fever : Herb, I'm Daughter sucks dad.

I need a place to stay. Bailey Quarters : [passing by] Oh? Oh, you can stay at my place. Johnny Fever : Really? Bailey Quarters : Sure. Johnny Fever : Bailey, you saved my life! Bless your heart! Bailey Quarters : Well, it's a messy business, but Bailey Quarters : somebody's gotta do it. Here's my key. Johnny Fever : Aneros vice amazon you serious? Bailey Quarters : Mm-hmm.


Johnny Fever : Okay, this is great! I'm gonna go get my stuff, and I'll see you when Lorraine kelly young get home. And listen, Bailey, don't worry, I can be very good. Bailey Quarters : I'm looking forward to it.

Les Nessman : Where are you going? Bailey Quarters : What? Les Nessman : I didn't know you were going out of town.

Bailey Quarters : I'm not. Les Nessman : What? Bailey Quarters : What what? Herb Tarlek : Well? Bailey Quarters : Well what?

Herb Tarlek : You're a woman, he's a man. Bailey Quarters : Don't be an animal, Herb. Herb Tarlek : I call 'em as I see 'em. Bailey Quarters : Nudist with hard on know what? I can't believe you guys!

Les Nessman : Well, I'm shocked! Bailey Quarters : I'm amazed. Herb Tarlek : I'm stunned. Arthur Carlson : Well, I guess everything's normal here. Jennifer Marlowe : [to Herb and Les] Good morning, gentlemen.

Les Nessman : Morning. Herb Tarlek : Hi ya, gorgeous. Anything going on? Jennifer Marlowe : There is that problem in the Middle East. Herb Tarlek : Yeah. Bailey Quarters : [entering lobby] Good morning. Jennifer Marlowe : Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed?

Bailey Quarters : Not really. Late night.

Jeff wetherington

Herb Tarlek : I'll bet that's right. Bailey Quarters : Continuity is so important. Bailey Quarters : Thank you for always being a jerk. Herb Tarlek : Don't get so upset. You're Black gf stripper fuck talk of the town, sweetheart. Herb Tarlek : Come on, Les. Les Nessman : Buzz off, Herb. Jennifer Marlowe : [to Bailey] So how's everything?

Bailey Quarters : Pretty good. Jennifer Marlowe : That's good. Jennifer Marlowe : So everything's going great? Bailey Quarters : Great. Jennifer Marlowe : That's great. Jennifer Marlowe : Good. Bailey Quarters : Real good. Jennifer Marlowe : So how's Johnny? Bailey Quarters : Weird. Les Nessman : Oh, golly! Jennifer Marlowe : [smiles] That's interesting. How weird? Bailey Quarters : You too? Jennifer, what is Mother son crossdressing stories on with everybody around here? Carlson enters:].

Bailey Quarters : What exactly is this? Arthur Carlson : It's a radio station. Bailey Quarters : Mr. Carlson, I can promise you, I am doing nothing wrong. Arthur Carlson : Oh, that's good, Bailey. Arthur Carlson : Thanks for telling me that. Bailey Quarters : If that's what they think is going on, if they Sissy cock shrink to indulge in their petty little rumors, just let them. Let's give them their money's worth! Bailey Quarters : Tomorrow at the office Johnny Fever : Uh-huh?

Bailey Hyper futanari tumblr I'll tell them that something really did go on here tonight. Johnny Fever : Good, that's very good. Why, why be punished for something that we haven't even done yet? Bailey Quarters : Let's Mommy dom rules them exactly what they want.

Johnny Fever : [eagerly] What?

Bailey Quarters : I'm gonna do it too. Johnny Fever : Me too.

Bailey Quarters : Goodnight. Herb Tarlek : Bailey! Herb Tarlek : What?